Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Charm Company Rockers Give New Life to An Old Favorite

Any parent that grew up with a rocking horse knows the joy and imagination these classic toys can unleash. If you’d like to give your child the same experience with a bit of flair, Charm Company Rockers are exactly what you’re looking for. These toys give a new spin to an old favorite, resulting in a friend your kids will adore.

Rocking toys encourage movement and imagination. Instead of sitting still in front of a TV, your child will move back and forth and imagine themselves in all sorts of adventures. Charm Company Rockers take this one step further by building their rockers around different animals and modes of transportation. Instead of rocking on a horse, your child could explore the world on an elephant, a sailboat, or even a zebra.

Charm Company builds their toys to last, which means they’ll last as long as your toddler wishes to use them. In fact, they will likely still be around when your grandchildren are ready for adventures of their own. Each Charm Company Rocker is made with soft, plush materials that will cradle your baby and keep them safe while playing. If any messes occur, the rockers are easy to clean with mild soap and water.

All Charm Company Rockers are designed to be low to the ground, making it easy for little ones to climb up and play. Many rockers also have cushioned backs and sturdy handles, making sure your children are safe and secure.

Each rocking toy has something unique to offer. Here are a few of the many friends your child could make from the Charm Company Specialty Rockers series:

Clifford the Big Red Dog: This special ride-on toy depicts the bright red dog your child loves from TV and books. Clifford stands on a sturdy wooden frame and has natural stain wood handles so your child has a place to hold on while rocking. The attention to detail in this rocker allows Clifford to look great in any nursery.

Rocking Train: Who says a rocking toy has to be an animal? Charm Company’s Rocking Train gives any future engineer a fun and sturdy ride. Brightly colored in primary colors, this rocking train includes a backrest so there’s no risk of little ones falling off and bumping their heads.

The next two rockers from the Charm Company Rocking Animals collection are a huge hit with parents and children alike:

Tipsy Tiger: If your child wants something a little on the wild side, Tipsy Tiger is sure to delight. This feline rocker is sturdy with a hardwood base and a comfortable, plush body.

Baby Poodle: If your little girl loves anything pink, this beautiful baby poodle will put a smile on her face. Her manicured coat and soft pink body make her an attractive addition to any nursery or playroom.

Ride-on toys inspire kids to move, helping them grow both physically and mentally. Adding a rocking friend to their playrooms gives them a chance to imagine the world in a new way. There’s a reason rocking toys are remembered so fondly – they’re classic toys that have so much to offer to a child.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Levels of Discovery All Star Sports Collection Hits it Out of the Park


Batter up! Most kids love the excitement that comes from a great sports game. Whether it’s baseball, football, hockey or soccer, sports are loved by kids everywhere. The Levels of Discovery All Star Sports Collection brings the excitement of a day at the stadium into your child’s room through a number of vibrant wooden furnishings.

Every time Levels of Discovery creates a piece of furniture, they keep both functionality and fun in mind. Their All Star Sports Collection is no exception. Each piece is made of sturdy wood and is constructed with young boys and girls in mind. As such, each piece can stand up to the rough play that children’s furniture sometimes is faced with. But just as important is the way each piece looks. Bold colors come together with a little ‘something extra,’ so whether it’s a clothes tree or a toy box your kids will be surrounded with stimulating color and fun.

A few of the pieces from this collection are:

  • Levels of Discovery All Star Sports Table & 4 Stool Set: Four of the most popular sports around these days are represented in this kid-sized table. Stools painted to look like soccer, football, and baseballs, and even a hockey puck are the perfect complement to a red and blue table. Both the table and the stools are supported by baseball bat shaped legs. The table is a game in itself: a miniature soccer game with two goals and four balls is built right into the tabletop.
  • Levels of Discovery All Star Sports Revolving Bookcase: Just because your children like sports doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy books just as much! The revolving bookcase is the perfect place for them to store their favorite reading materials. Painted red and blue, this case also includes a chalkboard and two photo frame book ends.
  • Levels of Discovery All Star Sports Toy Box Bench: This toy box bench is the perfect place for young athletes to store balls, cleats, and any other sports gear. This sturdy box is painted red and blue and features a motif of pennants, balls, and stars.  A slow-closing lid helps prevent pinched fingers. Once all your kids’ toys are packed away, the box doubles as a cute and sturdy bench seat.
  • Levels of Discovery All Star Sports Rocker: After a long game there’s nothing nicer than relaxing on this handsome rocking chair. This chair shares the same motif as the other pieces in this collection – red and blue and decorated with stars, balls, and pennants. The back includes a photo frame surrounded by a star with the words “All Star” underneath; it’s the perfect way to make your future athlete feel honored.
No matter what sport your children are into, the Levels of Discovery All Star Sports Collection will make them feel right at home. The bright colors, charming motifs and fun extras all work together to create an atmosphere any child would love. It’s the perfect way to help support the dreams of your future MVP. 

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Guidecraft Princess Collection: Furnishings Fit for a Princess


What little girl doesn’t dream of being a princess? The balls, the gowns, the crowns, the extravagance… the life of a royal appeals to most girls. If your daughter dreams of one day being a princess why not try to make her dreams a reality? The Guidecraft Princess Collection is full of beautiful wooden furnishings that will transform your daughter’s room into a palace that any princess would be thrilled to call home.

The Guidecraft Princess Collection features a collection of beautiful hand painted furniture that reflects the colors and sights that are associated with princesses. Every piece is painted with child-safe and non-toxic paints and finishes. Each piece is made of sturdy wood that is sure to stand up to both age and rough use. While each piece is different, they all have a similar fanciful aura and light pink color that is sure to enchant.

This collection features several different pieces. Here are a few favorites:

  • Guidecraft Princess Toy Box: Every princess needs a place to store her favorite things! The Princess Toy Box is the perfect storage solution for toys, dress-up clothes, stuffed animals, and even magic wands! The pretty pink color is accented by gold trim and hand painted scenes of castles and carriages. Its spacious interior is made more accessible by safety lid supports which prevent pinched pinkies and finger hole cutouts. Best of all, when playtime is over the box can double as a bench.
  • Guidecraft Princess Table Lamp: A soft, relaxing light on her bedside table may be just what your princess needs to keep nighttime fears away. This beautiful lamp features a hand painted resin castle at its base. The lampshade continues the princess theme with a moon and stars over a soft pink background. Whether used for story time or as a source of comforting light during the wee hours, this lamp is sure to soothe and delight.
  • Guidecraft Princess Book Display Case: What princess doesn’t love fairytales? With the Princess Book Display Case your daughter will now have a special place to keep her favorite stories. A castle and a carriage decorate this pink and gold bookshelf while deep canvas pockets provide a safe, easy to clean place for books to rest.
  • Guidecraft Princess Table & Chairs Set: When tea time comes around, a princess needs a place to gather with her friends. The Princess Table & Chairs set provides just that. A sturdy table with beautiful hand-painted elements and two matching chairs make for a perfect place to share a snack with a friend or sibling. If more princesses are expected, additional chairs are available.
There’s no reason your daughter’s bedroom or playroom can’t be turned into a fairyland that matches her fantasies. With the Guidecraft Princess Collection your daughter will be surrounded with the colors and sights that match her love for princesses. Even if you can’t give your daughter a kingdom, you can give her a room fit for a princess. 

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Wildkin Sleeping Bags Give Your Kids A Fun and Cozy Place to Sleep


Taking a trip with your family is always fun. Whether it’s inside a tent at your favorite campground or a night in the living room next to a fire, changing up your daily routine is a great way to make fond memories. In order for your kids to have the best experience possible, though, they’ll need a safe and comfy place to sleep. Wildkin Sleeping Bags are the perfect solution.

Wildkin Sleeping Bags are designed to be a soft, comfortable and safe place for your children to get some shut-eye. The cotton/polyester exterior is naturally flame resistant, so there is no need for them to be treated with flame-retardant chemicals. Each sleeping bag comes with a storage bag and elastic storage straps to make packing up and traveling much easier. They even come with a travel pillow to make sure your children have a good night’s sleep wherever they go.

These sleeping bags are designed for kids up to five feet tall. Because they can open up and lie flat on a bed, you might find that your child likes his so much he wants to sleep with it every night! You’ll also find that they come in a variety of colors and patterns that will suit any child’s taste. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Princess Sleeping Bag: Your little princess is sure to have sweet dreams when cuddled up in this fanciful sleeping bag. This beautiful sleeping bag is decorated with all the classic symbols of palace finery. Its rich purple color is sure to tickle your daughter’s fancy.
  • Dinosaur Sleeping Bag: What better way to stay safe from the boogeyman than to have an army of dinosaurs surrounding you? Any boy or girl with a penchant for the Paleolithic will love this bag. Some of kids’ favorite dinosaurs are pictured on top of a two-toned ochre background.
  • Horses in Pink Sleeping Bag: Any horse lovers in your family? If so, the horses sleeping bag is the perfect place for them to cuddle up for a nap. They’ll love the designs of horses that rear up and gallop all around them. A soft pink color makes the horses stand out and makes for a calming place to settle in.
  • Green Camo Sleeping Bag: Maybe your child is a little more interested in blending in than standing out. The green camo bag is just the ticket. It recreates the classic camo pattern through a mixture of green, black, gray and white. The bright green interior adds a fun contrast that any camo-loving kid will enjoy.
Most Wildkin Sleeping Bags have matching nap mats available to create a cohesive naptime environment.

No matter what your kids fancy, they'll love bedding down in these comfortable and fun sleepig bags. Whether you're traveling the world or putting up a tent in the backyard, these bags will keep your children safe, warm, and happy.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Teamson Kids Bouquet Collection Is A Little Girl’s Dream Come True


If there’s one thing that little girls like to be surrounded with, it’s beauty. Flowers, horses, princesses… the list of pretty things girls love goes on and on. Why not make sure your daughter’s bedroom is just as beautiful as she is? The Teamson Kids Bouquet Collection is just what you need to create a room that is sure to delight your little girl.

The hand carved wooden furnishings in the Teamson Kids Bouquet Collection are designed to both look beautiful and to stand the test of time. Each piece in this collection displays a lovely flower motif that is complemented by delicate pastel colors young ladies will love. The collection includes every piece of furniture your girls will need to make their room complete, including the following:

Teamson Kids Bouquet Standing Mirror: Mirror, mirror on the wall… your daughter will feel like the fairest one of all each time she looks into this beautiful standing mirror. Hand crafted and painted, this mirror is designed to be sturdy enough to last as long as your daughter needs it as well as future generations. The soft pink color and sweet flower design will make your little one smile every time she looks into it. The mirror tilts up and down to give different angles of reflection, making it easy for your daughter to use it as she grows.

Teamson Kids Bouquet Toy Chest: Every girl needs a place to put her favorite things. The Teamson Kids Bouquet Toy Chest is the perfect hiding place for all your children’s toys. This chest is sturdy and safe. Safety hinges make sure little fingers don’t get pinched when opening and closing the lid.  Side cut outs provide air circulation to prevent the risk of suffocation should a child climb in and close the lid. The hand painted exterior has pink stripes and a precious bouquet on the front.

Teamson Kids Bouquet Table Lamp: A table lamp like this one provides light and elegance to any child’s room. The Teamson Bouquet Lamp adds a special touch with a resin bouquet of flowers resting on a base with a distressed design. The forty watt bulb this light calls for gives out a soft, pleasant light that is sure to soothe any nighttime fears.

Teamson Kids Bouquet Vanity Table & Stool: This table serves two purposes. When your girl wants to primp to get ready for a big day, a fold up mirror gives her the opportunity to get ready in style. If her mind is on her homework, though, the mirror folds down to create a flat space to work. Drawers on either side of the table are perfect for storing pencils or nail polish. The hand painted pink design matches perfectly with the rest of the bouquet collection.

Any little girl would be thrilled to have with these lovely furnishings in her room. These sturdy wooden pieces will last for years to come. Each piece is beautiful and unique – just like your little girl. 

Friday, September 21, 2012

Levels of Discovery Firefighter Collection Helps Ignite Kids’ Dreams

Ask a group of children what they want to be when they grow up and you can bet at least one will answer ‘fire fighter!’ Firefighters are heroes who help keep communities safe. Their tireless ability to save lives makes them very appealing to kids. If your children aspire to become a firefighter, the Levels of Discovery Firefighter Collection will help fan that flame.

The Levels of Discovery Firefighter Collection features several pieces of wooden furnishings. Each high quality piece puts the world of firefighters front and center. You’ll also find that each piece of furniture contains a little something extra to really make your little boy or girl’s experience a memorable one. They’ll love being surrounded by images, colors, and even sounds that remind them of their favorite occupation.

Levels of Discovery really went above and beyond in the creative ways they work the firefighter theme into their furnishings. Here are just a few of the pieces of furniture included in this collection:

  • Firefighter Toy Box Bench: Every firefighter needs a place to store his gear! This toy box bench serves two purposes. First, it has a large capacity box that’s perfect for storing all of your child’s favorite toys. Once playtime is over and the toys are put away, it can be used as an attractive bench seat. The firefighter theme is everywhere in this wood piece. Standing back, you’d think you were looking at a miniature fire department with sliding doors, fire poles, and even a trusty Dalmatian to play with.
  • Fire Engine Rocker: Sound the alarm! This child-size rocking chair is loaded with plenty of extras that will fire up any pint-sized firefighter’s imagination. From the fire engine on the chair’s back, to the ladder arms, right down to the mini fire truck that rolls back and forth along the chair’s runner, this fire rocker just screams firefighter! And if that’s not enough, the rocker’s siren will do it. Once the fire is extinguished, the siren can be switched off.
  • Firefighter Revolving Bookcase: This bright red bookcase calls attention to all the books waiting to be read. Designed to look like a fire hydrant, this durable case has one 10” shelf and one 12” shelf. The case revolves, allowing you to easily access anything stored on it. The details on this case are amazingly precise, right down to the real chains attached to the hydrant’s hose connections.
  • Firefighter Table and Stool Set: After a long day of fighting fires, what’s better than sitting down at the table and enjoying a snack? This kid-size set carries the firefighter theme through with red and black coloring and fun graphics. The top of the table has a toy sized fire department in the center with a roadway surrounding it. A working bell is a fun way for kids to let each other know that break time is over.
Each part of the Levels of Discovery Firefighter Collection is meticulously crafted out of wood and is designed to both look great and be sturdy enough to stand up to a bit of rough play. With these attractive and fun furnishings around, your child’s dreams of being a hero are sure to stay with them. Be prepared for hours of fun and imaginative play with these beautiful and fun wooden furnishings.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Schoenhut Pianos Help Little Fingers Make Big Music

Ping… ping… ping… If your child is a music lover, chances are you’re familiar with the tiny sounds that come out of child-sized instruments. Musical toys that are made for children’s hands are just that – toys. However, just because they’re young doesn’t mean your kids don’t deserve a serious instrument. Schoenhut Pianos are the perfect tool for any budding Mozart.

Schoenhut Pianos stand out among instruments for children because they’re designed to both fit a child’s stature and stand on their own as a legitimate musical instrument. Each piano is specifically crafted to recreate the feel of playing on a full-size piano. However, your toddler’s height and reach are taken into account, leading to a more comfortable playing experience.

These pianos make beautiful music and can help your children enter the world of classical music, but they’re also a joy to look at as well. Each piano is a replica of a larger type of instrument. Their handsome finishing and rich colors will both delight little girls and boys and complement your home’s furnishings. You’ll find a number of different styles to choose from:

  • Schoenhut Traditional Deluxe Spinet Piano: The deluxe spinet piano is a great place to start if your child is showing an interest in music. With 37 keys it’s almost half the size of a standard piano. The key spacing lets little hands get comfortable with playing while still preparing them for an easy transition to a full size piano.
  • Schoenhut Elite Spinet Piano: At 25 keys, the Elite is smaller than the deluxe, but no less able to introduce your kids to playing piano. Just like with the Deluxe, the space between the keys allows your children to learn about correct finger spacing. This model comes in several finishes, including a lovely mahogany color.
  • Schoenhut Classic Baby Grand Piano: The Classic Baby Grand has a 30 key range and a beautiful design. Graceful spindle legs hold up this miniature baby grand, but it’s sturdy enough to stand up to regular play. Best of all, it is available in a variety of finishes to match your children’s tastes and your d├ęcor.
  • Schoenhut Concert Grand Piano: If you really want to go all out, the Concert Grand Piano is a fabulous choice. Designed to mimic full-sized concert grands, this piano makes a beautiful sound and an elegant statement in your home.
Schoenhut pianos all utilize the company’s patented learning system, which includes a removable strip of colors that can be added behind the keys. This gets your kids started in learning how to move from one chord to another. An included songbook will help your kids play some of their favorite songs.

Any budding musician will be thrilled to learn to play with a Schoenhut piano. Quality craftsmanship, ease of use, and design all come together to make these pianos a joy for anyone who encounters them. Who knows – with a quality instrument like this your child could be the next Beethoven! 

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Smart Gear Walkers Make Walking More Fun


One of the biggest thrills as a parent is watching your children take their first steps. When your kids learn to walk their world opens up. They can do new things and explore new places. Sometimes, though, learning to walk can lead to additional bumps and bruises. Smart Gear Walkers are a great way to give your toddler some extra stability as she learns how to walk. They’re bright, colorful, eco-friendly and a ton of fun.

What’s a Walker?

A walker is a push toy that gives young boys and girls added stability as they learn how to walk. A handle is connected to a solid, wheeled base. The handle helps keep them upright while the wide base gives them added stability. Your children will be able to practice the mechanics of walking and build up important muscles without toppling over every few steps.

What Makes Smart Gear Walkers Different?

There are tons of walkers out there, but Smart Gear Walkers are a little bit different. There are several reasons why walkers from Smart Gear are the best choice.

First of all, Smart Gear Walkers are made with the world around us in mind. They put protection of the environment over profits, which leads to high quality toys that do not have a destructive effect on the environment. All of their toys are made with rubberwood that is grown renewably, and for every tree they use two more are planted. They also use safe formaldehyde-free glue and water based paints. Even the packaging is not exempt – it’s made from 70% recycled materials.  Buying from Smart Gear is a purchase towards making sure the environment is in better shape for your kids, and some day for their kids as well.

Smart Gear isn’t known just for their green policies, though. Their walkers are fun enough to stand on their own! Here are some of the walkers they offer:

  • Giraffe Walker and Shape Sorter – Your kids get to hold onto a giraffe with crinkly ears and moving eyes. When they need a break they can play on the floor with a colorful shape sorter that rests on the walker’s front.
  • Jolly Walker – Your child doesn’t need to walk alone! This cheerful walker has a soft pouch in the front that’s perfect for holding dolls and plush animal friends.
  • Hopping Bunny Walker – Two adorable plush bunnies hop up and down on the front of this walker as your child pushes it. When he or she is tired out, the bunnies come off and are perfect for cuddling.
  • Fire Engine Walker – Save the day with this striking fire truck shaped walker. Inside you’ll find 36 wooden blocks for additional playtime.

Their attention to detail and commitment to the earth are two great reasons to choose a Smart Gear Walker for your child. Each walker will give her hours of safe and fun play, both on her feet and sitting down. Bright, colorful, and fun – playtime with these fantastic walkers is only a step away. 

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Wildkin Nap Mats Make a Safe and Comfy Place for Kids to Sleep


Curling up for a long, cozy nap is one of the best things for a small child to do. However, if your kids don’t have a comfortable place to lie down for some shut-eye, naptime can become a nightmare. Wildkin Nap Mats are the perfect solution to naptime blues. They’re cute, portable, and best of all, extremely comfortable. Your children will always look forward to naptime with a nap mat in tow!


Trying to nap on a sticky plastic mat does not make for good sleep. That’s why Wildkin Nap Mats are designed with comfort in mind. The cotton/polyester lining is cozy and comfortable. A removable pillow can easily be rolled up with the mat to make sure your toddler always has a place to rest his head. Best of all, the attached blanket is lined with fleece, keeping children warm and cozy even on cool days.


The portability of Wildkin Nap Mats makes them a great choice both for at home and on the go. Keep it spread out at home for an easy way to work naptime into your busy daily schedule. Where this mat really shines, though, is when it’s brought to preschool or daycare. They’re easy to roll up and secure with sturdy fasteners. Carrying straps make them easy to tote along wherever you’re going. Their portability also makes them an ideal choice as a starter sleeping bag for weekend camping trips.


Another way that Nap Mats by Wildkin really shine is in the bright colors and designs they display. They’re a great way to help your child express his or her individuality as well as make sure he or she knows which mat is theirs. Here are just a few of the many fun and attractive designs available:

  • Olive Kids Heroes: Your little boy (or girl) can peacefully dream of what he might grow up to be with this mat. Fire trucks, police cars, and rescue vehicles all feature prominently on a rich blue background.
  • Owls: ‘Whooo’ wouldn’t want to take a nap surrounded by whimsical, friendly owls? Colorful owls dance across a pink background on this super-cute mat.
  • Olive Kids Out of This World: Who doesn’t dream of soaring up to space every now and then? Your child can dream of traveling through the stars and moons depicted on this mat. He may even bump into an alien or two!
  • Olive Kids Mermaids: If your little girl would rather spend time under the sea, she can explore the ocean with the turtles, fish, and mermaids featured on this sea-blue mat.
Whether it’s a quick nap at home or a longer snooze at daycare, a Wildkin Nap Mat is a great way to make sure your little one is getting the shut-eye she needs. Naptime doesn’t have to be a struggle – with a cozy, comfortable mat your kids will be snuggling down for some quality shut-eye like a dream. 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Wildkin Backpacks Are Fun for School (and Lots More Too!)


There’s nothing that seems to go quicker than a beautiful summer. Before you know it it’s time for school and all the accessories that go with it: new clothes, new books, new supplies… and a new backpack. But why send your children back to school with the same hum-drum backpack they had last year? Wildkin Backpacks are the way to go for durable, functional, and attractive packs.

It’s no secret that kids have a lot of things to carry back and forth to school each day. Books, homework, pens and pencils… even young students end up with a number of items that they’re responsible for. When looking for a backpack you’ll want something that will help your little girl or boy keep their things organized, as well as hold up to the weight they have to carry.

Many backpacks out there these days are very poorly made. In many cases this just means that you’ll have to spend money on a new backpack each year because the previous one has been worn out. In other cases, though, your young student may be forced to carry their pack incorrectly to compensate for the bag’s weaknesses. This can be bad for their backs and may even cause them pain.

In order to keep your child comfortable and healthy, choose a high quality Wildkin Backpack. These packs are designed with your child’s comfort and safety in mind. Every style of backpack has something a little different to offer – here are a few examples of what they can do for you:

  • Lunch on the Go: Wildkin Pack 'n Snack Backpacks are perfect for kids who bring their lunch with them to school.  They feature an insulated, easy to clean front pocket perfect for storing snacks or lunch.  A bigger pocket in the back will give them plenty of room to store books, homework, and writing instruments. Reflective tape on the front of the bag will make sure they are visible and safe in the dark, and there’s even a side pocket for holding a water bottle.
  • Getting Serious: If your child needs more space for homework than food, Wildkin Sidekick Backpacks are the perfect choice. These bags are designed to make organization a breeze. Not only do they have a spacious interior for books and homework, there are also some handy utility pockets on the inside for all those little things that are easily lost. A padded back and adjustable straps help make this backpack comfortable as well as functional.
Something else that makes Wildkin Backpacks a great choice is their sense of style. There are numerous colors and patterns to choose from, making it easy to find something that will suit your child’s personality. In many cases you can also find matching accessories by Wildkin like pencil cases, lunch bags or boxes that match your backpack.

Give your children the head start they deserve as they make their way off to another school year. Wildkin Backpacks are a fun, stylish way to keep them organized, comfortable, and learning as much as they can. 

Thursday, August 2, 2012

A Dexton Kids Racer is the Perfect First Ride-on Toy for Children

Who doesn’t love racing around in a flashy-looking car? Riding in a car you love is a lot of fun, whether you’re 2 or 45. While it will still be a while before your two year old can drive the same cars you can, there is a vehicle she can ride to her heart’s content right now. Dexton Kids Racers are the perfect toy for any car-loving toddler.

Children love using their imagination, and when you can combine imagination with active play you’ve got a recipe for a ton of fun. A Dexton Kids Racer gives kids a chance to pretend they’re driving a car just like mom and dad while also working on their motor skills. These racers are ride-on toys in which kids sit on top while their feet comfortably reach the ground. They can use their feet to power the car, giving them a fun ride at a pace that’s not fast enough to get out of control.

These racers are built with style, durability, and safety in mind. Each racer has a tough metal body that can stand up to the rigors of active play. Steel wheels and rubber tires help each racer to run smoothly and gently, making playtime more comfortable and fun. A chrome steering wheel will help your little one make sure the racer goes where he or she wants it to go.

The thing that really makes a Dexton Kids Racer stand out, though, is its style. Simply put, these racers look awesome. Their bright colors and attractive finishes really make each racer stand out, and there are plenty of options in style and structure that will surely pique your child’s imagination.

  • Lil’ Flame Racer – This hot-rod style racer is bright yellow with dramatic red flames on the side. The flames may not make the racer go faster, but they’re sure to turn heads!
  • Silver and Red Racers – Sleek and shiny, the silver and red Racer models come emblazoned with the number one. Its classic style is great for both boys and girls.
  • White-Red Vintage Racer – This is another classic style racer that comes with retro-style detailing. The red and white finish will make sure your child looks cool as he hits the road.
  • Classic Fire Engine Racer – Do you have a future fire man or woman on your hands? They’ll love the imaginative games they can play with the fire engine racer. This bright red car has a decorative ladder rack and ladders on the back to add to the realism.
Dexton Kids Racers are a great way for toddlers to get out of the house and play. They’re perfect for little ones who need a stable toy to ride on, but are old enough to move around on their own. The beautiful detailing on each model is sure to delight everyone who sees them. Your kids will surely experience the fun of driving a great looking car with these fantastic racers. 

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Dexton Kids Pedal Car: Cruise Around Town in Style!


Are your kids ready to hit the park this summer? Why not make a real entrance with a pedal car that’s sure to turn heads? A Dexton Kids Pedal Car is just the ticket. These realistic looking pedal cars are safe, stylish, and whole lot of fun.

Pedal cars are a great way for kids age three and up to develop gross motor skills. They’re a great first step towards more complicated forms of transportation like bicycles. Instead of having to worry about balancing (and the scrapes and bruises that come with learning to ride), your toddler can sit comfortably in a stable car and focus on pedaling.

Each Dexton Kids Pedal Car is designed to give your children a safe and comfortable play experience. Their sturdy metal bodies will stand up to all the bumps that come from outdoor play. Padded seats will keep your kids comfy and happy for long afternoons “drives.” Steel wheels and rubber tires help keep each ride feeling smooth and safe. Some models have fun accessories like working headlights and working bells that both add to the car’s realism and increase its safety.

While each Dexton Kids Pedal Car is top notch when it comes to quality, where they really shine is in appearance.  Each of the ten different styles is unique and attractive, bringing to mind the styles of cars from years gone by. No matter what your child’s tastes or interests are, there’s a car that will suit them.

  • Pretty in Pink: If you have a little princess in your life who loves all things pink, Dexton has several pedal cars that will be sure to delight her. Girls can choose from a classic 30’s design, a deluxe roadster, and even a 50’s style Dexton Kids Pink Comet Sedan.
  • Cool Blues: If pink’s not your thing, you’ll also find some classic styles available in blue. Both the Voiture Classic Pedal Car and the deluxe roadster are available in a rich shade of blue.
  • Imaginative Play: Many kids love pretending about the jobs they may have when they grow up. Pedal cars are a great way to encourage this imaginative play. Future mechanics will love coming to their friend’s aid with the Deluxe Tow Truck Pedal Car (it even has a working towing mechanism!). The Woody Wagon is a pint-sized delivery truck with a tailgate that opens up for additional storage.
  • Saving the Day: Fire fighters and police officers are particularly attractive careers for young children. A Police Pick-up Pedal Car is available to help crime-fighters catch the bad guys. Any future fire man or woman is spoiled for choice with both a sleek comet firefighter car and the Dexton Kids Deluxe Fire Truck Pedal Car available to them.
The jaw-dropping designs and high quality construction of all Dexton Kids Pedal Cars are sure to please both you and your kids. Get ready for hours of play this summer with these fun, attractive, and safe outdoor toys. 

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Prairie Leisure Kiddie Furniture – Kid-Sized Furniture for Outdoor Fun


Summer time is backyard time. If your kids are raring to spend some time out in the sun, you might be looking into some furniture for your backyard. Prairie Leisure Kiddie Furniture is the perfect remedy to an empty patio. This furniture is made in the USA and is designed to fit the needs of all kinds of families.

Furniture that Looks Great

Children love furniture that’s sized just for them. It’s even better if furniture is made in a style that suits their playful spirits. Prairie Leisure Furniture keeps this playfulness in mind while still maintaining a standard of design that will fit in with even the most elegant of patios. The Kiddie Cat Chair is a perfect example of this. It is an Adirondack style chair that has the outline of a cat’s face on the top. It’s a fun and friendly place for kids to rest during family get-togethers or any other kind of backyard fun.

Furniture that Will Last

There’s nothing worse than bringing a piece of furniture home and having it break within a week. Prairie Leisure Kiddie Furniture will not leave you with this problem. This furniture is proudly made in America, and it’s built to last. All Prairie Leisure products are designed to last from generation to generation. All you need to do is give it some minimal care (washing with soap and water and keeping it inside during the winter) and your chair will last long enough for your grandchildren to enjoy it as well.

Furniture that’s Fun

Let’s face it – not every boy and girl is going to want to just sit in a chair. If your child would rather move than sit still, the Prairie Leisure Kiddie Swing is sure to be a hit. This swing has the same attractive design as the other Kiddie chairs, but with a twist. It’s suspended by ropes, allowing your child to swing to her hearts content. A seat belt and safety tray will help your kids stay safe while still being able to swing.

Furniture that Fits Your Home

One of the nicest things about Prairie Leisure Kiddie Furniture is the customization options available when it comes to color. There are seven colors available for you to choose from, including Fire Engine Red, Sage, Hunter Green, Berry Blue, Buttercup Yellow, Black, and Satin White. You can even get the furniture unfinished if you like. Whether you’re choosing something fanciful like the Prairie Leisure Kiddie Bear Chair or a more conventional (but still kid-friendly) Adirondack, you can get exactly the color you’re looking for.

Furniture for the Family

The Prairie Leisure Kiddie collection is perfect for kids ages 1-4. You can also find the same quality and craftsmanship in their junior collection, which is designed for ages 5-8. With beautiful, high quality furniture like this, you and your family will be able to face summer head-on and enjoy all the good times your backyard has to offer. 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Berlin Flyer Wagons: A Classic Look for Kids on the Go


When you’re on the go it always helps to have a set of wheels to help you carry things. While you can always load up the car for a trip to the park or the store, you miss out on fresh air and exercise. If you and your kids are looking for a fun, yet practical and useful set of wheels, a Berlin Flyer Wagon is a choice that can’t go wrong.  

Berlin Flyer Wagons are made in the U.S.A. In fact, they’re all produced in the heart of Amish Country in Berlin, Ohio. When you buy one of these wagons, you know that you’re buying something that’s built to last. This isn’t a plastic big-box store special that will fall apart the moment you take it out of the box. Instead, it will last as long as your child needs it to. In fact, it will likely still be around when your kids have children of their own.

So what makes these wagons so long-lasting? It’s all about their construction. These wagons are built with naturally finished hardwood that’s tough enough to stand up to the banging and bumping that comes with active play. Each wagon features NO-TIP ® safety steering, which is a registered trademark of Berlin Flyer. The lack of tipping both gives your boy or girl a safer play experience and helps eliminate unnecessary damage to the wagon. Depending on the model you choose, your wagon will have either solid rubber tires or inflatable pneumatic tires. Both types are rugged enough to deal with all sorts of terrains and speeds.

You know that Berlin Flyer Wagons are tough, but are they useful? Absolutely! There are a few different sizes available, and each one is perfect for a certain use. For example, the Berlin Pee-Wee Flyer Wagon is perfectly sized for kids ages 3-8 to pull around. You can give your little ones a little more responsibility with this wagon, allowing them to pull their own belongings behind them when going on a walking trip. If you’re looking for something with a little more space, the popular Berlin Flyer Wagon gives you the same easy operation as the Pee-Wee but with a little more storage room. If you’re looking for some serious capacity, the Berlin Loadmaster Wagon is perfect for both heavy loads and rough terrains.

A final thing to note about these wagons is their looks. Each wagon is carefully crafted and painted to look its best. The classic design brings to mind the style of Radio Flyer wagons, and depending on your preferences the siderails can be painted red or green. Both good looking and hard working – that’s tough to beat!

American-made Berlin Flyer Wagons make for a hard-working yet attractive addition to any collection of outdoor toys. No matter what your children’s age or interests, they’ll love having a wagon of their own to help them transport their belongings. They’re a surefire way to build memories and have a ton of outdoor fun. 

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Smart Gear Balance Bikes Teach Balance the Right Way


Learning to ride a bike is tough, especially when you’re small. Most parents assume that starting their kids out with training wheels is the way to go, but for most kids that may not be the best way. A balance bike can offer an alternative to training wheels that readies children for the challenges (and fun) that comes with riding a bike.

What is a Balance Bike?

Smart Gear Balance Bikes are much like regular bikes, but with one key difference – there are no pedals! This gives toddlers a chance to work on their balance without worrying about the coordination required to pedal. To begin with, boys and girls start out by keeping their feet on the ground and walking the bike to where they want to go. Once they feel comfortable with this, they can run to build up speed and scoot along. Finally, they can cruise along on two wheels, perfectly balanced and ready for a pedal bike.

Why Not Training Wheels?

Training wheels do a great job of keeping kids upright, but they don’t do much to help build a child’s sense of balance. A child who depends on training wheels takes much longer to learn how to balance because they’re used to the wheels doing the work. However, with a Smart Gear Balance Bike, kids can focus on balancing, which makes their transition to a standard bike go much more smoothly.

Made for Comfort and Safety

All Smart Gear Balance Bikes are made from eco-friendly materials. Their birch-wood construction also includes comfortable handgrips, spoke-less wheels, and comfortable seats. A built-in handle is included in the body of the bike, which makes carrying a breeze. Most models have an adjustable seat, which lets kids continue to use the bike as they grow. Finally, the handlebars have a limited turning radius, which helps keep kids from jackknifing.

A Design for Any Kid

What fun would a bike be if it didn’t take a child’s unique personality into consideration? Smart Gear Balance Bikes come in a variety of paints and finishes that are sure to delight any child. For a simple, frills-free bike, the Classic is the way to go. Sky Rider is another simple bike that is suitable for any rider. On the other hand, the Chopper or flame bikes have bold detailing that really stands out. The Floral Hearts, Bubbleicious, and Spring Fever models are sure to please any young girl. Finally, the Police Bike will let everyone in the neighborhood know who’s in charge. No matter what your child’s preferences, there’s a bike that’s perfect for their unique tastes.

You want to give your child all the support they need as they grow. Smart Gear Balance Bikes are the perfect way to help your kids learn the skills they’ll need to ride a bike. They’re also a great way to get outside and have some good, active fun. These beautiful, eco-friendly bikes are a great addition to any child’s collection of outdoor toys.  

Monday, May 21, 2012

A Kidkraft Sandbox Brings the Beach to Your Backyard

Summer is a fun time of year – the weather is warm, there’s lots going on around the neighborhood, and the kids are out of school. It’s a great time to take a trip, but if money is a little tight there’s nothing wrong with having a “staycation” at home. If you and the kids are going to be hanging out in the backyard this summer, why not enrich your playtime routine with a Kidkraft Sandbox?

Bring the Beach to Your Home

Playing in the sand is tons of fun, no matter what your age is. Trips to the beach can get pricey, but with a Kidkraft  Sandbox in your yard your children can have all the fun of the beach without all the fuss. There’s no need for buckets and shovels to lie dormant all summer. Instead, kids can dig for treasure, make sand-castles, or do whatever else they want all summer long.

Staying Safe While Having Fun

Having fun in the sun is a great way to spend the day, but sometimes too much sun isn’t a good thing. If your little girl or boy tends to burn easily or if you’re just concerned about too much sun, then the Kidkraft  Outdoor Sandbox with Canopy is perfect for your family. This sandbox offers a large play area that’s covered by a canopy. Children can play for hours in comfort and safety underneath the sturdy canopy without worrying about painful burns.

“Arrrrr” Your Kids Pirate Fans?

What child doesn’t love the adventurous life of pirates? If you’ve got a little pirate of your own, the Kidkraft  Pirate Sandboat is the perfect place for him to live out his dreams. This boat-shaped sandbox has two compartments for storing toys and treasures, a canopy to keep the sun off, colorful artwork, and even a steering wheel! Add to this a large play area filled with sand that’s perfect for burying and digging for treasure. It’s big enough so several small swashbucklers can play at once.

Designed for Active Play

Whether it’s the Pirate Sandboat, the Sandbox with Canopy, or Kidkraft ’s more basic Backyard Sandbox, these structures are built to last. Because they’re intended to be used outside, the wood they’re made from is chosen to stand up to the elements. Reinforced wooden panels make sure that your sandbox won’t get bent out of shape or succumb to bad weather. They’re designed to stand up to rough play and are all large enough that a group of children can have fun at the same time. While some assembly is required, each sandbox comes with detailed instructions that make set-up quick and easy.

Summer and sand go together like peanut butter and jelly. If your kids are longing for a sandy shore, you can satisfy that desire without having to leave home. A Kidkraft  Sandbox is a fun, safe, and sturdy way to add some sandy playtime to your child’s long summer days.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Smart Gear Pretend Play Toys Help Your Kids Live Their Dreams


When children play they often dream about the things they’ll do when they grow up. Things that seem mundane to adults take on an exciting new life when seen through kids’ eyes. Smart Gear Pretend Play Toys are designed with your child’s imagination in mind. These eco-friendly toys are the perfect addition to any game of make-believe.

Complete Your Kitchen

Many girls love the idea of having their own kitchen. Why not give your child everything she needs to cook up a delicious pretend meal? Smart Gear has everything needed to make a kitchen complete, including a child-sized sink, cooker, microwave and refrigerator. If playtime is on the go, the My Portable Cooker is a great choice. Just fold it up and bring it along with you! If space is an issue, the Smart Gear Wonderwold Cooking Center combines an oven, a refrigerator and a sink into one compact play station.

Take Care of the House

One of the oldest and most loved types of dramatic play is playing house. Help your toddlers learn more about what goes into caring for a home with Smart Gear cleaning toys. The Wonderworld Wonder Vacuum is perfectly sized for little hands and is small enough to get into all those nooks and crannies. The Wonderworld Wonder Cleaning Cart comes with everything a kid needs to keep a neat house, including a child-sized broom, mop, dust pan, hand brush, and storage pouch. All of this fits onto the sturdy rolling cart.

Take a Trip to the Store

Any young entrepreneur will love the chance to open a store of their own with Smart Gear pretend play toys. The Wonderworld Wonder Store stand is perfect for a budding shopkeeper, giving him three shelves to display his goods and a cabana-style shade to keep the sun off. This stand is perfect for role-play, especially when paired with the Wonder Shopping Cart. If your young business-man or woman is ready to test their skills on the public, the Wonder Store stand is also ideal for running a lemonade stand.

Commitment to Quality and the Environment

There’s no need to give up environmental responsibility in order to give your kids a fun play experience. Smart Gear is a company devoted to taking care of the environment while delivering quality products.  Their toys are made with renewably grown rubberwood, formaldehyde-free glue, and water-based paints. For every tree that is used to make one of their toys, two more are planted. Even the packaging they use is created from at least 70% recycled materials. These toys prove that a commitment to the environment does not lead to a drop in quality – all of Smart Gear’s products are built to last.

There’s no reason to sacrifice anything when providing playthings for your child. Kids love the creative games they can play with these attractive and sturdy wooden toys. With Smart Gear Pretend Play Toys, it’s easy to entertain your children in an environmentally conscious way. 

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Morgan Cycle Scooter is Number One in Retro Fun


Have you ever seen a group of kids playing on scooters? Chances are they were a group that was having a whole lot of fun. Fast and sleek, scooters are a great way for kids of all ages to take part in active play. When it comes to this type of toy, though, not all scooters are created equal. When it comes to looks and quality, the cream of the scooter crop is the Morgan Cycle Scooter.

There are a number of things that set Morgan Cycle Scooters apart from your average scooter. The first thing that makes them stand out is the shape of their frame. Instead of the more streamline models that are common today, Morgan scooters venture back to an earlier time. Their sleek, rounded shape will make you think of the scooters that were popular in the thirties. You can bet that your child will stand out when riding along on one of these beautiful toys.

The next thing that makes Morgan Cycle Scooters a cut above is their safety and usability. Not all children are able to handle a scooter with two wheels, which is why these retro scooters have three. Two wheels are used in the back to give added stability. This is helpful for younger boys and girls who are just learning how to get around on a set of wheels. As your child grows, this scooter will grow with them. The handlebars can be adjusted to match different heights for a safe and comfortable ride.

Safety and quality go hand in hand when it comes to kids toys, and the Morgan Cycle Scooter is no exception. These scooters are crafted to be some of the highest quality scooters out there. The old fashioned pressed steel construction is durable enough to stand up to the rigors of active play. Chrome wheels and solid rubber tires are rugged and durable. Finally, the coatings are made of non-toxic materials, so there are no worries about what chemicals might be coming in contact with your children’s skin.

Speaking of coatings, there’s one more thing that really sets Morgan Scooters apart – their colors! The colorful coatings used on these scooters give them a sense of style and personality that’s not always easy to find. No matter what your child’s favorite style or color is, you’ll find something to suit them. Whether they like the classic colors of pink, blue, or red or are interested in silver or red with gold accents, you can find a scooter to please them. If you really want to turn some heads, the Morgan Cycle Pink or Aqua Retro Scooter with Crystals is the way to go. These scooters have almost 400 crystals hand applied to each of them to give them a dazzling sparkle whenever they’re in motion.

Your child is unlike any other child out there. Why not give them a scooter that is just as unique and special as they are? Morgan Cycle Scooters are safe and have a retro flair that really makes them stand out. Your kids will love both their looks and the hours of active play they can engage in with these scooters. 

Friday, April 27, 2012

Barbie Wooden Dollhouses Provide Beautiful Homes for Your Child’s Best Friends


Little girls love playing with dolls, especially if she has a place for her doll to live. Barbie wooden dollhouses make perfect homes for your children’s dolls. They’re sturdy and carefully constructed to fit most fashion dolls (including Barbies and Bratz), allowing your kids to spend hours engaged in imaginative play. Here we will discuss some of the options you and your kids have for Barbie dollhouses.

  • Kidkraft Designer Dollhouse: This house is perfect for any girl with a modern sense of style. This brightly-colored, trendy dollhouse includes three levels that can be accessed by two fashionably curved staircases. Eleven pieces of furniture are included, all of which match the house’s funky and colorful theme.
  • Kidkraft My Dreamy Dollhouse: If your daughter leans more towards the romantic than the trendy, she’ll fall in love with this picturesque dollhouse. This three story house comes complete with fourteen pieces of furniture and an elevator to take Barbie to each floor. The piano even plays music and the lamp lights up for added realism and fun.
  • Teamson Kids Dollhouses: Any child who dreams of being a world traveler will get a taste of big-city life with Teamson’s dollhouses. These gorgeous wooden houses are based on three of the world’s most popular cities: New York, London, and Paris. All three dollhouses are three stories tall and include furniture that matches the color and theme of the house. These dollhouses come with lockable wheels, allowing you to easily move them.
  • Kidkraft So Chic Dollhouse: The So Chic Dollhouse gives a new spin to the traditional dollhouse. This house is open on all four sides, providing even more room to play. Its simple construction allows for tons of room for furniture. The house has three floors, ten rooms, a pink roof and matching pink staircases. With 45 pieces of furniture included, your child can decorate and play to her heart’s content.
  • Kidkraft Majestic Mansion Dollhouse: If you really want to go all out, the Majestic Mansion Dollhouse is just as impressive as its name suggests. This enormous house includes four levels, eight rooms, 33 pieces of furniture, a gliding elevator, and even a garage with doors that open and shut.
  • Kidkraft Savannah Dollhouse: Elegance is the name of the game with this finely crafted, award-winning dollhouse. It’s designed to look like a southern mansion and includes three stories, six rooms, a staircase that takes Barbie to the kitchen and dining room, thirteen pieces of furniture, and outdoor balcony.
Each of these dollhouses is unique, but they have some important similarities. They all include large doors and windows that give kids easy access to all parts of the house. They’re also big enough that multiple children can play at the same time. All of these houses are made of wood and are sturdy enough to stand up to regular play. Finally, each of these houses gives your child a place to play with the dolls she loves. These heirloom-quality dollhouses will look beautiful in any home and are sure to be treasured by any little girl who has one. 

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Morgan Cycle Wagons Are for More Than Just Play


Give a kid a toy with wheels and you’re in for a day of fun. This is especially true if Morgan Cycle Wagons are involved. Kids love being able to pull themselves and their toys around in these cute little wagons. Whether your child wants to bring a teddy bear with them to the park or if you need a place to stow a sleepy toddler, there’s a Morgan Cycle Wagon that’s perfect for what you want to do.

Perfect For Small Hands

Does your child have a stuffed animal friend that she brings with her everywhere? A tot wagon is a great way to give her a method to transport her toys. These wagons are sized perfectly for a toddler’s hand and can be used both indoors and outdoors. They’re even a great size for gift baskets, making for an adorable way to present a gift at a baby shower or birthday party.

An Easy Form of Transportation

Bigger children won’t be left out of the fun with Morgan Cycle Wagons that are big enough for them. These wagons are designed to be used by kids age four and up. They’re a great way to transport toys, picnic supplies, or even a younger sibling. For the most luxurious wagon experience available, the Morgan Cycle Coach Wagon can transport two children at a time.

Built to Last

Any toy that gets played with often is bound to experience some rough play. These wagons are built for this eventuality. They’re formed out of tough metal that can handle the bumps of a busy afternoon of play. Durable wheels can deal with a variety of surfaces, and a solid handhold makes sure that even small hands can get a firm grip. There’s no need to worry about harmful chemicals used in the wagon’s construction – each one is coated with non-toxic paint.

A Rainbow of Color Choices

Let’s face it – girls will probably look for something a little different in a wagon than what a boy would want. No matter what your child’s tastes are, there’s a wagon to suit them. Tot wagons come in red or pink, but you’ll also be able to choose from some cute designs like flames, stars or flowers. The coach wagon looks stately with a deep green coating and black seating. Finally, any little girl will feel like a princess with a Bella Wagon in soft pink or rich lavender.

When a child has a way to carry their belongings with them they’ll be able to go farther and do more. The choices in size, color, and shape all come together to make these wagons fit the tastes of any child. They’re safe and sturdy, so no matter what adventures your kids go on you can be sure their Morgan Cycle Wagon will still be rolling along behind. 

Friday, April 20, 2012

Radio Flyer Tricycles Are Fun for The Whole Family


Watching your child grow from a tiny newborn to an adventurous toddler is a magical experience. As your children grow older they begin to want to explore the world around them. One of the ways you can help them explore is by providing them with a Radio Flyer Tricycle. These tricycles are a safe, fun way to help kids learn more about their world as well as build physical skills that will help them as they grow older.

What Makes These Trikes Special?

Learning to ride a bicycle is a huge part of every child’s life, but you can’t expect a toddler to be able to ride a two-wheeler. That’s why Radio Flyer Tricycles are a perfect in-between step. These trikes are built to be sturdy and safe. Because there is one wheel in the front and two wheels in the back your child won’t have to worry about balance. Instead, they can just sit down and go.

There are lots of tricycles out there, but Radio Flyer Trikes stand out because of their high quality construction and unique design. The Radio Flyer brand has been known for generations for creating wagons that last. This dedication to craftsmanship is carried through into the care with which they make their trikes.

What Can My Child Learn From a Radio Flyer Trike?

Girls and boys who learn to ride a tricycle have the ability to travel a little bit further and a little bit faster than what they can do on their own two feet. This opens up their world enough for them to learn about things outside their own backyard. However, they won’t be able to reach speeds that could become dangerous. Many Radio Flyer Tricycles have options like push handles that allow moms and dads to stay in contact with their kids while they learn to ride.

Most toddlers and young children have trouble keeping still. Riding around on a tricycle is a great way for them to expend energy. Encouraging your kids to play actively helps them to learn that moving is fun. This instills habits that will help keep them healthy for the rest of their lives.

Who Can Use a Radio Flyer Trike?

There’s a huge range of Radio Flyer Tricycles available. While there are plenty of tricycles that suit kids aged two to five, there’s no reason younger kids can’t get in on the fun. The 4-in-1 trike is perfect for any new mom. It can convert from a stroller to a steering trike, then to a learn to ride trike, and finally to a standard tricycle. Your child can enjoy this trike from 9 months to five years old, giving you years of fun out of a single machine.

Helping your children grow into adults means giving them opportunities to explore independently. For many kids, a tricycle is the first step on this road to independence. Radio Flyer Tricycles are a sure-fire way to keep your kids safe and happy as they begin to explore the world around them.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Morgan Cycle Cruiser Bicycles Help Your Child Evolve


Getting their first bicycle is a major event in the life of any child, especially if the bicycle is unique and matches your child’s personality. Morgan Cycle Cruiser Bicycles are just that – a unique way to introduce your child to the world of bicycling. These bikes help kids start to grow up in a number of different ways.

Helps Promote Independence

Until they get their first set of wheels, children are limited to moving at the speed their legs can take them. While this helps keep them safe, it’s also important for kids to get a sense of their ability to move on their own. That’s where Morgan Cycle Cruiser Bicycles come in. These bikes feature 14” wheels – perfect for three to six year olds. This is the age where it’s important to encourage kids to explore the world a little more on their own. Taking a trip to the park with mom and dad become a whole new adventure when a child pedals there themselves.

A Great Way to Exercise

If you’re worried that your kids may be spending too much time in front of the TV, a bicycle is a great encouragement to go outside to play. Boys and girls love to race around on bikes, and while doing so they improve their strength and coordination. Morgan Cycle Cruiser Bicycles come with training wheels, so while your kids are playing they’re also safely learning how to ride a two-wheeled bike. This is a great way to promote an active hobby that they can engage in for the rest of their lives.

Teaches Safety

Knowledge of road safety is an extremely important thing to pass onto your children. Teaching your children how to be safe on the road while on a bike will help them grasp the concepts they need to know. Things like watching and listening for cars, riding on the correct side of the road, and the importance of helmets are all easy to learn when on a bike. The makers of Morgan Cycle Cruiser Bicycles care as much about your children’s safety as you do. Their bikes are solidly made with durable wheels and non-toxic coatings.

Expresses Individuality

One of the most fun things about Morgan Cycle Cruiser Bicycles is how fun they look. They’re modeled after classic mid-century beach cruisers, giving them a unique and interesting shape that is sure to turn a few heads. Your child will have a choice between pink, blue, silver, and red coatings, allowing them to choose the color that they like the best.

There’s no need to present your child with a hum-drum bike as their first set of wheels. Morgan Cycle Cruiser Bicycles are unique and fun. Not only do they look great, but there’s also no end to the ways they can help your child change and grow.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Kidkraft Outdoor Furniture – Kid-sized for Backyard Fun


Can you think of a better way to spend an afternoon with your kids than outside in the backyard? On a beautiful sunny day your yard can become a magical place. With kid-sized Kidkraft Outdoor Furniture your children will be able to have their own place to sit back and enjoy the outdoors.

Furniture that Fits Your Child

Mom and dad may love to lounge in an Adirondack chair, but for many boys and girls these seats are too big to be comfortable. That’s why Kidkraft offers a range of carefully made Adirondack chairs that are perfectly proportioned to your children’s height. Your kids will love spending time with you on the patio in these classically shaped chairs, and they’ll be comfortable while they do so. Best of all, these chairs are built to last, meaning they’ll still be there when it’s time for grandkids to visit.

A Safe Place to Play

It’s no secret that spending too much time out in the sun can be dangerous, especially for children’s sensitive skin. Using sun block is a good start, but giving your kids a place to sit in the shade is a great way to make sure they’re protected from the sun’s rays. Kidkraft Outdoor Furniture features several pieces that come with an umbrella built in. These include sturdy picnic tables and chairs as well as a luxurious chaise lounge. By adding a table or chair with an umbrella to your backyard you’ll give your kids a place to rest comfortably and safely during those long summer days.

Adds Flexibility to Your Yard

What better way to end a perfect summer day than with a backyard barbeque? The smell of hot dogs and hamburgers will definitely bring your kids running (probably with a friend or two in tow). When you’re cooking outside it can be difficult to find seating for everyone. Asking your kids to eat while standing up can lead to some messy mustard-related disasters, so it’s important to have a sturdy place for kids to eat. Kidkraft picnic tables are the perfect answer to your barbeque dilemmas. They’re perfectly sized for kids to eat at, making it easy to serve a delicious outdoor dinner to your family.

Sturdy Construction

All Kidkraft Outdoor Furniture is designed for outdoor use. They’re constructed out of sturdy, weather-resistant wood and are designed to stand up to everyday use. All Kidkraft furniture and toys have non-toxic finishes, so you can be sure that your kids are safe whenever they use them.

Whether you’re hosting a rollicking backyard party or simply enjoying a cool breeze on the porch, Kidkraft Outdoor Furniture will give your children a special place to enjoy themselves. For sturdy, attractive furniture that’s sized perfectly for your children, there’s no better alternative.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Plasmart Plasmacar Brings Kid-power to a Whole New Level


Kids love the feeling of zooming around on a set of wheels. Trikes, bikes, roller skates, scooters… the list goes on and on. Well, add a new form of transportation to that list – the Plasmart Plasmacar. This award-winning ride-on toy is the perfect way for children to move from point A to point B without making use of batteries, electricity, or anything else but their own power.

So How Does this Work?

The secret to the Plasmacar’s abilities is in the unique design of the front wheels. They’re set up in such a way that all a child has to do is turn the steering wheel. The forces of friction, inertia, and centrifugal force take over, bringing the rider up to speeds of almost six miles an hour. While this isn’t exactly the speed you’d see in a NASCAR race, it’s enough to give boys and girls a fun ride without putting them in any danger.

How Does This Benefit My Children?

The main benefit of these ride-on toys is that they get kids up and moving. It’s no secret that childhood obesity is on the rise, so anything that allows kids to use up some extra energy in a fun and safe way is a good thing. Fun is definitely the name of the game when it comes to these Plasmacars. One of the best things about them is that they’re so easy to use. All but the smallest kids will be able to grasp how they work, allowing a huge variety of kids to take part in the fun.

Where Can These Plasmacars Go?

If your child has a Plasmart Plasmacar, there’s a lot they can do with it. Plasmacars work best on a level surface, which makes them great for playing with in the driveway and around the outside of the house. Imagine inviting a few families over for a barbeque. You and the other parents can enjoy some time chatting over the grill while the kids have the time of their life zooming around in front of you.

You don’t have to keep the cars at home, though. If there’s a park nearby, why not take a “drive” to it? A Plasmacar’s top speed allows your child to move a bit faster than he or she normally would, but not so fast that they could easily get out of sight. This allows your child a little more independence without putting him or her in any danger. The bright, cheerful colors that these cars are made with also help keep your child visible to you and anyone else nearby as well as letting them show off a little personality. Girls love the Pink and the Purple, boys love the Blue, the Yellow is a real attention-getter, and Red seems to be loved by both boys and girls.

A Plasmart Plasmacar gives kids a whole new way to get from place to place using nothing but their own power. These cars are safe, sturdy, and so much fun for kids. They’ll have such a good time that you may start to wonder why they don’t make Plasmacars for adults!