Thursday, October 11, 2012

Wildkin Sleeping Bags Give Your Kids A Fun and Cozy Place to Sleep


Taking a trip with your family is always fun. Whether it’s inside a tent at your favorite campground or a night in the living room next to a fire, changing up your daily routine is a great way to make fond memories. In order for your kids to have the best experience possible, though, they’ll need a safe and comfy place to sleep. Wildkin Sleeping Bags are the perfect solution.

Wildkin Sleeping Bags are designed to be a soft, comfortable and safe place for your children to get some shut-eye. The cotton/polyester exterior is naturally flame resistant, so there is no need for them to be treated with flame-retardant chemicals. Each sleeping bag comes with a storage bag and elastic storage straps to make packing up and traveling much easier. They even come with a travel pillow to make sure your children have a good night’s sleep wherever they go.

These sleeping bags are designed for kids up to five feet tall. Because they can open up and lie flat on a bed, you might find that your child likes his so much he wants to sleep with it every night! You’ll also find that they come in a variety of colors and patterns that will suit any child’s taste. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Princess Sleeping Bag: Your little princess is sure to have sweet dreams when cuddled up in this fanciful sleeping bag. This beautiful sleeping bag is decorated with all the classic symbols of palace finery. Its rich purple color is sure to tickle your daughter’s fancy.
  • Dinosaur Sleeping Bag: What better way to stay safe from the boogeyman than to have an army of dinosaurs surrounding you? Any boy or girl with a penchant for the Paleolithic will love this bag. Some of kids’ favorite dinosaurs are pictured on top of a two-toned ochre background.
  • Horses in Pink Sleeping Bag: Any horse lovers in your family? If so, the horses sleeping bag is the perfect place for them to cuddle up for a nap. They’ll love the designs of horses that rear up and gallop all around them. A soft pink color makes the horses stand out and makes for a calming place to settle in.
  • Green Camo Sleeping Bag: Maybe your child is a little more interested in blending in than standing out. The green camo bag is just the ticket. It recreates the classic camo pattern through a mixture of green, black, gray and white. The bright green interior adds a fun contrast that any camo-loving kid will enjoy.
Most Wildkin Sleeping Bags have matching nap mats available to create a cohesive naptime environment.

No matter what your kids fancy, they'll love bedding down in these comfortable and fun sleepig bags. Whether you're traveling the world or putting up a tent in the backyard, these bags will keep your children safe, warm, and happy.

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