Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Morgan Cycle Scooter is Number One in Retro Fun


Have you ever seen a group of kids playing on scooters? Chances are they were a group that was having a whole lot of fun. Fast and sleek, scooters are a great way for kids of all ages to take part in active play. When it comes to this type of toy, though, not all scooters are created equal. When it comes to looks and quality, the cream of the scooter crop is the Morgan Cycle Scooter.

There are a number of things that set Morgan Cycle Scooters apart from your average scooter. The first thing that makes them stand out is the shape of their frame. Instead of the more streamline models that are common today, Morgan scooters venture back to an earlier time. Their sleek, rounded shape will make you think of the scooters that were popular in the thirties. You can bet that your child will stand out when riding along on one of these beautiful toys.

The next thing that makes Morgan Cycle Scooters a cut above is their safety and usability. Not all children are able to handle a scooter with two wheels, which is why these retro scooters have three. Two wheels are used in the back to give added stability. This is helpful for younger boys and girls who are just learning how to get around on a set of wheels. As your child grows, this scooter will grow with them. The handlebars can be adjusted to match different heights for a safe and comfortable ride.

Safety and quality go hand in hand when it comes to kids toys, and the Morgan Cycle Scooter is no exception. These scooters are crafted to be some of the highest quality scooters out there. The old fashioned pressed steel construction is durable enough to stand up to the rigors of active play. Chrome wheels and solid rubber tires are rugged and durable. Finally, the coatings are made of non-toxic materials, so there are no worries about what chemicals might be coming in contact with your children’s skin.

Speaking of coatings, there’s one more thing that really sets Morgan Scooters apart – their colors! The colorful coatings used on these scooters give them a sense of style and personality that’s not always easy to find. No matter what your child’s favorite style or color is, you’ll find something to suit them. Whether they like the classic colors of pink, blue, or red or are interested in silver or red with gold accents, you can find a scooter to please them. If you really want to turn some heads, the Morgan Cycle Pink or Aqua Retro Scooter with Crystals is the way to go. These scooters have almost 400 crystals hand applied to each of them to give them a dazzling sparkle whenever they’re in motion.

Your child is unlike any other child out there. Why not give them a scooter that is just as unique and special as they are? Morgan Cycle Scooters are safe and have a retro flair that really makes them stand out. Your kids will love both their looks and the hours of active play they can engage in with these scooters. 


Unknown said...

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