Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Plasmart Plasmacar Brings Kid-power to a Whole New Level


Kids love the feeling of zooming around on a set of wheels. Trikes, bikes, roller skates, scooters… the list goes on and on. Well, add a new form of transportation to that list – the Plasmart Plasmacar. This award-winning ride-on toy is the perfect way for children to move from point A to point B without making use of batteries, electricity, or anything else but their own power.

So How Does this Work?

The secret to the Plasmacar’s abilities is in the unique design of the front wheels. They’re set up in such a way that all a child has to do is turn the steering wheel. The forces of friction, inertia, and centrifugal force take over, bringing the rider up to speeds of almost six miles an hour. While this isn’t exactly the speed you’d see in a NASCAR race, it’s enough to give boys and girls a fun ride without putting them in any danger.

How Does This Benefit My Children?

The main benefit of these ride-on toys is that they get kids up and moving. It’s no secret that childhood obesity is on the rise, so anything that allows kids to use up some extra energy in a fun and safe way is a good thing. Fun is definitely the name of the game when it comes to these Plasmacars. One of the best things about them is that they’re so easy to use. All but the smallest kids will be able to grasp how they work, allowing a huge variety of kids to take part in the fun.

Where Can These Plasmacars Go?

If your child has a Plasmart Plasmacar, there’s a lot they can do with it. Plasmacars work best on a level surface, which makes them great for playing with in the driveway and around the outside of the house. Imagine inviting a few families over for a barbeque. You and the other parents can enjoy some time chatting over the grill while the kids have the time of their life zooming around in front of you.

You don’t have to keep the cars at home, though. If there’s a park nearby, why not take a “drive” to it? A Plasmacar’s top speed allows your child to move a bit faster than he or she normally would, but not so fast that they could easily get out of sight. This allows your child a little more independence without putting him or her in any danger. The bright, cheerful colors that these cars are made with also help keep your child visible to you and anyone else nearby as well as letting them show off a little personality. Girls love the Pink and the Purple, boys love the Blue, the Yellow is a real attention-getter, and Red seems to be loved by both boys and girls.

A Plasmart Plasmacar gives kids a whole new way to get from place to place using nothing but their own power. These cars are safe, sturdy, and so much fun for kids. They’ll have such a good time that you may start to wonder why they don’t make Plasmacars for adults!

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