Thursday, August 2, 2012

A Dexton Kids Racer is the Perfect First Ride-on Toy for Children

Who doesn’t love racing around in a flashy-looking car? Riding in a car you love is a lot of fun, whether you’re 2 or 45. While it will still be a while before your two year old can drive the same cars you can, there is a vehicle she can ride to her heart’s content right now. Dexton Kids Racers are the perfect toy for any car-loving toddler.

Children love using their imagination, and when you can combine imagination with active play you’ve got a recipe for a ton of fun. A Dexton Kids Racer gives kids a chance to pretend they’re driving a car just like mom and dad while also working on their motor skills. These racers are ride-on toys in which kids sit on top while their feet comfortably reach the ground. They can use their feet to power the car, giving them a fun ride at a pace that’s not fast enough to get out of control.

These racers are built with style, durability, and safety in mind. Each racer has a tough metal body that can stand up to the rigors of active play. Steel wheels and rubber tires help each racer to run smoothly and gently, making playtime more comfortable and fun. A chrome steering wheel will help your little one make sure the racer goes where he or she wants it to go.

The thing that really makes a Dexton Kids Racer stand out, though, is its style. Simply put, these racers look awesome. Their bright colors and attractive finishes really make each racer stand out, and there are plenty of options in style and structure that will surely pique your child’s imagination.

  • Lil’ Flame Racer – This hot-rod style racer is bright yellow with dramatic red flames on the side. The flames may not make the racer go faster, but they’re sure to turn heads!
  • Silver and Red Racers – Sleek and shiny, the silver and red Racer models come emblazoned with the number one. Its classic style is great for both boys and girls.
  • White-Red Vintage Racer – This is another classic style racer that comes with retro-style detailing. The red and white finish will make sure your child looks cool as he hits the road.
  • Classic Fire Engine Racer – Do you have a future fire man or woman on your hands? They’ll love the imaginative games they can play with the fire engine racer. This bright red car has a decorative ladder rack and ladders on the back to add to the realism.
Dexton Kids Racers are a great way for toddlers to get out of the house and play. They’re perfect for little ones who need a stable toy to ride on, but are old enough to move around on their own. The beautiful detailing on each model is sure to delight everyone who sees them. Your kids will surely experience the fun of driving a great looking car with these fantastic racers. 

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