Thursday, December 11, 2014

Hape Eco-Friendly Toys—Sustainable Play for a Sustainable Future

Hape Eco-Friendly Toys
Hape Eco-Friendly Toys

In every realm of our lives, there has been an increased push to move towards more sustainable choices. From the food we buy to the clothes we wear to the places we shop, more and more, we make our choices with sustainability in mind.

And it doesn’t need to be any different when it comes to toys. In fact, I believe this might be the easiest place to go green as eco-friendly toys are often some of the most interesting and engaging around. They come with a few added benefits for mom and dad as well. Sustainable materials tend to have a more aesthetic look, allowing the toys to fit in better with the overall décor. They also rarely come with annoying voice boxes, saving the sanity of all adults in the house.

Today, I am focusing on eco-friendly toys from Hape. Why Hape eco-friendly toys? Well, first of all, Hape is one of the largest manufacturers of toys made from sustainable materials in the entire world. Secondly, they work hard to focus their efforts beyond just caring for the environment. Social responsibility is a large part of their focus. This means looking at their impact on the education of children worldwide and partnering with organizations that focus on early childhood development. Finally, all of their products are really just incredible toys. 

For example, take a look at the Hape Tunnel Mountain. This is a truly classic toy, like those that you no doubt played with when you visited the doctor’s office as a child. For many, just seeing these rollercoaster bead toys makes them feel warm and nostalgic. And for the little boys and girls in your life, the Hape Tunnel Mountain is the perfect way to create fond memories of their own while working on their hand-eye coordination and dexterity.

One thing I love about Hape is that they take toys you will find in nearly every home with kids and put their own spin on them. The Hape Master Workbench is the perfect example of this. Most young kids adore their workbench set and use it to mimic their parents as they work around the house. With 32 pieces, this workbench has everything your little handyman—or woman—might need and is far more complete than most workbench toys. And it is height adjustable, allowing it to grow with your child.

If, however, you are looking for a toy completely unlike anything you might find in other playrooms along the block, the Hape Discovery Spaceship and Lift Off Rocket is for you. This is the perfect green toy for children who have an active imagination and love story-telling and role-playing. With four distinct levels and an incredibly detailed design, this is a toy kids can lose themselves in for hours at a time. And as is true with all Hape toys, it is designed to build important physical skills that are vital to all children’s development.

Finally, I would like to share the Hape Gourmet Grill with Food. This toy falls somewhere between the typical and the unique. Most homes have a play kitchen where the children pretend to prepare meals; however, few homes have toy grills, making this item the perfect twist on the typical. It is excellent for any home, but especially those where grilling is an essential part of dining. 

So, if you are looking for some green, eco-friendly toys, take some time to browse our Hape offerings for your little girls and boys at These wooden toys all ship free and are sure to delight the kids in your life. 

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Children’s Vanity Tables Bring Magic to Dress-Up Play

Children's Vanity Tables
Children's Vanity Tables

Dress-up time is wonderful all on its own—getting the chance to become someone else for a little while, dancing and twirling in a costume or dress that feels like it is the fanciest thing you could ever own, and piling on the jewelry. It is so easy to get lost in your imagination.

And isn’t that something we want to encourage in children? Adults often mourn the loss of the wild and creative imagination they had as a child. So shouldn’t everything possible be done in order to foster it?

One way you can make dress-up play even more magical for your little girls is to purchase a child-sized wooden vanity table. Like a true princess or movie star, she will get the chance to primp and prep in front of her little mirror as she transforms into the character of her choosing. And there are many options available to fit her style. Elegant and classic? Sleek and chic? Perfectly princess? There is certainly a children’s vanity table to suit.

Take the Kidkraft Medium Diva Vanity Table and Stool. This wooden vanity table is very classic in its design. With its white finish, it blends well into any décor, and the simple curves of the design are very elegant. The mirror is plexi-glass, making it a completely safe piece of furniture to keep in a child’s bedroom or playroom and the drawer provides storage space for jewelry and make-up kits—whether real or just pretend. It feels like a little bit of classic Hollywood right in your own home.

Another classic piece is the Guidecraft Classic Espresso Vanity and Stool. The dark, rich color of the wood makes it feel incredibly elegant while the three-sided acrylic mirror makes it quite practical—you might even want one in your size! While it is certainly beautiful, perhaps the best feature of this wooden vanity table is the amount of storage it has. The table itself has a drawer for storing smaller items while the stool opens up to reveal a larger space. And really, doesn’t hidden storage always make something feel that much more special? Who knows what treasures she will keep there.

Sleek and chic? Well, that is what you get with the Teamson Kids Bouquet Vanity Table & Stool Set. The clean lines of this child’s vanity table set make for a nice, simple look and the fold down mirror helps to tuck everything away. However, it still comes packed with plenty of princess factor. The pink and white color scheme is ultra-feminine and the delicate floral patterns brighten any room. There is plenty of storage as well; two small drawers are perfect for brushes while the mirror folds down to conceal jewelry. And since it is hand-painted, the product you receive is beautifully unique—just like your little princess.

Speaking of princesses, some little girls simply won’t stand for understated—they want as much pink, purple, and glitter as they can get. And for those pint-sized divas, you simply must get the Levels of Discovery Princess Vanity Table & Chair Set. With a pink, purple, and cream color scheme, this children’s vanity table is as girly as it gets. And there are plenty of gold accents upping the glitter factor. Adorned with hearts and crowns, this is a table that any princess would be proud to call her own. 

To purchase one of these children’s vanity tables or to browse more, simply visit

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Wooden Activity Tables for Children's Playrooms

Activity Tables
Activity Tables

When it comes to designing the perfect children’s playroom, I am a big fan of activity tables. They take many different toys and keep them in one, neat place. Kids are naturally attracted to them, which helps cut down on the chaos. Also, most activity table manufacturers are mindful of designing these tables to help facilitate the physical and intellectual development of children, making them a guilt-free play option.

There are many quality activity tables on the market. We currently sell 30 different ones in our store and are always expanding our inventory. My preference is for wooden tables as I feel that they are the best choice when you are looking for a toy that will last. Today, I would like to share four wooden activity tables with you that I happen to think are particularly awesome.

First up is the Kidkraft 2 in 1 Lego and Train Activity Table. I love this table because it helps keep Legos off the floor—if you have ever stepped on one, you know how important that is. However, its benefits go beyond saving your feet some pain. This wooden table is designed so that the Lego side is divided into four spaces, making it easy to prevent arguments when sharing the space. Flip the board over and you have a fun backdrop for the included thirty piece train set. Best of all, there is plenty of storage space underneath the board, allowing you to store the blocks and train set.

Next, I’d like to share the Nilo Wooden Multi-Activity Table. This table is easily the most versatile on the market. Designed to be compatible with multiple toy sets and able to grow with your children, you will certainly get your money’s worth out of this one. The edges of this solid wood table are rounded for safety and the raised border keeps toys where they need to be. Don’t let the simplicity of this table fool you—it is a real powerhouse. 

The Hape Spaghetti Legs Table is a bit different than the previous two tables. This table comes with toys built in, making it even easier to keep organized—just like those you have no doubt seen in the waiting rooms of doctors’ offices. The design of this table leads kids to work on their hand-eye coordination and problem solving skills as they work to move the beads throughout the maze. It is impossible to resist this table—even I can’t resist playing with it. 

Finally, I simply must share with you the Anatex Mini Circle of Fun. This wooden table comes loaded with four different ways to play. Each toy station can be hooked to the others or used separately. And all the items are connected to the table, so there is no worry that things might become lost. It is the perfect way to keep children engaged and focused. 

To learn more about these activity tables or to browse more options, visit today.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Kidkraft Wooden Dollhouses - Fine Living for Barbie and American Girl Dolls

Kidkraft Dollhouses

Even once we are grown, most of us women can remember the excitement we felt when we got our first dollhouse. Our dolls finally had a home and our play fantasies were finally complete. There was certainly something magical about it.

While I cannot speak for everyone, the dollhouse of my childhood—with all its magic and wonder—hardly compares to some of the dollhouses on the market today, especially Kidkraft’s wooden dollhouses. They make a wide variety of dollhouses that fit various dolls—including Barbie, Bratz, and American Girl. Today, I would like to share four wooden dollhouses from Kidkraft that little girls (and big girls too!) will love—three sized perfectly for Barbie and fashion dolls up to 12 inches tall, and one that is made to fit American Girl dolls.

The Kidkraft Savannah Dollhouse is pure elegance. Throughout its four stories and six rooms, it is designed to make your little girl get lost in her fantasy. The designers have given incredible attention to detail, creating a home that I would love to live in myself! It comes with 13 different furniture items, allowing the girls to organize the house as they see fit. And one of its greatest benefits, in my opinion, is that it is large enough to allow multiple children to play with their Barbies at one time.

Now, the Kidkraft Sparkle Mansion Dollhouse looks exactly like a house would if you let a little princess decorate. This four story dollhouse has a working elevator that transports dolls between the first and second floor, and a curved staircase to reach the third floor. Filled with pink, pink, pink and accented by black details, this house feels modern, fun, and extremely girly. With 30 pieces of furniture, there is still plenty of decorating to do. When Barbie is done decorating, she can make herself something yummy on the outdoor barbeque grill, and then relax by the pool in her chaise lounge. Barbie will definitely approve of these digs. 

While both of the previous dollhouses are big enough to share, my favorite dollhouse for multiple girls is the Kidkraft So Chic Dollhouse. This house is meant to sit away from the wall so that play can take place on all sides. While it has one level less than the previous houses, it comes with ten different rooms for play, and 45 pieces of furniture. Set on casters, this contemporary dollhouse turns, making it easy for an entire sleepover to play at the same time—or a few sisters who are close in age.

Finally, I want to share with you the Kidkraft Elegant Doll Manor. What sets this house apart is that it is designed to fit 18” dolls. In other words, American Girl dolls finally have a home of their own. The house stands five feet tall and is filled with beautiful, fanciful designs. And it isn’t just the house that is oversized—the 12 pieces of furniture are also designed to accommodate larger dolls. All the girls in the neighborhood will be clamoring to get their chance to bring their dolls over and play.

To purchase one of these wooden dollhouses or to browse our other offerings from Kidkraft, simply hop over to  

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Hape Quadrilla Marble Runs—Fun for Kids of all Ages

Hape Quadrilla Marble Runs
Hape Quadrilla Marble Runs

If you are looking for the perfect gift for the young person in your life, you should consider Quadrilla marble runs from Hape. These marble runs keep children engaged, get them to use their critical thinking skills, and create play that is fascinating to both kids and adults alike. They are loved by children well into their school years and are durable enough to pass down to the next generation.

Imagine the excitement of opening one of these marble run toys on Christmas morning and the joy of assembling it with the family. No matter which model you choose, you can opt to either follow the guide and create the specific style of run as it appears on the box or you can create a run that is unique to you. All Hape Quadrilla marble runs can be connected to each other, which allows kids to create more complex designs as their collection grows. This inspires creativity within the child and can lead to moments of great learning.

One of our favorite models is the Hape Quadrilla Roundabout. Who could possibly resist that spiral? It is similar to coin and marble runs you have likely experienced at children’s museums, except you get to have it in your own home. There are plenty of adventures boys and girls can dream up as they play with this marble run. 

To add another dimension to the play, consider Hape’s Music Motion model. This set incorporates musical sounds into the play, which will no doubt delight the child in your life. As the marbles run over certain pieces, chimes will ring out. Children can use these pieces to mark the start, the finish line, or any important area in their marble run design. It really helps take the play to the next level.

The Vertigo model really kicks it up a notch by adding multiple spirals and accelerators. There isn’t a child alive that won’t be excited by this model. It is perfect on its own or as an addition to your current marble run collection. It will certainly challenge the builder to come up with exciting, new combinations. If you are looking to add even more drops and loops, then you might want to consider adding the Loop de Loop model to it. It would certainly make for an exciting Christmas morning.

All of the Hape Quadrilla marble runs are made from solid wood and each piece is incredibly durable. They are designed to challenge kids to really think about their designs and troubleshoot any problems that arise. There are few toys that really bring out creativity in the way that these toys do. To purchase, visit us at We have all of these models and more available and they all ship for free.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Anatex Wall Panel Toys - Perfect for Everywhere Kids Go

Anatex Wall Panel Toys
Anatex Wall Panel Toys

If you are looking for toys that can withstand being in a high traffic area, or just one that will last more than a few years, you may find that your search is a bit difficult. You want to be certain that you purchase the absolute best—something that can engage a child for hours, teaches vital skills, will last for a long time, and isn't going to come apart or have pieces that will easily become lost.

There are plenty of toys on the market that can grab the attention of a child for a few minutes. Some of them hold educational value; others, not so much. Most of the toys you can buy are not very durable—certainly not enough to hold up to years of constant play or multiple children. And many of them come with numerous pieces that are difficult to keep track of.

Anatex wall panel toys are the solution to your problem. These toys, made in the U.S.A., have long been a favorite of kids. Often found in the waiting rooms of doctor’s offices, you have no doubt seen at least one child so engaged by an Anatex toy that he or she was unwilling to go home—perhaps even one of your own kids. Take, for example, the Anatex Mirror Sculpture Maze Wall Panel. The back panel of the toy is lined with nine concave mirrors, which produces of fascinating visual effect images growing larger and smaller as the child moves naturally while playing. In front of those mirrors are beads on four different tracks—much like the rollercoaster bead and wire toys you are familiar with, only this time they are mounted on the wall! Who wouldn’t want to spend hours with this toy?

When Anatex designs a toy, they do so with educational value in mind. They firmly believe in the power of play to teach. One of their wall panel toys that clearly demonstrates this commitment is the School House Wall Panel. This wall-mounted, wooden school house has an abacus for practicing counting skills, alphabet learning game for letter recognition, and spinning gears. The abacus will encourage the youngest of children to count the beads, while older kids might use it to practice their addition and subtraction. The letter blocks come not just with the letter, but a picture/word which starts with the letter, helping children recognize both the visual letter and the sound it makes. The gears introduce children to the fundamentals of mechanics and physics of motion in a fun manner.

If you are planning to use toys in a high-traffic area, or you like the idea of passing down heirloom toys, you need to be certain that you purchase a highly durable toy. All Anatex wall panel toys are made from quality materials. Take, for example, the Anatex City Transportation Wall Panel. Each of the transport items—a boat, a school bus, fire engine, and more—are crafted from wood, just as the panel itself is. Children’s hand-eye coordination, visual tracking, and sensorimotor skills will be challenged as they navigate the vehicles around the panel.

Many toys require that you keep track of various pieces—without all the pieces, the toy no longer functions. Anatex wall panel toys are self-contained. Look at their Busy Train Activity Panel. This toy is designed for multiple children to play with at once and it has many moveable pieces. However, none of these pieces can be detached from the panel itself. That means no searching for pieces. It also means that your toy will forever be functional. 

If you would like to purchase an Anatex wall panel toy for your classroom, office, or home, visit We have a wide selection of Anatex items for you to choose from, most of them shipping for free within the United States.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Guidecraft Dress-up Storage Solutions

Guidecraft Dress-up Storage Solutions
Guidecraft Dress-up Storage Solutions

As a child, I enjoyed dressing up for pretend play. I inherited the costumes, and I treasured them as some of my most beloved possessions. I can remember being excited to come home from school where I would find my dolls waiting to have a tea party with me. For me, this type of play was pure magic.

When my daughter was born, I was incredibly excited to share this type of play with her. Whenever I found an interesting dress or costume, I picked it up and added it to her collection of dress-up clothes. Sometimes, I even picked up something for myself so I could join in on the fun. All of these items—her dresses, my dresses, jewelry, fairy wings, feather boas, and more—were stored in a storage container under her bed. The storage container did its job, but there was nothing special or whimsical about it. Plus, the clothes always came out wrinkled and the jewelry tangled.

When I first came across some of Guidecraft’s dress-up storage solutions for children, I was instantly taken back to my childhood, and wished I owned something like their dress-up centers when my daughter was little. Their storage solutions feel like something a movie star would own and easily make dress-up time for kids all the more magical.

The Guidecraft Dress-up Storage Center is just one of their products that helps you keep all of your children’s  pretend play costumes organized. It provides a bar to hang all of your child’s special clothes on and helps avoid wrinkling. The upper storage area is the perfect place for larger accessories while the fabric bins provide a space to organize the smaller items, including jewelry cases and shoes. It even comes with a child-safe mirror for your little one to admire him or herself in. The chocolate version is well suited to a more neutral décor and for those who want to continue to use the item even after their child outgrows the dress-up stage. The white dress-up storage center is perfect if you are trying to complement a princess theme.

The Guidecraft Dress-up Carousel is whimsical enough that it can get any little one excited about dramatic play. In fact, I kind of want one for myself right now. Perfect for smaller spaces, this wooden storage solution spins to allow maximum storage in minimal space. Despite its small footprint, it has everything your little one needs—from jewelry storage, to hanging storage to mirrors. The natural finish easily blends into any bedroom or playroom and is gender neutral, making it perfect for boys or girls. If your little one is a true princess, the pastel version will work well for her.

If you are looking for something that keeps everything clearly visible, yet still organized, the Gudecraft See and Store Dress-up Center is for you. Made from solid wood, this storage center offers open shelving as well as hanging storage to keep all pretend play items organized and accessible. The version in a natural finish is gender neutral and suitable for most décor. The pastel version works well for little girls who simply cannot resist the color pink.

To browse Guidecraft’s large selection of wooden furniture and dress-up storage solutions, visit us at All Guidecraft products sold here are offered at the lowest prices authorized by Guidecraft, and most qualifies for free shipping.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Charm Company Rockers: The Perfect 1st Ride-on Toy for Kids

 Charm Company Rockers
Charm Company Rockers

Purchasing toys for children in the earliest stages of toddlerhood can be difficult. They want to do all the big kid things, and they are realizing new abilities each and every day. At the same time, they aren’t quite there yet. As a result, you need to find toys that are specially geared towards them.

The problem with this is that there isn’t much to actually target this age range. There are the toys for younger children that help them master the skills of walking and pushing and then there are the toys for older kids that require a bit more coordination. So, what is an excellent item to bridge this gap?

Charm Company Rockers are the perfect 1st ride-on toy for kids, perfectly bridging the gap between the toys targeting early gross motor skills and those that require a bit more finesse. These plush animal rockers create a safe space for your child to let loose and have fun. Not to mention the skills and physical strength developed by the push and pull of rocking. Most of their adorable, plush rockers are designed for toddlers ages 18 months and up.

Giraffes have been all the rage for the past few years and are a common nursery element. Imagine how excited your little one would be to finish off his or her safari themed nursery with Charm Company’s Gerry Giraffe rocker! The rocker is made with a low center of gravity, making it easy for your toddler to climb in on his or her own while simultaneously making it nearly impossible to tip over. The plush seat is padded and comfortable, minimizing areas for potential injury. The hardwood base and handles give it a craftsman touch and are much more durable than their plastic counterparts.

If a giraffe simply will not suffice for your little princess, then the Mitzi Poodle Rocking Chair might be just the ride-on toy for your home. In a light, pastel pink, this puppy-dog makes for hours of inspired play. As with all Charm Company chair-design rockers, it is made with a high back to keep your little girl safe and secure inside and is situated low to the ground.

No matter what your playroom or nursery theme, there is a Charm Company rocker that will work for your home. Does your little boy love dinosaurs? Then Dewey Rocking Dinosaur is an excellent choice for you. Did you opt for a trendy, nautical theme? Then their unique Sailboat Rocker will complete your design. 

To see these designs and more, take some time and browse the entire Charm Company selection at A Kid Place and make one of these beautiful, cozy, and durable Charm Company rockers a part of your home.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Anatex Activity Tables for Waiting Rooms and Homes

 Anatex Activity Tables
Anatex Activity Tables

We can all remember the excitement we would feel when we entered the waiting room at our doctor’s office and had the chance to play with one of the ever-fascinating activity tables. The joy of playing with one of these unique toys was enough to make us forget the reason we were there in the first place, sick or not, and certainly made the entire experience of taking kids to the doctor’s office a little bit less stressful for mom and dad. However, most of us have never seen one outside of medical offices and had no idea where to purchase one for ourselves. Well, today you are going to discover just how you can get one for your own home or office.

Anatex activity tables are the best activity tables on the market today. They are 100% self-contained, which means there are no pieces to lose and nothing comes off and becomes a choking hazard. Made in the U.S.A, these wooden tables are solidly constructed, built to hold up to the tests of time, even in high-traffic areas. But what really makes them stand out from activity tables made by other companies is their unique designs. While these tables offer the same fun you experienced as a child, Anatex activity tables are much more innovative than those of the past.

Take their Traffic Jam Rollercoaster Table for example. Complete with a variety of vehicles, including fire trucks and busses, kids will not be able to resist imagining a real traffic jam as they play—and making the appropriate sound effects, of course. It is designed to encourage problem solving as well, since children will need to consider the crossing paths of oncoming traffic. Like all of the Anatex activity tables, it is constructed to withstand the serious and excited play of little ones from its sturdy wooden play base to the industrial strength metal legs. It's perfect for car dealership waiting rooms or home playrooms.

If you are looking for something even more innovative, why not try out their Circle of Fun. This round table is designed to give kids plenty of options for fun and imaginative play. Thanks to its donut design, it maximizes the play surface and accommodates multiple children. If you need to spread things out a bit, the table actually separates into three separate play benches, making it incredibly flexible. It is ideal for daycare centers and preschools in addition to waiting rooms and homes. 

Finally, you could opt for their Fleur Rollercoaster Table with 4 Attached Stools. This activity table is like seeing the doctor’s office toys of your childhood amplified. Able to accommodate four different children engaged in cooperative play, this strongly built wooden table is certain to keep little ones captivated for hours. The built-in seating will keep them comfortably seated as they play.

And the Anatex line of activity tables isn’t just limited to these three items—there are many more options available to choose from. If you are interested in purchasing one of these tables or browsing for more, simply visit us at  Our wide selection is certain to offer something that will perfectly meet your needs.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Mason Exer-Rider — the Perfect Ride-on Toy for Children with Special Needs

Mason Corporation Exer-Rider - R-RX
Mason Corporation Exer-Rider - R-RX

Today’s parents are inundated with plenty of seemingly conflicting messages, one of which is the emphasis on child safety while also imploring parents to keep their children active. It is difficult to find the balance between these two ideas, especially if your child has special needs. However, the Mason Exer-Rider is the perfect ride-on toy to help bridge that gap.

Mason, makers of the Flying Turtle, adapted their classic design to better suit children with special needs. Their Exer-Rider model is meant to be used therapeutically and has had several modifications made to it including an upturn on the handlebars for easy reach and grip, rubber on the grips to aid in positioning and maneuvering, and a footplate which helps position the feet. The seat itself is also designed to be more suitable for kids with special needs—it comes with a padded backrest and the cushion is skid resistant, helping those boys and girls who struggle with trunk stability. 

Just as with their classic Flying Turtle model, the Mason Exer-Rider is operated by the rider swinging the handlebars from side to side, using their feet and/or hands. No pedals, motors, or batteries are needed. It is low to the ground and designed without sharp edges, so there is no risk of the toy tipping over or injuries being provoked by the vehicle. As with any ride-on toy, children should wear shoes and a helmet as they ride and stay on safe surfaces. 

The Exer-Rider has been clinically tested with a wide variety of children and has been proven an effective physical therapy tool. Among its therapeutic benefits are:
  •         Offers vestibular stimulation
  •         Reinforces shoulder stability
  •          Supports upper extremity reciprocal movement     
  •          Enriches motor planning   
  •          Boosts visual perception skills
  •          Promotes upper extremity strengthening     
  •          Strengthens trunk rotation
  •          Inspires independent play

The Exer-Rider is pre-assembled, meaning there is less work for you and no room for error during assembly. Made in the U.S.A., you know that you are receiving a quality product. To learn more about the Mason Exer-Rider or other ride-on toys, visit us at

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Wildkin Nap Mats: Make Children's Naptime Special

Wildkin Nap Mats

Anyone who has a child knows—or will soon know—the unique struggles of children's nap time. Despite how badly they need to take one, children are never quite ready. There is always something better to do or something that isn’t quite right. Besides making a routine and sticking to it, what can you do to make naptime easier for your little boy or girl? 

One of the best ways to get an independent toddler to do anything they are reluctant to do is make it special. This can be done by adding something memorable to the routine—such as a favorite song—or a cherished item—such as a special nap mat. 

In fact, a nap mat can be a great idea if your kids usually take their naps in their bed. Since they associate that with bedtime, they might be reluctant to sleep there during the day. A nap mat can change the whole game for them. 

Wildkin nap mats are some of the coolest nap mats you can buy. It is impossible to not be enthusiastic about nap time when you have one of these. Their entire selection is just so fun and playful, it is hard to pick just one. There are many different prints to choose from, guaranteeing you will find one perfect for the little person in your life.

However, it isn’t just the awesome themes that make Wildkin nap mats so special—these mats are super comfy, durable, and portable. Each mat comes with a built-in pillow, making naptime easier—no slipping and sliding off the pillow or the pillow ending up on the floor instead of the mat. The mat itself is soft to lay on and isn’t too thick to make it difficult to transport. The entire mat rolls up into the size and shape of a small duffel bag, even coming with a handle for easy carrying.

Wildkin nap mats are perfect for any little one, but are especially suited to preschool aged children. There are also matching backpacks, lunchboxes, and other accessories available to perfectly match your chosen nap mat. How special will your little girl or boy feel walking into school with the entire matching set?

So, what are some of the design choices these special mats come in? One that will please the little princess in your life is the Princess Nap Mat. Perfect in purple, this mat is girly and fun. The print is demure enough that it feels completely removed from the typical princess items you tend to see online and in stores but is still playful enough to delight your little one.

For the child who can’t get enough planes, trains, and automobiles, Wildkin has the perfect choice: Olive Kids Trains, Planes, and Trucks Nap Mat. When snuggled up on this mat, he will chug off to dreamland conducting his favorite choo choo or soaring in his favorite plane. This is one traffic jam you will love.

Does your little girl dream of one day becoming an equestrian? If so, she will absolutely adore Wildkin’s Horses in Pink Nap Mat with the herd of wild horses galloping across the light pink background.

Pint-sized paleontologists will really dig the Wildkin Dino-mite Nap Mat. Its adorable dinosaur pattern features T-Rex, Stegosauruses, Pterodactyls, Brachiosauruses, Triceratops and Hadrosaurs roaming along the prehistoric background.

No matter which nap mat you choose, you are certain to have one which will make everyone happy and last for years.  All Wildkin Nap Mats are safe—passing the required flammability tests—and comfy for your little one. To browse their offerings and order one for your child, visit A Kid Place online at

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Wildkin Backpacks—Go Back to School in Style

Wildkin Backpacks

There is no back to school accessory more important to a young student than their back pack. It is so much more than just an item to transport their books and supplies—it is a statement about who they are and what they love. No child wants a plain, boring backpack, nor do they want the same backpack five other kids in their class will have. Young students want something cool, unique, and 100% them.

Wildkin offers plenty of backpacks that fit the bill, sure to please all kids who receive them. Not to mention that they are sturdy and designed with organization in mind, pleasing the parents as well. So, what are some options for the boys and girls in your life?

The Wildkin Sidekick Backpack comes in a wide variety of patterns so you are certain to find one to please the student in your life. Designed to fit kids as young as three years of age and as old as eight, this durable backpack will grow with the child. The design is traditional, looking like backpacks that high school children would use, so it is certain to inspire pride in your little one when he or she wears it and feels all grown up.

If you are looking for a design that provides a bit more visual interest, the Wildkin Echo Backpack offers a unique look. Available in fun, eye-catching patterns, what really sets this backpack apart from the rest is the reflective stripe going down the front, giving the pack visual interest and adding a safety element when used at nighttime. These backpacks work for children aged 7 to 15 years old. 

The Wildkin Comfortpack Backpack offers the same traditional look as the Sidekick, but comes with additional padding to help keep little backs, necks, and shoulders comfortable while hauling around books. With the variety of patterns one expects from Wildkin Backpacks, there is a pack to suit the style of every child. As this pack is meant to carry a heavier load, it is designed to fit older students with more items to carry and is suitable for children aged 8 and up.

Finally, there is the Wildkin BOGO Backpack. This pack is a two in one design, including a backpack and a lunch box. The lunch box is insulated to keep hot foods hot and cold foods cold and comes in the same pattern as the backpack itself. Even better, the lunch box is designed to attach to the outside of the backpack, which means you do not need to sacrifice storage space just to pack a healthy lunch. This backpack is great from kindergarten to high school, fitting children aged 6 through 15. 

School is just around the corner. You do not want to get caught by surprise—or your child caught without a unique and stylish backpack for going back to school. Check out our selection of Wildkin Backpacks and find the one that is best for your child.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Children’s Desks for Back to School

 Children's Desks

You may be enjoying the freedom and fun that summer brings, but don’t get too complacent—the school year is fast approaching and you do not want to get caught by surprise.

Chances are you have seen the Back to School displays at your local store and heard plenty of commercials talking about great deals and essential items. But in addition to pencils, notebooks, and crayons, there is another item you should consider: a kid-sized desk. 

Soon enough, homework will once again be a nightly occurrence. As you well know, it can sometimes lead to battles and make home life stressful. One way to reduce the stress and the struggle is to create a homework specific space for your child. Instead of allowing your young boy or girl to get distracted by working in a high traffic area of the home, create a quiet sanctuary that will inspire and motivate his or her learning. Keep the toys and electronics away, keep the supplies stocked, and make sure you select a desk that is functional, durable, and aesthetically pleasing. 

At A Kid Place, there is a wide variety of children's furniture, including, kid-sized wooden desks to choose from. Each item is carefully selected and offers the highest quality on the market. Always looking for new items to help grow the selection, A Kid Place practically does the shopping for you. You are certain to find a student desk that is perfect for your home. 

Take the KidKraft Study Desk for example. This wooden study desk is the perfect item to inspire your child to study. Brand new for 2014, this desk comes with a matching chair and offers plenty of ways to stay organized. Kids can store their supplies in the ample drawer space, organize his or her homework with the desktop filing system, and prioritize their work using the corkboard. 

Kidkraft Study Desk with Drawers - Espresso 26703 

If you think your child might need a little extra motivation to sit down and work, the Gudecraft Jr. Roll-Top Desk might be just what the doctor ordered. Sturdy and lasting in its wooden construction, this desk is ready to grow with any young person. And who can resist that old-fashioned roll-top design?  With plenty of storage space and a matching chair included, this desk is a perfect place to study. Available in natural, white, and espresso to integrate easily with any décor.
For the child whose room is more minimalist in design, the KidKraft Pinboard Desk with Hutch and Chair is the perfect complement. With simple lines and zero fuss, this desk pulls together an attractive and clean look. The center drawer allows for plenty of storage space to keep supplies at hand. Thanks to the hutch, your child can pin reminders to the cork board and keep a few special mementos close by.

Kidkraft Pinboard Desk with Hutch and Chair in Espresso

Finally, for the tiniest of budding writers, there is the Teamson Kids’ Train Writing Desk. This desk is as whimsical as it gets and offers the needed motivation for a young child to concentrate long enough to complete a homework assignment. With plenty of storage in addition to writing space, this train desk will certainly be put to good use. 

Teamson Kids Children's Train Writing Desk W-8207A

So, as you complete your Back to School shopping, don’t forget to add a children’s desk to your list. It will make the school year run a bit more smoothly and help keep your home calm.  

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Morgan Cycle Retro Tricycles—Let Your Kids Cruise the Neighborhood in Style

Morgan Cycle Retro Tricycles
Morgan Cycle Retro Tricycles

Vintage toys are all the rage. From classic wooden building blocks to handmade rag dolls, toys from time gone by are back again. 

There is something quite delightful about your child playing with something that looks like it was taken from another era. In a world full of plastic, primary colored toys, retro items feel special and unique. Additionally, in a way, it connects us to our history, to the older generations within our families. 

When we think about retro items we think of two things—style and durability. When it comes to children’s products, both of these qualities are very important. It’s no wonder that parents want to incorporate retro items into their children’s lives. With so many options on the market, it is quite simple to do so.

If your child has ever gotten excited as you drove past a classic car, then Morgan Cycle Retro Tricycles are the perfect throwback toy for your little boy or girl. Modeled after the 1934 Van Doren tricycle you have no doubt seen in classic film and television series—or in any toy museum in the world—Morgan Cycle retro trikes are aesthetically pleasing, exceptionally durable, and meet all of today’s safety standards and regulations.

Your kids may not be able to get behind the wheel of a ’39 Ford Deluxe, but that doesn’t mean they cannot cruise with the same style and class. Take, for example, Morgan Cycle’s Pink Fairy Retro Tricycle. Your preschooler will be delighted with this gorgeous, airbrushed, vintage-style trike. With its sleek, curved design, it is as fancy as any classic car to have ever caught her eye. 

No so into pink? Their Lavender Retro Tricycle might be just the fit for your toddler. Sleek and sophisticated—as all Morgan Cycle tricycles are—she won’t be able to resist hopping on the moment she sees it and riding it around the block. From the airbrushed paint job to the chrome detailing, it is an absolute visual delight.

If you are looking for something more neutral, their Black Hawk Retro Tricycle is the perfect solution. When you picture classic cars, you often picture them in a shiny, black finish, just like that of this trike. Whether speeding through the park or taking a leisurely ride down the street, this cycle lets your little one do it in style.

All Morgan Cycle Retro Tricycles are incredibly stylish and extremely durable. Featuring steel construction, these trikes are designed to last and be passed down from child to child and generation to generation. Each one receives the highest care during assembly, including expert paint jobs and beautiful details. All materials used are non-toxic and safe for children. A working headlight is standard—and often the young rider’s favorite feature—as are the durable steel spokes, solid rubber wheels, leather saddle seat, and adjustable handle bars.

If you are looking for a gift that will help your kids stand out in a crowd, the Morgan Cycle Retro Tricycle line is here to serve as your solution. Stylish, enduring, and positively captivating, there really is nothing quite like it.  

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

BERG Ferrari Pedal Go-Karts: The Ultimate in Ride-on Toys

BERG Ferrari 150 Italia and FXX Racer Go-Karts
BERG Ferrari 150 Italia and FXX Racer Go-Karts

What child isn’t fascinated by a well-designed sports car: the flash of the color, the sound of the engine, and the incredible speed? When riding their bikes, they imagine that they are driving one, and every toy car is transformed in their minds to be one. 

When it comes to fascinating sports cars, Ferrari is pretty much at the top of the list, both here in the U.S. and internationally; it is the universal standard. So, when it comes to looking for a ride-on toy for your kids, why settle for anything less?

BERG Ferrari Pedal Go-Karts offer stylish outdoor fun for boys and girls who have a need for speed. Unlike go-karts powered by motors, these pedal powered go-karts are incredibly safe and much more interactive for their young drivers. As such, children can begin using them at a younger age while mom and dad feel more secure. 

There are three models offered: Ferrari 150 Italia, FXX Racer, and FXX Exclusive. Each one is stylish and safe in design, kid-powered, and can be pedaled both forwards and backwards. 

This model is well suited for the youngest of riders; it can be used by kids as young as three years old and can be used by most riders up until eight years of age since the seat and steering wheel are adjustable. Inspired by the Ferrari Formula 1 racecar design, including sponsor stickers, it is sure to appeal to the inner speed demon of any girl or boy. This go-kart is designed with the BFR drive system, a unique system that allows the driver to pedal both forwards and backwards and also to coast without moving the pedals. 

BERG Ferrari 150 Italia Pedal Go-Kart
BERG Ferrari 150 Italia Pedal Go-Kart

The FXX racer is the mid-range model in the line of BERG Ferrari Pedal Go-Karts. Designed with the same care as the actual car, this go-kart comes with front and rear spoilers, tires and rims with the Ferrari logo, sport steering wheel, and an aerodynamic design. It is officially licensed by Ferrari, so you know it is top of the line. 

As with the 150 Italia, is can go forward or in reverse  and  both the seat and steering wheel can be adjusted. Unlike the 150 Italia, it is suitable for older children and even some adults; it can accommodate a child as young as five and works for individuals up to 5’10” and 200 pounds. Not only can your son or daughter enjoy this stylish ride, but you can get in on the fun, too!

BERG Ferrari FXX Racer Pedal Go-Kart
BERG Ferrari FXX Racer Pedal Go-Kart

If you are already going for a Ferrari go-kart, why not go all out? The FXX Exclusive is the top of the BERG Ferrari Pedal Go-Kart line and it is easy to see why. The FXX Exclusive takes the best features of the FXX Racer, adds plenty of its own, and dresses them up in luxury. 

Controlled by a leather wrapped steering wheel and with seven gears to switch between, this go-kart offers a genuine driving experience. It even comes with a speedometer so your children (or you) can see the speed. It is the perfect kart for zipping around the neighborhood or the racetrack. 

BERG Ferrari FXX Exclusive Pedal Go-Kart
BERG Ferrari FXX Exclusive Pedal Go-Kart

If you are looking for a ride-on toy to entertain your children—or yourself—this summer, BERG Ferrari Pedal Go-Karts are the ultimate way to have fun in style.  

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Mason Roller Racer: the Perfect Indoor / Outdoor Ride-on Toy

Mason Roller Racer

Summer is here—the pools are open, the kids are out of school, and it is the perfect time for some outdoor fun. Chances are you are shopping around for interesting and innovative toys to keep your children entertained and outside. There are many toys on the market and making a decision isn’t easy.
The biggest problem with summertime toys I have run into as both a parent and a retailer is that you really only get to use them for a few months. Most are strictly to be used outdoors; when the weather turns cold, or even on rainy summer days, the toys sit unused. By the time the next summer rolls around, many of them will have been outgrown or deteriorated while in storage. 

The Mason Roller Racer is the perfect ride-on toy to buy for summertime fun while avoiding the usual traps. This sit-skate scooter works just as well indoors as it does outside, is suitable for a wide variety of ages, and is durable enough to survive months of storage should you find a need to store it.  

There is a good chance that you do not know what the Mason Roller Racer is, even though you might have used one when you were in school. Essentially, it is a low to the ground scooter that is powered by the weight and movement of the person riding. Rather than typical handlebars, the scooter has footbars with hand grips, allowing the rider to maneuver the scooter with his or her feet or hands. Made in the U.S.A, it is highly durable and designed to last for decades. Kids can entertain themselves for hours challenging each other to obstacle courses or cruising around the park. Even mom and dad will be tempted to join in with their boys and girls and have some fun!

Here at A Kid Place, we offer two different models. The Sport Roller Racer model is suitable for most uses and designed with safety in mind. In fact, schools and daycares, as part of their PE programs, frequently use this ride-on toy; you know that it is safe enough to place your trust in. The low center of gravity prevents the scooter from tipping and the handle grips keep little fingers safe. The scooter is designed without any sharp edges, making it safer than any other ride on toy on the market. While a helmet and shoes should always be used, you can relax while your children play on this scooter.

The Deluxe Amusement Roller Racer is the ideal model for parents who want their scooter to grow with their child. This model, while still able to be used by small children, can support up to 250 pounds. The Amusement Roller Racer is considered the top of the line in Mason's scooter line, is the most durable and the most flexible, and earned its name because it is actually used in amusement parks.

If you are looking for a great new summer ride-on toy that is versatile and built to last, look no further than the Mason Roller Racer line. No matter which option you choose, smiles and fun are guaranteed.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Glide Bikes Balance Bikes for Building Confidence in Kids

There are developmental milestones and there are cultural milestones for children. Developmental milestones are those that are naturally achieved no matter the culture and their significance is acknowledged universally: sitting up, first words, and first steps are among these milestones. Then there are those whose significance is culturally specific: dancing in their first recital, the first time they catch a football, and learning how to ride a bicycle. These milestones are present in a variety of cultures but they are not universal, and we tend to attach a great deal of sentimentality to them.

For me, the most significant of these childhood milestones was learning how to ride a bike. The emotions I connect with this event in my life are complex as I struggled to master this skill. I was the last among my friends to learn; this served as a source of shame for me. As my friends would speed off on their Schwinns, no training wheels in sight, I was left behind on my big wheel.

As an adult, I can look back on this and find it humorous, the image of my sad, child self, sitting on my big wheel, watching my friends disappear into the distance. But the emotions I felt are still very real to me. Thankfully, today, there are other options available, allowing us to spare our kids such an experience.
One of the most safest and fun options is that of a balance bike. Balance bikes allow children to master the skills of balancing and steering a bicycle before they incorporate the action of pedaling. By minimizing the amount of actions a child must master at one time, kids are less likely to be overwhelmed by the learning process. Instead of propelling the bike via a pedal, gear, and chain system, the bike is moved forward in a simple, gliding motion propelled by walking and pushes—eventually continuing on via weight and gravity. Unlike traditional bicycles, these bikes can balance at a low speed, which helps the budding biker feel confident while learning.

There are many options available today from a variety of manufacturers. One of our favorites is by the company Glide Bikes. While many balance bikes are made from wood, Glide Bikes balance bikes are made from lightweight, lead-free metal, making them durable and manageable for even the smallest boys and girls. Both the seat and the handlebars adjust, making the bike last as your children grow. The company has patented its slow speed geometry, which allows the bike to be balanced at speeds as low as 1.5 mph. Each bike comes with two features which are pretty unique in the world of balance bikes: kickstands and foot pegs. The foot pegs can be rotated out of the way or completely removed. Finally, each bike is covered by a lifetime warranty, so you never need to worry about the security of your purchase.

Glide Bikes offers several options to choose from. Their smallest bike, suited for the youngest of riders, is the Ezee Glider. This model is appropriate for riders as young as 18 months and can be adjusted to allow use up to 5 years of age. It offers all of the features present in the larger Glide Bikes’ models, such as removable foot pegs and adjustable handle bars. Out of the balance bikes available on the market, this one is among the slowest with its ability to balance at 1.5 MPH. It also comes with an easy to operate hand brake.

Glide Bikes Ezee Glider in Black

The next step up in the Glide Bikes line is the Mini Glider. This bike is best for children between 2 and 5 years of age. As with the Ezee Glider, the Mini Glider is able to balance at speeds as low as 1.5 MPH and offers all of the features standard to Glide Bikes. This bike is slightly larger than the Ezee Glider.

Glide Bikes Mini Glider in Blue

The largest of the Glide Bike line is the Go Glider. At 16”, this bike is suitable for riders aged 5-10 years and can support a rider weighing up to 125 pounds. This bike can balance at speeds as low as 1.5 MPH but it is also perfectly safe at higher speeds, depending on the comfort of the rider. It is also an excellent way to help a child who is learning to ride later than his or her peers build confidence.  It comes with all standard Glide Bikes features.

Glide Bikes Go Glider in Pink
If you are looking for a way to introduce your little boy or girl to the skills required to ride a bike, Glide Bikes balance bikes are the way to go. With the options available, you are sure to find one that works for your little one.