Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Dollhouses for 18 inch Dolls

Dollhouses for 18 inch Dolls

Every little girl has fond memories of her first dollhouse—decorating, arranging everything just so, and indulging in countless hours of pretend play. With the growing popularity of American Girl, Götz and Madame Alexander 18” dolls, kids might find that Barbie sized dollhouses just aren't suitable for their taller doll friends. While there are plenty of dollhouses on the market for Barbie dolls, there are very few for these 18" dolls.

We’re delighted to be able to offer you the following heirloom-quality dollhouses that accommodate 18 inch dolls. Each house boasts sturdy wooden construction, is filled with elaborate detail throughout and is roomy enough for girls to play with their siblings or friends.

The Kidkraft Country Estate Dollhouse is fully equipped for imaginative play with 11 rooms, four open floor spaces and 30 fun furnishings. Park your car in the 1st floor garage with doors that swing open for use, then step into the kitchen to whip up a treat. The deluxe porch just off the kitchen features two wooden chairs, BBQ grill, and outdoor ceiling fan. The second and third floors are connected by a sliding elevator and include such rooms as a bedroom, dining room, bathroom, music room with piano and living room. The two attic-style rooms on the fourth floor feature a cute nursery and cozy office space. The house even showcases a fainting couch and grandfather clock. Everything a doll could need and more!

This modern style, 3-story wooden dollhouse features detailed and colorful graphics and stands over five feet tall by three feet wide. Two dramatic spiral staircases connect all of the floors, allowing dolls full access to every room in the house. Dolls can enjoy meals in their dine-in kitchen, lounge in the generously sized living room or retire to their master bedroom suite with balcony access. Fully furnished, this contemporary house comes with twelve large pieces of furniture big enough for any 18" doll to comfortably use. Many see-through windows throughout the house allow children to enjoy a new vantage and additional light to stream inside. Perfectly proportioned and exquisitely designed for fun and smiles.

Towering over other dollhouses, your daughter will be enchanted with this beautiful and sophisticated manor house large enough to fit her American Girl or Götz dolls. Three stories amaze and delight with cheery artwork, two staircases, balcony and twelve large pieces of wooden doll furniture. Kick back and watch TV in the living room, nap in the upstairs bedroom or soak in some make-believe sunshine on the balcony. Every room is a treat and creates boundless ways to play pretend. Give your little girl the dollhouse of her dreams and watch her eyes light up as she tours the house and guides her dolls up the stairs to every fun and exciting level! This house is primed for a fun and memorable time. 

A Kid Place is in the business of helping you make your children's dreams come true! We have a large selection of wooden toys and furniture that indulges the imagination. Our stock includes educational toys and games that guide children through every stage and phase for a memorable and cherished childhood. 

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Kids' Puppet Theaters for Budding Puppeteers

Puppet Theaters
Puppet Theaters

It's show time! Puppet theaters are a perfect rainy or any day activity. These theaters inspire creativity and encourage imagination in kids of all ages. Put on a show and act out favorite fairytales or make up your own. The possibilities are endless. Children will delight in performing comedy sketches, dramatic plays and classic tales of adventure and heroism. Watch their world blossom and grow as they discover their inner playwright and show off their acting skills on friends and family alike.

Stimulate your child's imagination and creativity with any of these fun and exciting puppet theatres for kids:

Little imaginations will run wild with the Guidecraft Wooden Tabletop Theatre. Setting the scene for a perfect theatric experience are front and side red canvas curtains with Velcro tiebacks. An interior storage pocket can hold props, puppets or any other small toy or accessory. Announce the next show time with the adjustable clock hands. Featuring interchangeable marquis signs, children can use this stand as a puppet theater or utilize the chalkboard marquis to create a sign for their very own lemonade stand and so much more. The sturdy wooden frame folds flat for compact and easy storage when not in use.

Setting the stage for creative pretend play, the Alex Puppet Theatre is fully equipped for a fun and dramatic performance. Featuring fabric curtains with fun star-studded tieback cords, this floor standing theatre is ready for every act of your performance. A chalkboard at the base of the stand is the perfect place to write the name of your play, while the clock with adjustable hands can be set with the time of the show. This theatre is easy to assemble thanks to the interlocking painted and laminated wooden pieces, ensuring a smooth set up or take down.

Whatever your imagination can dream up, the Guidecraft Wooden Floor Theater is ready to accommodate. Three interchangeable signs include "puppet theatre", "market", "toy store" or make your own announcement on the chalkboard marquee. Tell your eager audience what time the show starts or store opens with a clock with adjustable hands. Cotton canvas curtains slide over a wooden dowel to open and close with ease and tie back with Velcro. The sturdy wooden frame features a non-tip base for safe playing. The sizeable frame is large enough to fit two children for double the fun!

The Beka Club House Theater is the fun and versatile stand that lets children maximize their imagination with white marker board art surfaces that kids can doodle on again and again. Change settings, announce playtimes or use as an easel and draw imaginative pictures. This theatre is not only great for use with puppets, it can also be used a playhouse. Ready to perform, this Club House Theater features metal braces that lock the theater open during use. Colorful wash machine friendly curtains are a cinch to keep clean and can be drawn closed between acts or to mark the end of the performance. Made in the U.S.A.

For everything your child could ever need or want, shop A Kid Place. With our extensive selection of fun and educational toys and bright and cheery furniture, our easy-to-use site is your one-stop shop. We bring you unique and inventive items that will make your child's bedroom or playroom the hit of the house!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Princess Themed Toys for the Little Royal in Your Life

Princess Themed Toys and Furniture
Princess Themed Toys

Playtime is the best. Children grow and learn in so many wonderful ways during play that it's no wonder as parents and grandparents, we strive to supply them with the best materials to encourage their imagination. Open the door to imagination with just the right play items to make any lucky little girl's dreams come true.
Give pretend-play the crowning touch with an assortment of princess themed toys and furnishings. Check out our roundup and discover a collection of unique, quality and stunning toys fit for your very own little princess. Here are a few favorites:

Princes, princesses and wizards- oh my! These fun fantasy characters create a great royal cast for pretend play. This set of solid wood fairytale castle blocks in pretty pastel colors feature a collection of castle shapes that create the perfect kingdom in which to rule. Translucent acrylic block accent these wooden pieces to royal perfection. All sixty-two pieces are easy for little fingers to use in pretend play to tell a wonderful story from all their favorite fairytale classics or form their own imaginative storylines. There's no limit to the fun that can be had with these blocks that can take on tons of truly noble shapes.

This KidKraft Princess Castle is ready to spark little imaginations with its delightfully charming design and fun accessories. A royal family will feel right at home in this wooden castle. Lucky for your little one, this castle set comes with the whole family: king, queen, prince and princess. The house is also furnished and comes with neat play accessories such as a bed, two thrones, two adorable wooden horses, and carriage to name a few. Fully designed to be enjoyed from every angle, this castle is entertaining both closed or open to reveal a bedroom, bathroom, carriage house and stables, towers and stairs. 

Once upon a time there was a beautiful white horse guiding a charming purple carriage through the kingdom with a fairy princess. He was on his way to deliver her to the realm of Happily Ever Afters. This plush horse drawn carriage is a dream of imaginative play any little girl would love to have. Not only is this sturdy ride-on toy fun, it is also educational with four songs that teach ABCs, 123s, colors and shapes. Made in the U.S.A., the horse and pink padded comforter are both attached by Velcro and can be taken off during play or can be tossed in the washing machine. Let the fairy tale begin!

A Kid Place is your destination for all princess themed furniture as well as princess toys, tricycles and other ride-ons. Make her feel like a true princess. Our stock is great for everyday and special occasions alike. We supply only quality items, giving you the peace of mind that every item purchased is built to last and enjoy.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Kidkraft Wooden Dollhouses Barbie Dolls Will Love

Kidkraft Dollhouses
Kidkraft Dollhouses

Dollhouses are the classic toy that has endured through the ages, from generation to generation. What little girl doesn't love to role play with dolls in a miniature house designed just for her vivid imagination? Hours spent engrossed in play gives kids opportunities to work on problem solving, making the right choices and engaging in creative play. Give the special girl in your life the picture perfect make-believe world in which to clock tons of great play hours. Dollhouses also make fantastic and memorable gifts for those major holidays or events in life.

Basically a childhood rite of passage, these play homes are bursting with endless opportunities. With Kidkraft as a leading manufacturer of high quality wooden toys, you know that the dollhouse you give your little one will last through the years and could even end up being passed down to her daughter, creating a wonderful family heirloom that never goes out of style. In addition, Kidkraft dollhouses are specially sized to accommodate your child's beloved Barbie dolls!

Helping to make the right choice, we've rounded up some amazing options for your consideration. From contemporary abodes to fairy-tale classics, the following selection is a wonderland of imagination. To top it all off, the following houses all include furniture- because what dollhouse is complete without the proper furnishings?

For the dolls that deserve only the best, this fun and funky, contemporary style dollhouse is set to impress. With an easy glide elevator that takes dolls up and down floors, to the skylight in the fashionable bedroom and the posh dollhouse furnishings, Barbie and her gal pals are ready for sleepovers, movie nights and dinner parties in their cool new home. Includes fourteen pieces of furniture that includes a real working lamp, piano that plays music and toilet that makes real flushing sounds, each with only the push of a button. This large and spacious home invites multiple children to play and offers differing vantages from the many wide windows featured throughout.

Dreams really do come true in this fairytale inspired wooden castle mansion dollhouse that includes fourteen pieces of furniture. Your little princess' dolls can brew up some tea on the stovetop, soak in the bath tub, relax on the patio, dine under the elegant chandelier, sleep in the plush canopy bed, or gaze into her mirror. Specially designed outdoor artwork that includes a charming tree house design enlivens the piece and gives it that special custom feel. Three melded plastic staircases allow dolls to go up or down between floors. Fit for a queen (or king), this delightfully royal mansion is an exquisite piece any doll will love to call home.

Any doll lucky enough to call this glamorous upscale dollhouse home is truly living in the lap of luxury. This spacious wood crafted dollhouse boasts five large rooms with rooftop patio, modern climbing staircase, "in ground" swimming pool, and real gliding elevator. Top that off with real working accessories such as the lighted lamp, musical enhanced keyboard, and toilet with real flushing sounds. Comes with thirty-five pieces including, kitchen table and chair set, refrigerator, birthday cake, desk, laptop computer, ceiling fan, couch, plant, outdoor patio set with umbrella, grill, and more. There’s even a feeding bowl for the cat! Enjoy endless hours of imaginative play in this well built home that offers everything kids could want to spoil their favorite dolls.

Imagine a place of pure delight, with a bounty of fun discoveries that await you. This grand mansion dollhouse is over four feet tall and four-and-a-half feet wide and even comes equipped with its very own swimming pool! Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your long hair... from your elaborate, stunningly and artfully decorated tower! Seven total rooms of beautifully furnished open space means plenty of room for siblings or friends to gather and play without cramping each other's style. Cool enough to feature a lamp that lights, toilet that makes real flushing noises, and piano that plays music, all at the touch of a button. It's quite the dolly dream mansion!

At A Kid Place, discover all the best princess themed toys and decor, plenty more fabulous dollhouses and furniture, as well as pretty much everything else your little girl could dream of. Indulge her creativity and imagination with durable and sturdily constructed toys and furniture that will withstand the test of time to become a memorable part of her cherished childhood memories. Visit us today!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Activity Play Cubes that Keep Kids Busy at Home

Play Cubes
Play Cubes

Play cubes are perfect for little hands and encourage imaginative play in a variety of exciting ways. Play cubes have been a highly popular toy for doctors' offices, waiting rooms and day cares, and with such a large reputation for their entertainment and educational benefits, why limit the fun when your child can have one of his or her very own at home? Among the many features offered by these activity cubes are the opportunity to learn letters and/or numbers, color and/or shape recognition, cooperative play, and the development of eye-hand coordination.  

With so many educational benefits offered by different play cubes, you may wonder which one will best suit your child. Take a look at the fun features the following three cubes boast and discover a place where fun and learning meet:

How delightful that this sturdily constructed wooden play cube is also lightweight enough for floors and tabletops alike while also boasting a range of educational benefits for kids? Little hands will have a blast turning rotating gears and watching the cause and effect of this action as the rest of the gears start rotating in direct result. They'll love navigating beads along twisting wire mazes, learning colors with brightly colored abacus beads, and turning alphabet blocks to discover letters. Each side of this cube has a fun activity that assists in the development of hand-eye coordination and color and shape recognition.

Get into the spirit of play with this wonderful activity cube featuring bright and colorful artwork on every piece and panel, with each side boasting a new and different activity. Your baby will love playing with the curvy bead maze, twirling the spinning gears, playing peek-a-boo with herself in the mirror, racing rollers and playing a game of spin-and-match the pictures. The cube rotates on its base to allow kids easy access to each colorful side, every whimsical character, and each and every engaging activity. The sturdy wooden construction means tons of lasting fun that will keep children busy for hours!

The Alex My Busy Town highlights five sides of exciting play and fun characters to uncover that will keep them entertained. Each side assists with the development of fine motor skills and basic comprehension skills, all while encouraging exploration. This solid wood cube is bursting with a range of fun activities including a rollercoaster bead maze, peek-a-boo doors, spin and match animals, racing vehicle rollers and alphabet tiles that flip to reveal pictures that coordinate with the featured letter. You're going to love play time as much as your child with this charming play cube. Watch your baby grow and learn in this bright and cheery world of My Busy Town! 

If you are in the market for children’s furniture, playroom accessories, educational toys, waiting room entertainment or anything else child-related, A Kid Place has you covered.  We have a comprehensive supply of back to school gear, arts and crafts activities, dollhouses and furniture, pedal vehicles and so much more. Click on over to visit our toy emporium and discover a world of unique and classic playthings you and your child will love!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Dinosaur Themed Furniture for Little Dino Fanatics

Dinosaur Themed Furniture
Dinosaur Themed Furniture

Take little boys back in time to the dinosaur age with a fun collection of children’s dino themed furniture and accessories. If your child loves dinosaurs and their fascinating, super-sized world, then he's in for a treat when you surprise him with his own playroom or bedroom featuring furniture inspired by his favorite mighty creatures.

If your child loves dinosaurs and their fascinating, super-sized world then he's in for a treat when you surprise him with his own playroom or bedroom featuring furniture inspired by his favorite mighty creatures.

Create a dinosaur kingdom for your lucky little fellow! The following three furniture options make a great addition to your child’s dino-themed bedroom or playroom setup. Check out these roar-some furniture options, and be amazed by some cool Jurassic classics:

Playtime is more fun when dinosaurs are involved! This super cool dino table features a hand painted pterodactyl flying across the surface of the table, with supporting painted tree trunks that become the table's legs. Two artistically hand carved and painted chairs create a 3-dimensional T-Rex and Apatosaurus that seem to come alive at first sight. This set of one table and two chairs is sturdily constructed of wood and creates the perfect space for kids to do arts and crafts, color or have a snack. Non-toxic paint makes for a safe environment for little hands to work, play and eat.

Story time is much more fun when your children’s favorite books are stored on this "dino-mite" dinosaur kingdom bookshelf. Sturdy tan shelves with a whimsical prehistoric theme provide the perfect place to store books and toys, while a drawer at the base serves as a place stash away all his most cherished treasures. Featuring some of his favorite dinosaurs hand painted and carved into the woodwork, your child will get to experience an adventure of his own imagination with the help of this charming bookshelf. Bring story time to life!

There's no need to be frightened of monsters under the bed when your little guy is protected by the mighty t-rex and all his dino pals. Set against a volcanic landscape, this dino-riffic motif is artistically hand painted onto a handcrafted wood structure comprised of a palate of earthy greens and browns. Straight out of the Jurassic world, these prehistoric creatures are a testament to the exceptional craftsmanship featured throughout the whole of the bed.  This piece of quality furniture makes a fun addition to any kid's bedroom and provides a safe place for adventurous dreams to the ancient world of the dinosaurs he adores so much. 

In addition to these wonderfully playful wooden furnishings, A Kid Place stocks a wide variety of dinosaur themed decor, accessories and toys. Little boys will get a thrill out of the dinosaur rockers available. Give them a step up with a dino step stool, or a place to hang their jackets and backpack with their very own coat tree, and don't forget toy boxes where kids can easily store away all of their prehistoric friends when it's time to clean up. 

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Rollercoaster Bead Mazes: Fun and Educational Manipulative Play Toys

Rollercoaster Bead Mazes
Rollercoaster Bead Mazes

Rollercoaster bead mazes are a proven classic among kids in a range of ages. With bright and colorful beads that swoop and slide over looping mazes of equally colorful wires, it's no wonder these toys provide little ones with hours of fun. These toys are full of educational benefits such as the development of fine motor skills, manipulative experience, and hand-eye-coordination to name a few. Rollercoaster bead mazes are a favorite of waiting rooms, doctor's offices and daycares, having been played with by children through the years. How wonderful that these toys are still as interesting and exciting for your own children as they were for you when you were a kid.

We have amassed a collection of eye-catching, colorful bead mazes that are sure to thrill and captivate any toddler. Read on to discover the maze that best suits your home or business:

A winner of both the Parent's Choice Classic Award and of the Dr. Toy Best Classic Toys, The Original Rollercoaster by Anatex is a proven toy designed for education. Children will have fun practicing their fine and gross motor skills while gaining color and shape recognition with this wooden maze toy. This rollercoaster bead maze "challenges" a child's developmental skills and stimulates their imagination and is also portable enough to fit on tabletops for eye-level playing. Made in the U.S.A, you can't go wrong with this fan favorite of pediatricians, teachers, and parents alike!

This sea-themed maze features all kinds of aquatic artwork and fun adventures perfectly proportioned for little hands. Bright and colorful, this wire maze toy helps kids develop visual stimulation and the concept of cause and effect. Race cheery sea creatures and mermaid pieces along a labyrinth of wire tracks, under, over, up and around in four fun activities featured on the top, sides and bottom of this cute and fascinating toy bead game. The fun and lively sustainable table top design provides a sturdy surface and the wooden construction makes it sturdy and durable.  

Children’s fine motor skills will grow while busy at play with this Hape Funny Face Bead Maze. Colorful wires create a looping, twisting funny face that beads race and slide along. Just looking at the toy you can see the outline of the springy-sprongy hairline, bright yellow nose, loopy eyes and a big, cheerful ever-present smile. The wooden base also features an engraved smiling face, making this rollercoaster bead maze the most delightedly joyful learning toy around! Match beads and practice dexterity while enjoying an engaging play design. With no removable parts and durable wood base, this wire bead toy is one to last the long haul.

This toy offers endless choices for engaging manipulative play. All sides of this cube maze feature a fun and different activity that targets the development of color and shape recognition as well as hand-eye coordination. There are five total sides to the cube, including rotating gears, number tiles and colorful shapes in a charming farmhouse theme. The top of the cube is brightly colored with wires that twist and weave, with complementing animal shaped beads that slide and glide along. Boys and girls alike will enjoy the range of activities designed to engage and delight. 

A Kid Place is your one-stop shop where you'll discover unique, classic, educational and endlessly interesting gifts for kids of all ages. We stock a large supply of office and waiting room toys, children’s furniture, daycare activities and so much more. Check us out and see for yourself what the buzz is all about!