Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Children’s Pretend Play Kitchens—Make Their Culinary Dreams Come True

Children's Pretend Play Kitchens
Children's Pretend Play Kitchens

While the strongest associations that play time recalls are such activities as playing ball, riding bikes or utilizing playground equipment, the truth is that this form of play is not the only component to that of normal child development. Children learn by imagining and doing, and pretend play is a critical part of childhood that assists in the development of cognitive and social skills. All too often, adults turn to technological activities as a replacement for classic hands-on, make-believe play, when the advantages for early pretend play are some of the most beneficial experiences of youth.

Pretend play encourages the development for cognitive flexibility, language skills, social skills, problem solving and, of course, creativity. Among these is the opportunity to bond during cooperative play.

One of the most popular dramatic play activities is playing house. Kids love to pretend they are performing the domestic tasks they see their parents do each day such as cooking for their family. A pretend play kitchen provides the perfect canvas for kids to practice their pretend play skills. We feature a large selection of children’s pretend play kitchens from award winning manufacturers that are made from child-safe materials and are large enough for multiple children to play together. Here are a few favorites:

Kidkraft paid close attention to detail when they designed their vintage-inspired navy blue kitchen. This realistic play kitchen comes with everything little chefs could possibly need to cook up big feats and yummy treats; refrigerator, freezer, microwave, oven, stove, AND the kitchen sink! All doors open and close, the oven knobs really turn, and the sink is removable for easy cleaning. A cordless phone is even included so you can phone your order in to the chef. The attractive navy pairs well with the contrasting white finish handles and silver fixtures. The sturdy wooden construction offers reliable safety for endless hours of playtime fun that encourages a sprinkle of role playing and a dash of imagination!

The Hape Gourmet Kitchen presents itself in bold and bright colors that draw the eye and invite you to play. The kitchen's unique and simple design is streamlined for play and opens up a world of endless possibilities for imaginative pretend play. This wooden kitchen invites exploration with fun interactive features such as real working knobs, a towel rack, hutch for storing pots and pans and a preview window on the oven door. Kids will have a blast using their imaginations to cook up tasty pretend meals. This fun creative kitchen in green is a treat when it comes to imaginary and imitative play.

Make the most out of play time with the Kidkraft Pink Retro Kitchen and Refrigerator. Aspiring chefs will discover this kitchen comes complete with everything they need to get cooking. Youngsters will find a refrigerator, oven, sink and counter to work their culinary magic on. Doors open and close giving access to storage, the oven door offers a preview window and also opens and closes, and knobs turn and click. The sturdy wood construction handles playtime with ease while the retro pastel design is a fun touch that parents and kids alike will love. This fun design also comes in lavender and blue.

Girls and boys will become master chefs in this Cook’s Nook Kitchen from Guidecraft that fits into any playroom and adapts well to corners due to its L-shape design. Kids will love the appealing pop of red accenting the kitchen's colorful palette. Styled like a real kitchen, this wooden play set is equipped with microwave, a refrigerator and freezer, an oven and a stove with clicking knobs, a sink with a faucet and a towel rack. Upper and lower shelves and cabinets offer plenty of storage for play food, dishes, and appliances. Serve your guests via the serving window with decorative awning and announce today's special with exterior chalkboard. A write-on/wipe-off board on the side offers endless opportunities to be creative. 

A Kid Place knows the value of pretend play and boasts an inventory that reflects this. Our online emporium is stocked with an endless variety of toys, themed furnishings, educational toys, and more. You'll find we have the best toys for children’s make-believe play!

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Best Wooden Train Tables for Ultimate Playtime Fun

Wooden Train Tables and Sets

Give your kids a great place to build their own twisting, turning railway, where trains toot over bridges and clickety-clack through tunnels all while developing fine motor skills. Wooden train tables provide the ultimate playtime fun and keep track pieces contained and level and, in many cases, also offer storage bonuses! As pint-sized engineers work to piece tracks together, they are expanding their imagination and learning the ways in which the world works around them.

Train tables offer an attractive addition to any play space and come in a variety of types and sizes.  Have great fun discovering these wondrous train tables for your child and put a smile on both your faces:

Awash in vibrant, lively colors, this Waterfall Junction Train Set & Table set pairs a sturdy platform surface with an interactive train set with numerous bonuses that children and parents alike will love! A total of two tracks are included with the table: 1) one wooden set that can be put together in a myriad of different ways, as well as 2) one plastic track attached to the base of the table that offers additional ways to play. Featuring 112 pieces, imaginations can run wild with airplane, helicopter, bulldozer, police car, three train cars, trees, street signs, construction cones, working crane, grinning townspeople and more! A fire station, drive-through mine and mountain with waterfall add dimension and realism to the wooden train layout. Four bins offer storage for unused pieces. This exciting set is compatible with Brio and Thomas & Friends Wooden Railway vehicles and play sets.

The Nilo Wooden Multi-Activity Table will drive you round the bend and back! Kids will enjoy hours of play with this handsome and sturdily built solid hardwood table that allows them to sit comfortably with legs under the table for optimal posture for healthy growing bodies. Smooth, rounded edges keep playtime safe and a raised edge border keeps pieces on the table and off the floor. A double sided melamine surface will become the place for many exciting games and adventures and offers a higher quality than you will find with other play tables. Included with this table is a Nilo Graphic Play Mat with detailed graphics that include trees, roads, rocks, airstrips, grass, beaches and water. Parents will love that this table is easy to assemble. Coordinating pieces are available for this table such as roll-out storage bins, a toy chest and stools.

Take playtime off the floor with the Kidkraft Metropolis Train Table and Set in an attractive espresso finish and solid wood frame. The mature design of this table is as ideal for play as it is for doubling as a coffee table when not in use! Interactive features keep little hands entertained with city-themed accents such as mountain with drive-through tunnel, airport with helipad, and a two-tiered bridge. Kids will enjoy playing with these many accessories just as much as s/he enjoys the trains. With 100-pieces, there's many ways to play and construct your railway. Easily conceal unused parts or stow away the whole train set in the large wooden trundle located underneath the table. This train table and set is compatible with many different wooden train sets such as Brio and Thomas & Friends Wooden Railway vehicles and play sets.

The open-ended two piece Baltic Birch top design of this Beka Train Table features a smooth surface with no distracting graphics. This feature allows children to make the most of their imagination as it encourages independent thought. Built for strength, as well as beauty, the original hard maple design of this table effortlessly supports all the weight you'd imagine it to encounter and is constructed at a height that allows not only children to sit and play comfortably, but also adults as well—a feature not found in many train tables. The nifty recessed top helps keep small toys and game pieces on the table and up off the floor. The two-piece top offers some wiggle room so installation is easy and finger pinches can be prevented. This quality constructed activity table made in the U.S.A. boasts a neutral finish perfect for any play room or bedroom, and is ideal for both boys and girls.

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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Educational Toys Under $50.00

Educational Toys Under $50.00

New worlds of imagination and discovery are opened to children when unique ways of learning are offered in the form of fun games and activities. Invite children to learn and explore their world with fun educational toys that can be used at home for independent, cooperative or parent-led play. However you introduce the fun of learning, you'll never regret sharing with them the gift of knowledge.

Encourage your child to learn with these fun and friendly toys that provide kids with endless possibilities to grow their minds and learn more about the world around them. The featured products are educational toys under $50.00 and they make great holiday gifts for the child in your life:

Discover all 50 U.S. states from the convenience of your home with this innovative, self-contained Magnetic Travel USA Map. This fun and unique learning toy includes 2 magnetic wands tethered to the board that are used to maneuver the colored balls around each state border to get from one destination to another. No loose pieces mean no lost parts and it is also a cinch to store! Made in America, this educational toy allows for home teaching as your child learns each state's name and location during play.

Employing cognitive development, this 3D Feel & Find learning set features 20 wooden shapes with matching, textured tiles, all in a durable canvas bag. The object of this educational game is for children to match shapes to their given tiles by touch alone. Deal out the tiles, then each child (if more than one is playing at a time) will take turns reaching into the bag to explore the shapes within and discover the one that matches their tile by its shape and texture. Pieces includes geometric and object shapes. Great for solo or cooperative play.

Winner of Creative Child Magazine's Preferred Choice Award, the Anatex Magnetic Gumball Counting Game is designed to encourage math skills as well as hand-eye coordination and manipulative skills. Made of wood and entirely enclosed, this educational toy invites kids to make use of the attached magnetic wands and guide balls through the maze to place the correct number in each space in accordance with their assigned number. Brightly colored in a fun and familiar theme, kids will discover the fun of learning with this unique lap toy. Made in the U.S.A.

Boys and girls will glean endless hours of fun and fascination as they explore every angle of this exciting wooden triangle activity toy from Kidkraft. Crafted to develop shape and color recognition and hand-eye coordination, this activity toy offers kids a unique platform on which to practice learning their ABCs, colors and shapes. Turn gears or spin blocks that feature different pictures with letters printed on them, or race nine colorful beads along the winding wire track. Each brightly colored panel offers a new way to learn and the bead maze panel is removable to access the interior of the activity triangle.

With the holiday season just around the corner, A Kid Place is stocked and ready with all the latest popular and unique toys that your children will be thrilled to receive. Whether you are looking for the perfect dollhouse, themed bedroom furniture or train table, we have it all and infinitely more.  We carry toys for homes, waiting rooms and classrooms for endless ways to play and learn!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Children’s Safari Themed Furniture

Let your imagination run wild with children’s safari themed furniture. Decorate in a safari style and infuse any space with all the excitement and thrill of the jungle. Wild animals, jazzy prints, soaring trees and colorful painted elements will bring the jungle to life in your child's bedroom or playroom. Gender neutral, this theme is great for boys and girls.

Achieve the look by adding one or more safari-themed furniture pieces to your collection and watch as little eyes light up! Think bookshelves, toy boxes, beds, tables and more! We have a hand-picked assortment of some great safari-themed pieces that we just know you are going to love:

Reading is more fun with this bright and colorful sunny safari shelf that cheers up any space with whimsical paintings of safari jungle animals like the monkey, tiger and giraffe. Little explorers can easily reach all shelves as the bookcase is proportioned for kids ages three and up. Three fixed wooden shelves each painted a different color provide children a place to store books and toys, while a handy drawer at the bottom of the shelf pulls out and offers concealed storage. Perfect for any room in the house, this safari shelf is a great way to keep tidy!

Let the adventure begin! Supply children with this vibrant and playful safari themed table and chair set where they can create works of art, play, and otherwise indulge in their imagination. This set includes a solid wood table with safari border painted on the table's surface and four animal chairs carved and painted in the design of a lion, zebra, giraffe and elephant. Made in the U.S.A., you can be assured of lasting functionality and quality durability for the life of the table. Girls and boys alike will have a blast with this fun kid-sized table.

The Teamson Fantasy Fields Sunny Safari Toy Box keeps a room neat and tidy while adding instant appeal to any bedroom or playroom. Adorable hand painted animal friends adorn the front of the toy chest such as the curious monkey, cheeky panda, loyal giraffe and playful hippo. A friendly zebra, mindful elephant and royal lion peep out at you from behind the toy box and a sunshiny painted backdrop finish adds extra appeal. Finger slots and special hinges that prevent lid slamming provide a safe way to keep toys hidden away and safely off the floor.

After a long day of adventures, your little explorer will look forward to climbing in his own safari-themed bed to dream of his safari friends. This bed made especially for toddlers will make your child feel super special and give his room that extra touch. Handmade from Baltic birch laminate and other woods, this black and white zebra stripe print -inspired safari car bed is made in America for quality you can trust. Both practical and playful, this bed will go well with any preexisting furnishings or makes a great foundation in building a perfectly exciting themed bedroom for your child.

A Kid Place is your destination for all children’s themed furniture and toys. Whether your little one is dreaming of dinosaurs, fire engines, princesses, or tractors, we have a wide selection of themed furnishings to help you create a bedroom, playroom, waiting room or classroom full of personality and charm! Visit us online and see for yourself all the wonderful opportunities for fun and play we provide with our extensive stock of toys and furniture.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

LEGO and DUPLO Compatible Block Tables

LEGO and DUPLO Compatible Block Tables

There's no doubt that LEGO and DUPLO building toys are a hit with girls and boys alike. These toys give kids the chance to build their own world, make up their own creations, explore the world around them and learn through cause and effect, hand-eye-coordination, and cooperative play to name a few. The trouble with these toys is that they involve a lot of pieces, all of which somehow end up scattered all over the living room, bedroom, or playroom floor. With a LEGO and/or DUPLO Compatible Block Table, kids have a contained environment to invent and create!

There are many different sets you can purchase, and the abundance of choices can seem overwhelming. We have a few suggestions for your consideration. Browse this list and discover the perfect block table for your home, office or classroom:

Imaginations will run wild and fun times will be had with this 2 in 1 LEGO and Train Activity Table by Kidkraft. This sturdy table is large enough to accommodate multiple children while keeping toys off the floor and little hands busy at play. The double sided play board features a surface that is compatible with LEGOs, and a bright and colorful city surface. A 30-piece train set and 200 LEGO- compatible blocks are included. Kids will enjoy hours of play with this activity table that is bursting with endless possibilities. The sophisticated espresso finish will look great in any playroom or bedroom.

The Anatex Building Block Activity Table is built with fun in mind. With a durable wooden construction made in the U.S.A., you can be assured of its great quality. Four colorful DUPLO compatible panels make up the surface of the table. Four removable plastic storage bins below keep toys contained and organized. Stand or sit (chairs sold separately) while playing at this table which is spacious enough for cooperative play between children. Maximize playtime at  home, in the classroom, in waiting rooms, or any play area. 

The Nilo Block Table is unlike any other! It is comprised of a solid hardwood construction, with a double-sided melamine surface that is a cinch to clean. Children can sit comfortably while at the table and explore the world of creative play with included block mats that feature one side that is LEGO compatible and another side that is DUPLO compatible. Parents and children alike will love how easy it is to set the mats up for play or take down for other activities. This table is such a fantastic playroom necessity that you'll be excited to know that  Nilo 24 inch leg kits are available to make the make the table taller, ensuring the table grows with your child.

You're in for a real treat when you stop by A Kid Place. Our website is easy to navigate, simple to use and features tons of unique, classic and new toys and furniture. Come see for yourself what makes us so special. We promise—you're going to love us!

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Fire Engine Toys to Excite and Amaze Little Heroes

Fire Engine Toys

If your child's idea of a fun day is fighting imaginary blazes and saving lives, then you might have a budding firefighter in the family! Impress and delight your child with fire engine toys designed to mimic the worlds of their favorite heroes.

We've assembled a fun collection of fire engine toys any lucky little girl or boy will cherish. Starting with toddlers as they learn to navigate the world around them and on to play houses with many adorable accessories and everything in between, we have you covered. Take a look for yourself:

Play smart. Play safe. The Smart Gear Wonderworld Fire Engine Walker boasts a unique friction system that prevents the walker from moving too fast and getting ahead of the child. This friction system is also adjustable to grow with the child's speed as he or she grows. The fun fire truck theme shows off in a bold red and black color scheme. Thirty-six wooden blocks are included with the walker for tons of building fun and store easily in the bottom wheeled tray. A chalkboard panel on the bottom side allows kids to write their name on the toy and personalize it as their own.

Sound the alarm! Dispatch the firetruck! There's an emergency in the imaginations of your budding firefighter as he or she makes believe s/he's a real life hero while playing with this Fire Station Set by Kidkraft. This toy features 10 pieces of furniture, 2 bendable firefighters,  a fire truck and a helicopter. The station is decorated with a splash of colorful details throughout, including a helipad on the roof. Real working garage doors open to admit vehicles and close behind them when the day is done. The entire fire station swivels for easy cooperative play.

What fun your little firefighter will have driving this classic Airflow Fire Truck Comet Pedal Car through the neighborhood! Boys and girls alike will be delighted with the real working bell, shiny chrome details, insignia, headlights and removable ladders that decorates the sides of this retro red fire truck. Worry-free lead free powder coat paint, non-slip pedals and sealed bearings in the wheels and pedal crank makes this ride-on pedal car the safe choice for young children. Many grand adventures and daring rescues will make for a memorable day when you gift your child with this incredible pedal car.

This realistic stationary fire truck by Anatex encourages creative play in a variety of ways with such features as a dashboard replete with everything a child could need to play as a real-life fireman or woman. This panel features a working steering wheel, gearshift, key and ignition and play speedometer. The hood is prepared to impress with a city road map maze that kids can drive cars through. A bead pathfinder and moveable gears located on the exterior sides of the truck offer additional ways to play. All pieces are self-contained with no loose parts, making this activity center ideal for daycares, doctor office waiting rooms and other high traffic areas. Accessible from both the interior and exterior, this fire engine activity center is great for multiple children. Made in the U.S.A.!

A Kid Place is an exciting one-stop-shop for an amazing selection of unique and educational toys. You can't go wrong when you purchase toys or furnishings from our online shop. Our stock offers endless options that make the perfect gift for special occasions and holidays.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Dollhouses for 18 inch Dolls

Dollhouses for 18 inch Dolls

Every little girl has fond memories of her first dollhouse—decorating, arranging everything just so, and indulging in countless hours of pretend play. With the growing popularity of American Girl, Götz and Madame Alexander 18” dolls, kids might find that Barbie sized dollhouses just aren't suitable for their taller doll friends. While there are plenty of dollhouses on the market for Barbie dolls, there are very few for these 18" dolls.

We’re delighted to be able to offer you the following heirloom-quality dollhouses that accommodate 18 inch dolls. Each house boasts sturdy wooden construction, is filled with elaborate detail throughout and is roomy enough for girls to play with their siblings or friends.

The Kidkraft Country Estate Dollhouse is fully equipped for imaginative play with 11 rooms, four open floor spaces and 30 fun furnishings. Park your car in the 1st floor garage with doors that swing open for use, then step into the kitchen to whip up a treat. The deluxe porch just off the kitchen features two wooden chairs, BBQ grill, and outdoor ceiling fan. The second and third floors are connected by a sliding elevator and include such rooms as a bedroom, dining room, bathroom, music room with piano and living room. The two attic-style rooms on the fourth floor feature a cute nursery and cozy office space. The house even showcases a fainting couch and grandfather clock. Everything a doll could need and more!

This modern style, 3-story wooden dollhouse features detailed and colorful graphics and stands over five feet tall by three feet wide. Two dramatic spiral staircases connect all of the floors, allowing dolls full access to every room in the house. Dolls can enjoy meals in their dine-in kitchen, lounge in the generously sized living room or retire to their master bedroom suite with balcony access. Fully furnished, this contemporary house comes with twelve large pieces of furniture big enough for any 18" doll to comfortably use. Many see-through windows throughout the house allow children to enjoy a new vantage and additional light to stream inside. Perfectly proportioned and exquisitely designed for fun and smiles.

Towering over other dollhouses, your daughter will be enchanted with this beautiful and sophisticated manor house large enough to fit her American Girl or Götz dolls. Three stories amaze and delight with cheery artwork, two staircases, balcony and twelve large pieces of wooden doll furniture. Kick back and watch TV in the living room, nap in the upstairs bedroom or soak in some make-believe sunshine on the balcony. Every room is a treat and creates boundless ways to play pretend. Give your little girl the dollhouse of her dreams and watch her eyes light up as she tours the house and guides her dolls up the stairs to every fun and exciting level! This house is primed for a fun and memorable time. 

A Kid Place is in the business of helping you make your children's dreams come true! We have a large selection of wooden toys and furniture that indulges the imagination. Our stock includes educational toys and games that guide children through every stage and phase for a memorable and cherished childhood.