Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Ride-on Toys for Kids Age 5-8 Years Old

Ride-on Toys for Kids Age 5-8 Years Old
 Ride-on Toys for Kids Age 5-8 Years Old

Summer is almost here and it's time your kids enjoy hours of play with ride-on toys for kids age 5-8! At this age where tech gadgets and video games begin to claim children’s attentions, it is imperative to instill in children a love of active play. What better way to do that than with a super fun ride-on toy that provides enjoyment and exercise, all in one.  Ride-on toys are more than the standard two wheeled bikes that so often come to mind in this category. They are available in many shapes and sizes for a range of play options. Whether cruising down the sidewalk outside, riding in a wagon, zooming down country or park lanes in a pedal car or simply riding around in the backyard, ride-on toys are the go-to source of outdoor fun for girls and boys.

Below are a few options which offer a diverse range of styles and functions. Each ride-on toy has adhered to strict safety regulations to bring your child durable fun for years to come. The examples below are geared for kids ages 5-8 years old.

Get ready for loads of fun on this sleek, aerodynamically designed ride-on car. This car is completely kid powered. No batteries, gears, or pedals to fuss with. Simply grab hold of the steering wheel and with a continuous left-to-right motion, speed away! Constructed of high quality ABS plastic, this car boasts a durable frame that can support up to 220 lbs. Find yourself a smooth, flat surface and get rolling. Fun for little and big kids alike!

This Flying Turtle ride-on is a top rated toy by Parent's Magazine. Its fun shape is enhanced by powder coated steel handlebars, ergonomic seat, and durable, non-marring skateboard wheels that are ideal for indoors or out. Made in the U.S.A. this interactive toy is powered when you swing the handlebars side-to-side. No motor, or batteries, or need for pedaling. This low to the ground style adds a level of safety to an already high quality design. No sharp edges or spokes. Simply find a smooth hard surface and get moving. This ride-on is available in a range of color choices.

Return to the good old days you remember with this classic wooden wagon. Much the same as the ride-on or pull toy of your own childhood, this one features added safety such as non-toxic paint, no tip safety steering, and pinch free tongue. American made, this great toy has solid rubber wheels, six easily removable solid hardwood side racks, and steel undercarriage that is concealed beneath the hardwood bed. Return to the simpler things.

If you are looking for an awesome ride high in cool-factor, you've landed at the right place. The innovative design of this pedal-powered go kart coasts along with ease. The swing axle allows the front of the frame to pivot on any uneven surfaces. Pneumatic tires provide a controlled ride with great traction and lasting durability. An adjustable steering wheel ensures a comfortable grip and for children of different sizes. Go forward or even in reverse. This ride-on is streamlined for fun. 

At A Kid Place you'll find all the kid-related items you could dream of. Find these cool ride-on toys and much more. Browse through our wide selection of quality wood constructed items for bedrooms, play and decoration. We aim to bring you only quality products at the best possible prices. Each item in our inventory is specifically chosen with children in mind. Check us out and get ready to fall in love.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Ride-on Toys for Kids Age 3-5 Years Old

Ride-on Toys for Kids Age 3-5 Years Old
Are you searching for ride-on toys for kids age 3-5 years old? Then look no further! At this age, you can't stifle a child's abundance of energyand why would you want to? Embrace that energy and indulge their imaginations with a range of fun outdoor ride-on toys.

Through play, children learn about themselves, their environments, and those around them. This natural curiosity and sense of adventure and wonder are keys to a child's development. Coordination, balance, and independence are all achieved with the correct toys and opportunities. How wonderful it is that this can all be attained in the guise of play. Embrace this world of learning and fun by equipping your child with the proper toys to do so.

Ride-on toys are the popular choice for outdoor play. They provide endless hours of fun all while helping boys and girls build muscle control and dexterity. With tons of styles and designs to choose from, there is a ride-on toy just waiting to bring a smile to their faces.

The three following ride-on toys offer the best in quality design and style, as well as feature benefits for body control and ways to express creativity. Each one of these toys are designed to provide a safe way of supporting kids in a wide and diverse range as they develop and explore the world around them. 

The Mobo Mini Cruiser is bike riding at its finest! This luxury bike is fully loaded for safety and fun. The low maintenance design is both durable and features a chainless chassis, which means no snagging of clothes or little fingers. To aid in visibility, a safety flag is included. The ergonomic steering system is ideal for hand-eye coordination and muscle strength, while the low-to-the-ground body is balanced for a stable ride. The sturdy material and comfortable seat are made to last and with the Mobo Mini's adjustable frame, this bike will bring joy to your child for years to come.

This stylish pedal-powered go kart is perfect for the little adventurer in your life. The sturdy tubular steel frame allows for durability without unnecessary weight, and the comfort seat adjusts to fit children for years. Sealed bearings allow the wheels to roll effortlessly without need of lubes for a smooth ride. The swing axel improves the maneuverability of the kart and can move forward, backward, and is also designed to coast. Easy to learn and handle, this cool ride-on is great for both girls and boys. The BERG Buddy Go Kart is mobility made fun!

This fantastic real-to-life junior golf cart is the awesome play experience for your little golfer. He or she will have a blast driving this battery powered cart around, then putting on the brakes to hit the ball with the supplied golfing accessories. The forward and reverse motions also include a horn and back-up warning buzzer for safety. The foot pedaled accelerator allows children to drive from the comfortable seat with back rest and side bars. A canopy provides shade and the storage basket includes a golf bag, clubs, balls, tees, water bottle and holdereverything your child needs to play the game. 

A Kid Place is your one-stop shop for everything child-related. Our goal is to provide safe and fun toys designed to inspire creative play, but also those that teach and guide. From ride-ons for a range of ages to furniture, toys, and all other essentials, we hope you'll stop by and check out all we have to offer. 

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Ride-on Toys for Kids Age 1-3 Years Old


A well-balanced assortment of toys are keys to a child's development. As your toddler embraces his or her growing sense of mobility, the ideal way to encourage their continued development is to engage their sense of adventure and wonder with toys that merge playtime with learning time. Boys and girls will encounter new discoveries and engaging ways to play when you introduce them to the fun of ride-on toys.

Great for both indoors and outdoors, ride-on toys are yet another amazing means of transforming playtime into a world of pure imagination. Providing active and manipulative benefits, children will glean untold hours of creative play. These toys are an ideal way for kids to expel energy, express themselves in play, and discover the world around them. During the youthful years between one and three, everyday encounters provide learning experiences that help little minds grow. The simple act of playing is as educational a process as found in any schoolroom-- perhaps even more so at this age where children learn about their surroundings by interacting with and questioning everything they encounter. Toddlers love trying out what they see adults or older siblings doing by imitating daily life.

The following three ride-ons are perfect kid-powered vehicles for kids age 1-3 years old. Easy to maneuver and fun outside and in, watch the world of their imagination come to life as they interact with these classic toys:

This retro-styled mini foot-powered fire truck is the fun and charming way for little ones to indulge their burgeoning mobility. Constructed from heavy gauge steel, this little truck is made to last and will look great as it is finished in a chip and rust resistant, non-toxic powder coating paint. This fun time truck is easy to maneuver from the steel chrome steering wheel to the steel wheels with solid rubber tires that provide a smooth ride. Adding an old school touch, the chrome fire bell and wooden ladders will bring pleasure and joy to their daily routine.

Morgan Cycle Fire Engine Scootser Ride-On Toy

Available in a variety of fun colors, the YBike Pewi is both a walker and a ride on. For children who are crawling or learning to walk, the walker feature provides the freedom of mobility. At the same time, toddlers will have a blast testing their balance and propelling themselves along with their feet by using Pewi as a ride-on. The multi directional caster wheels allow for easy maneuverability in any direction. Its robust, yet lightweight aluminum tubing design and non-marking wheels make it a breeze to control indoors and out without marking flooring. 

YBike Pewi

This friendly looking little car is the cheery way for children to develop gross motor skills. Toddlers will love cruising around the neighborhood, driveway or on any number of other surfaces in this sleek new ride. Push-powered, this ride-on is a fun way for little ones to get moving, but the innovative design means they won't tire out easily. The large steering wheel, comfortable seat and smooth wheel motion ensures an easy ride. Made of plastic so strong it can support up to 220 pounds, this car is a resilient toy that will provide years of lasting enjoyment. 

Big Bobby Car Classic – Red

Our inventory boasts a wide selection of ride-on toys for kids age 1-3 years old including animal rockers, pedal-less trikes, and more. Choose the perfect ride-on toy for your tot along with everything else your growing child needs. All merchandise sold at A Kid Place is sourced from the most reputable of manufacturers and meets or exceeds government safety standards.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Balance Bikes —The Innovative Way to Teach Kids How to Ride a Bicycle

If you've never heard of Balance Bikes, allow us to shed some light on these two-wheeled wonders. Balance bikes are the innovative way to teach kids how to ride a bicycle. Their aim is to put the focus on balance by providing toddlers as young as 18-months the confidence and independence to ride on two wheels without the use of training wheels. These bikes achieve this goal with their lightweight and low-to-the-ground design that allow children to easily sit, glide, coast, run or walk. Without the distraction or complications of pedals, learning to balance and steer is a breeze. Boys and girls will enjoy propelling themselves along with their feet as they gain a sense of balance that will prepare them for the switch to bicycles with pedals.

While training wheels are supposed to offer a sense of balance while also allowing a safe fallback if the child starts to tip, the truth is, these additional wheels only serve as a crutch that hinders the confidence little ones need to ride free. Training wheels tend to be misleading and foster a false sense of security. An inability to balance prevents a smooth transition from training wheels to two wheels, but balance bikes eliminate that challenge and allow children to feel comfortable and confident on two wheels right off the bat.

The following manufacturers feature award-winning balance bikes that will help your children develop the skills needed to ride a traditional bicycle in no time. 

FirstBIKE balance bikes are constructed of high-quality materials for durability that grows with your child until he or she is ready for a bike with pedals. Their great maneuverability is perfect for long distances without leaving kids feeling worn out. With a range of styles to choose from, FirstBIKE offers a design suitable for different terrains and needs. Kids can stop either with their feet or with the hand-brake that comes standard on most models. Ideal for kids 2-5 years of age, each bike comes in a fun and colorful design that is quick and easy to assemble.

Children will love to exercise their creative genius with this wooden pushbike. The reusable chalkboard finish allows kids to personalize their bike over and over again. Parents will love that the seat cover is removable and washer friendly. The foot pegs provide a place for kids to keep their feet while cruising. With an adjustable seat height, this bike is ready to grow with your child until he or she is ready for a pedal-powered bike. Handmade from birchwood, this eco-friendly bike features EVA airless and biodegradable tires. You can feel good about your purchase knowing Kinderfeets plants a tree for every bike they sell.

These balance bikes have a patented slow-speed geometry allowing children to feel very much at ease as they experiment with balance. Glide Bikes has several models to choose from, ranging for kids from the age of 18 months old all the way up to adulthood. The lightweight aluminum alloy frame comes in a wide array of metallic colors and each bike is equipped with a handbrake. What sets Glide Bikes apart from the rest is that the foot pegs are removable and the bikes have a kickstand, so the bike can be kept in an upright position rather than being thrown on the ground when not in use.

At A Kid Place you will find a large selection of balance bikes. Browse our inventory and discover the bike that is just right for your child. We have a range of styles and designs to meet your child's abilities and age. Our stock is hand selected for quality and safety, so you can shop with confidence that you are buying only the best for your family.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The Benefits of Outdoor Play


You don't need to be a jock, run marathons, or have an athlete in the family to inspire little ones to get out and play. Kids are naturally drawn to the outdoors and all the wonders it has to offer. Natural environments foster increased activities and provide children the opportunity to use their "outside" voices, run, jump, dance, and explore. More than releasing some pent up energy, the benefits of recreational play are numerous.

Physical Importance
The act of running, leaping, and jumping marks the foundation of emerging physical skills in young children. It is during this time they learn to become steady on their feet, master handling skills, hand-eye coordination as well as develop manipulative skills such as pushing, pulling, lifting, and carrying.

Health Benefits
With the scary rise in our nation's childhood obesity crisis, the time to introduce children to athletic activities should be done as early as possible. Beyond maintaining a healthy weight, outdoor play improves healthy sleeping habits and makes children happy, which leads to a better immune system.

Intellectual Development
The neurological benefits of unstructured play strengthens intellectual stimulation, enhancing a readiness to learn. In exploring their surroundings, boys and girls will discover many new wonders and expand their knowledge of the world. This exploration encourages question-asking, which leads to enhanced intelligence. 

Another advantage is the discovery of the weather. Sunny days are not the only environments children can benefit from. With the proper attire, kids will enjoy splashing in puddles after the rain, watching the clouds move across the sky on an overcast day, and feeling the wind in their hair and against their skin during a windy afternoon. This experience also enables them to learn the different temperatures as well as what to wear during these different weather changes.

Cognitive Benefits
Playing outside improves memory, thinking skills, and the ability to soak up new information. As kids interact with and study the world around them, their powers of observation increase, their large and small motor skills develop and their endurance is boosted.

Social Advantage
As your child watches their skills grow with each new activity they learn or how the world works around them, their self-confidence blossoms, which in turn translates to a social confidence. Outdoor play allows for group play, which includes taking turns, whether sliding down a slide, using the swing, or tossing a ball. 

For many parents, the joys of outdoor play make up the bulk of their childhood memories. Sadly, the majority of our youth today will not enjoy that same beneficial experience. Much of this is due to the allure of mobile phones, video games, and television. While the pull of these devices can be strong, the appeal of outdoor toys will make children eager to frolic in the sunshine. Imagine your little one hauling toys in her wagon, or helping you garden with her wheelbarrow. Of course, ride-on toys such as bikes are always a winning choice. Add some drivetime signs to your driveway and let them "yield" and "stop" while they pedal along. Toddlers will love a stroller trike which allows them to see the sights of the neighborhood or park while also unleashing some energy. 

All the outdoor toys available at A Kid Place are carefully chosen. Our toys are made from durable steel, wood, and other sturdy materials that withstand the test of time. The toys found here will help your child discover the world around them and meet their individual needs.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Princess Themed Furniture

 Princess Themed Furniture
Princess Themed Furniture

Every little girl is a princess in her own way. Some are princesses who reign from pastel pink castles while sitting on an ivory white throne. Other little princesses prefer all the hot pink, hearts, and glitter they can get their hands on. No matter what type of princess you have, she deserves a kingdom that suits her. 

If you are looking to create a princess themed bedroom or playroom for your little girl, we have many beautiful, wooden furnishings available from some of the most popular makers of children’s furniture. The princess collections we carry are designed to make Her Royal Highness feel as though she is in a majestic wonderland. Each of our collections offers stunning, quality pieces that are fit for royalty.

For example, the Guidecraft Princess Collection has all the accessories you need to create an imperial atmosphere in any room. One of our favorite pieces from this collection is the Princess Book Display Case. We all know how important encouraging literacy in kids is; who could resist reading book after book from this lovely, little library? Your daughter will adore Guidecraft’s darling table lamp which features a pink resin castle. And if she is currently potty training, a step stool might be needed. Why not use the Princess Storage Step-Up Stool? She gets to add her own touch to the space and she can store small treasures inside the wooden stool.  All of the items from this collection feature the same motif, making it easy to coordinate.

If you are looking for a collection that is perfect for playing dress-up and living like royalty, check out the KidKraft Princess Collection. She will love gazing at herself in their Princess Cheval Mirror while in her most beautiful gown, and their Princess Dress Up Storage Unit is the perfect place to store that gown between balls. Kidkraft also makes an adorable wooden castle playset complete with a king, queen, prince, and princess dolls for great pretend play. And, of course, the life of a princess cannot end with playtime. For that reason, KidKraft also offers their Princess Toddler Bed and Nightstand Table. Both items are sure to make her feel like the most special girl in the world and give her sweet dreams.

Perhaps your child has a bit of a modern flair—she prefers a bolder pink and cannot resist a royal purple. For this little princess, the Levels of Discovery Always a Princess Collection is ideal. These designs are fun, bold, and bright—just like your little girl, right? One of our favorite items is the Princess Toy Box Bench. It comes with a padded seat cushion so Her Highness can sit comfortably and her treasures can be stored beneath the seat.

Another fantastic item Levels of Discovery offers is the Princess Vanity Table and Chair Set. We wish we had one of our own to get ready at each day—just the way to start the day off right! Their Kiddie Ups Princess Rocking Horse provides the perfect steed to ride on throughout her kingdom. And what princess could live without a fainting couch? Each of the furnishings in this collection are hand-painted, making them all the more special. 

To browse these collections and more, visit us at AKidPlace.com; we have all the furniture and accessories your little girl could possibly want to outfit her princess themed bedroom or playroom.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Outdoor Ride-On Toys for the Whole Family

If you have been trapped inside your house for the past few months, chances are high that you are dreaming of the day you and your kids can finally go outside to play. The good news is that Spring is just around the corner; soon, the snow will melt and everyone can go outdoors and enjoy the sun and the fresh air.

The arrival of Spring can have a bit of a downside. When you spend winter indoors, you tend to get in plenty of family time. It is easy to do everything together and really bond with your children. Once the weather warms up, most outdoor activities seem to take place while the adults sit on the sidelines. So, how can you make the most of playing outside without losing out on family bonding?

Consider purchasing ride-on toys that are designed to work for the entire family. These toys are incredibly fun and really get everyone into a playful spirit. Not to mention that they keep you active and healthy. So, what are some ride-on toys to consider?

Some of our favorites are Mobo Cruisers. This line of innovative ride-on toys has options for kids of all ages—and their parents, too! Set on three wheels, with a recumbent seat, these ergonomically designed cruisers provide a super-comfortable ride. Because they are low to the ground and do not require any balancing, these are even safe for most senior citizens, so Grandma and Grandpa can get in on the action. Mobo Cruisers do come with safety flags, however, because of the low-profile of these cruisers, they should not be used where cars are driving by.

Mobo Mobito

Want to go on a real adventure? Then we recommend BERG Toys Pedal Go Karts. The steel construction will stand up to the roughest of riders. Around the neighborhood, in the woods, through the mud, no matter where you want to ride, there is a BERG kart available to handle any terrain. Each pedal go-kart that BERG Toys makes can even be driven backwards. Boys and girls as young as three can explore the world on these unique ride-on toys. Some models accommodate adults up to 285 pounds and 6’ tall. Equipped with adjustable seats and steering wheels, these karts will grow as your children do, really giving you your money’s worth.


If you are interested in something more along the lines of a bike—perhaps to start working on the skills needed to ride a standard bicycle—take some time to look into Glide Bikes Balance Bikes. These bikes have no pedals, allowing children to develop the correct balancing skills needed to ride a bicycle. There is a model for all children, even those with special needs. Children as young as 18 months can glide on these bikes and begin to learn the necessary balancing skills for riding a standard bicycle with their Ezee Glider. The Mini Glider balance bike is designed for kids 2-5 years old, and the Go Glider is for kids 5-10 years old and for those who have special needs. Even adults who have never ridden a bicycle before can easily learn with the Glide Bikes Super Glider which is for anyone over the age of 10.

Glide Bikes Mini Glider 

With all three brands there are designs that work for young children all the way up to adults. If you are looking for outdoor ride-on toys that will help bring your family together this spring and summer, you cannot go wrong with any of the choices from these companies. To learn more about the options available or to purchase some for your family, visit AKidPlace.com.