Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Dinosaur Themed Furniture for Little Dino Fanatics

Dinosaur Themed Furniture
Dinosaur Themed Furniture

Take little boys back in time to the dinosaur age with a fun collection of children’s dino themed furniture and accessories. If your child loves dinosaurs and their fascinating, super-sized world, then he's in for a treat when you surprise him with his own playroom or bedroom featuring furniture inspired by his favorite mighty creatures.

If your child loves dinosaurs and their fascinating, super-sized world then he's in for a treat when you surprise him with his own playroom or bedroom featuring furniture inspired by his favorite mighty creatures.

Create a dinosaur kingdom for your lucky little fellow! The following three furniture options make a great addition to your child’s dino-themed bedroom or playroom setup. Check out these roar-some furniture options, and be amazed by some cool Jurassic classics:

Playtime is more fun when dinosaurs are involved! This super cool dino table features a hand painted pterodactyl flying across the surface of the table, with supporting painted tree trunks that become the table's legs. Two artistically hand carved and painted chairs create a 3-dimensional T-Rex and Apatosaurus that seem to come alive at first sight. This set of one table and two chairs is sturdily constructed of wood and creates the perfect space for kids to do arts and crafts, color or have a snack. Non-toxic paint makes for a safe environment for little hands to work, play and eat.

Story time is much more fun when your children’s favorite books are stored on this "dino-mite" dinosaur kingdom bookshelf. Sturdy tan shelves with a whimsical prehistoric theme provide the perfect place to store books and toys, while a drawer at the base serves as a place stash away all his most cherished treasures. Featuring some of his favorite dinosaurs hand painted and carved into the woodwork, your child will get to experience an adventure of his own imagination with the help of this charming bookshelf. Bring story time to life!

There's no need to be frightened of monsters under the bed when your little guy is protected by the mighty t-rex and all his dino pals. Set against a volcanic landscape, this dino-riffic motif is artistically hand painted onto a handcrafted wood structure comprised of a palate of earthy greens and browns. Straight out of the Jurassic world, these prehistoric creatures are a testament to the exceptional craftsmanship featured throughout the whole of the bed.  This piece of quality furniture makes a fun addition to any kid's bedroom and provides a safe place for adventurous dreams to the ancient world of the dinosaurs he adores so much. 

In addition to these wonderfully playful wooden furnishings, A Kid Place stocks a wide variety of dinosaur themed decor, accessories and toys. Little boys will get a thrill out of the dinosaur rockers available. Give them a step up with a dino step stool, or a place to hang their jackets and backpack with their very own coat tree, and don't forget toy boxes where kids can easily store away all of their prehistoric friends when it's time to clean up. 

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Rollercoaster Bead Mazes: Fun and Educational Manipulative Play Toys

Rollercoaster Bead Mazes
Rollercoaster Bead Mazes

Rollercoaster bead mazes are a proven classic among kids in a range of ages. With bright and colorful beads that swoop and slide over looping mazes of equally colorful wires, it's no wonder these toys provide little ones with hours of fun. These toys are full of educational benefits such as the development of fine motor skills, manipulative experience, and hand-eye-coordination to name a few. Rollercoaster bead mazes are a favorite of waiting rooms, doctor's offices and daycares, having been played with by children through the years. How wonderful that these toys are still as interesting and exciting for your own children as they were for you when you were a kid.

We have amassed a collection of eye-catching, colorful bead mazes that are sure to thrill and captivate any toddler. Read on to discover the maze that best suits your home or business:

A winner of both the Parent's Choice Classic Award and of the Dr. Toy Best Classic Toys, The Original Rollercoaster by Anatex is a proven toy designed for education. Children will have fun practicing their fine and gross motor skills while gaining color and shape recognition with this wooden maze toy. This rollercoaster bead maze "challenges" a child's developmental skills and stimulates their imagination and is also portable enough to fit on tabletops for eye-level playing. Made in the U.S.A, you can't go wrong with this fan favorite of pediatricians, teachers, and parents alike!

This sea-themed maze features all kinds of aquatic artwork and fun adventures perfectly proportioned for little hands. Bright and colorful, this wire maze toy helps kids develop visual stimulation and the concept of cause and effect. Race cheery sea creatures and mermaid pieces along a labyrinth of wire tracks, under, over, up and around in four fun activities featured on the top, sides and bottom of this cute and fascinating toy bead game. The fun and lively sustainable table top design provides a sturdy surface and the wooden construction makes it sturdy and durable.  

Children’s fine motor skills will grow while busy at play with this Hape Funny Face Bead Maze. Colorful wires create a looping, twisting funny face that beads race and slide along. Just looking at the toy you can see the outline of the springy-sprongy hairline, bright yellow nose, loopy eyes and a big, cheerful ever-present smile. The wooden base also features an engraved smiling face, making this rollercoaster bead maze the most delightedly joyful learning toy around! Match beads and practice dexterity while enjoying an engaging play design. With no removable parts and durable wood base, this wire bead toy is one to last the long haul.

This toy offers endless choices for engaging manipulative play. All sides of this cube maze feature a fun and different activity that targets the development of color and shape recognition as well as hand-eye coordination. There are five total sides to the cube, including rotating gears, number tiles and colorful shapes in a charming farmhouse theme. The top of the cube is brightly colored with wires that twist and weave, with complementing animal shaped beads that slide and glide along. Boys and girls alike will enjoy the range of activities designed to engage and delight. 

A Kid Place is your one-stop shop where you'll discover unique, classic, educational and endlessly interesting gifts for kids of all ages. We stock a large supply of office and waiting room toys, children’s furniture, daycare activities and so much more. Check us out and see for yourself what the buzz is all about!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Wall Panel Toys Under $100.00

Wall Panel Toys
Wall Panel Toys

Wall panel toys are a classic fun-for-all entertainment for businesses and homes alike. They hang up attractively to create a safe and fun environment for kids where there might not otherwise be space for larger toys. Fun and educational, wall toys are an interactive entertainment that keeps little hands busy for hours, making them the ideal room decor for children’s playrooms at home, classrooms, offices, waiting rooms, daycares and more. Compact and with all accessories attached, there's no need to worry about pieces getting lost and there's no mess to clean up at the end of the day! They are great for high traffic areas. 

If you've ever shopped for wall panel toys, you know most can run pretty pricey, but we've gathered a list of inexpensive wall toys, each for under $100. This is great news for everyone, but especially for newer businesses that want to carve out a space for younger clientele or to offer some respite for their mature clients who might bring young children along with them. This price range allows for you to design a fun waiting room or a daycare without spending a lot of money. So whether shopping for your business or for home use, check out the following wall panel toys, all of which are under $100 and ship for free! Each of these wall panel toys come with the necessary hardware to install them quick and efficiently.

Liven up any play area or classroom with this bright and colorful parrot wall panel toy which provides a fun and safe way for kids to play and learn their ABC's. With rows of individually embossed wooden blocks featuring corresponding pictures, this activity wall panel makes learning entertaining and exciting. This self contained design is great for little hands twelve months and up. Proudly made in America, this wooden wall panel toy is set to charm little hearts and broaden little minds!

The Anatex Frog Wall Panel is comprised of a bright and cheery frog featuring a fun and challenging caterpillar pathfinder game centered at his tummy. As kids guide the beads along the track they can make patterns and match colors as they connect the caterpillar's head with his feet. As they play, children will be working on developing hand-eye-coordination and color recognition. This colorful amphibian is ideal for small spaces as it doesn't take up a lot of room. This wooden toy is made in the U.S.A.

Wilbur's endlessly happy smiling face is the fun and whimsical way to cheer up any office space or classroom. This fun wall maze features squiggly, wiggly, twisty, turny, loopy wires that create a fun obstacle along which to move a range of colorful beads. This wall panel toy introduces logic, spatial relationships and cause and effect. The Wilbur Wall Panel is secure with no removable parts. The many colorful activity wires are locked in place in a durable wood base for safe play for boys and girls of all ages. 

At A Kid Place we have all the supplies you need to design an entertaining and educational waiting room, class room, or play room. We stock the perfect gifts and toys for kids of all ages and educational levels. Check us out! Our aim is to make your online toy search fun, easy and full of exciting and quality finds. 

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Firefighter Themed Furniture Ideas to Inspire Your Little Hero

Firefighter Themed Furniture
Firefighter Themed Furniture
What little kid doesn't dream about being a hero? Now is your chance to make his dream come true by creating a unique firefighter decor in his very own bedroom or playroom. Imagine the fun he'll have and all the places your aspiring firefighter's imagination will take him when you present him with his own special space.

Whether you are adding one key element or plan to go all out creating your child's own themed fire station, your little hero will be one happy firefighter. Let us help you pin down some of the most fun and colorful furnishings to get the job done. Read on and discover all the ways to make your child's dreams come true. 

This bright red fire station is decked out with great authentic details that make this storage accessory come to life. This piece has great versatility as not only a shelf for toys, books and other items, but also as a playhouse that offers a dual function use. The sturdy wood construction is built to last, even against rough and tumble kids eager to save the day. Enjoy six spacious compartments including a garage door that provides a secret compartment for treasured possessions. This Kidkraft firehouse bookshelf is made complete with cutout windows along the side, yellow bell and firefighter's pole.

Fun and function blend harmoniously in this charming wooden firefighter themed storage bench by Levels of Discovery. An abundance of details create a pleasing motif, from the black and red color scheme of the bench, to the ladder inspired arms, the real working bell, the fire hydrant finials and on to the Dalmatian and firefighters who slide up and down the poles, ready for action. Sliding garage doors invite children to drive their fire engines up the included ramp. The slow closing metal hinges on the lid mean little fingers won't get pinched during use.

This delightful toddler bed is the perfect complement for any little fireman’s room. Hand-crafted from imported laminated Baltic birch and other solid woods and proudly made in the U.S.A., this bed has been carefully crafted with safety in mind. Your little one will sleep safe and sound in a bed that boasts safety sides that keep him securely in bed. Just the right size for children ages 18 months - 4 years of age, your little one will feel like a big boy in this perfectly proportioned bed made just for him.

Making a welcome addition to your toddler's playroom or bedroom, this firefighter table and stool set is the perfect work and play station for your creative little hero. The quality craftsmanship shows through in the durable wood construction of the table and two accompanying stools. It is colorfully decorated in a bold blend of red and black colors. This play table comes equipped with two wooden fire trucks, two 3D buildings and a firehouse storage box with working bell located at the center of the table. A road runs around the firehouse to drive your trucks along. 

Don't let your imagination stop here. When you visit A Kid Place, you'll find we also carry fire truck pedal cars, rocking toys, and fire station playsets among others. Our toy emporium is stocked with everything your child could ever dream of, from themed bedroom furniture and playsets, to educational toys, and so much more. 

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Children’s Art Tables and Desks

Art Tables & Desks
Art Tables and Desks

Does your child love arts and crafts time? Is he a pro at doodling? Does she love to get creative with paints? If you've said yes to any of these questions, we bet your child would love a craft station dedicated solely to their talents. Imagine a contained area where the next showpiece for your fridge is crafted. Now imagine your budding artist in an adorable smock hard at work honing their passions and talent for art. Quite an adorable picture we've painted there, right? (And yes, that pun was intended.)

Children’s Art Tables and Desks create a unified area for kids to play and create. Whether you are looking for a furniture set that comes with all the trimmings, a small desk for the bedroom or playroom, or even a portable table top, we've compiled a range of options for your consideration:

A Guidecraft art table and chair set is the perfect crafting station for your budding Picasso! The quality solid wood construction of this desk is durable enough to withstand even the messiest and biggest art projects. The smooth flat surface of the tabletop makes for a great activity area for all endeavors, and the paper roll caddy and child-safe cutter allow kids to create and craft to their heart's content. The chair features nested seating for comfort and the matching table has a drawer to store art supplies. The pink and white finish is a charming way to accent the decor of any little girl's room, or opt to go neutral with the red and natural wood color option of the same set.

If your little artist is ready for a space of his/her very own, this bright and colorful wooden desk and chair set makes the perfect place to color, draw, paint or doodle. The adjustable tilt-top table adjusts for ease of use. The chalkboard surface and 75' paper roll that fits securely under the desk that rolls out as you go offers multiple ways to show off their creative side. Storage cups along the top sides of the desk and shelf beneath the chair offer plenty of ways to stay organized and store your supplies. This adorably fun desk is perfectly kid-sized for your child and fits in great in any bedroom or playroom.

This self-contained art center creates endless hours of creative fun. Everything you need is right at your fingertips with organized storage for all your supplies such as four paint cups, side shelves with fabric storage cubes, and stool with fabric storage bin. Enjoy many ways to draw and doodle with a write-on/wipe-off easel that folds down to reveal a chalkboard surface and additional storage cubbies, as well as an 18" replicable roll of art paper with child-safe cutter. Composed entirely of wood, this fun art equipment collection gives you everything you need to get started on your next masterpiece. This activity art set is ready to assist your little artist in making dreams come true.

The Alex super art table with paper roll features a high quality wood construction and includes a 100' paper roll that hangs underneath and feeds through a slot on the tabletop. This three-piece wooden table and bench set has a chalkboard surface that holds three storage cups along with a hanging canvas bag that organizes all your child's art supplies and materials. The cute polka-dot motif accentuates the playful design. Two benches invite siblings or friends to roll out some paper and get creative. Foster your child's creativity with this great furniture art set that is easy to assemble and fun to play with. Kids will love all the ways they can paint and draw and they will adore that it's all featured in a set designed just for them.

Let your kids draw and color with ease when you present them with Guidecraft’s deluxe art center. Solid wood legs, a rugged birch plywood surface and a UV-coated tabletop ensure this art station is durable enough for the long haul. This table boasts storage sides, two stools, canvas storage bins, along with one 18" x 50' starter roll of paper. Indulge in all your child's creative endeavors with this deluxe crafts and creative activity art desk that makes a great gift for any occasion. Ideal for children ages three and above. Create the perfect setting for drawing, crafts and creative activities for your little artist and watch his/her talent bloom with confidence.

Your creative youngster can take his/her artwork wherever they go with this portable drawing desk from Beka. Boasting a wooden composition made in the U.S.A., parents and children alike will love how this desk easily adjusts to accommodate kids of all sizes. Making the perfect surface for drawing and coloring as well as school assignments, this desk is great for kids to use at home, a grandparents house or anywhere they travel. Includes a paper roller and cutter above a dry erase board. Safe and non-toxic for worry-free creativity. Take this desk outdoors and let your artist paint the trees and clouds, pack it up and take in on vacation, or tote it to a friend's house for craft time. Wherever you go with this compact art desk, the fun comes too.

At A Kid Place you will find everything your boy or girl could need for decorating or furnishing their bedroom or playroom, along with toys for imagination and education for all ages. Expect quality and durability with each item you purchase. We handpick only the best so you never have to worry about inferior products.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Children’s Desks —The Ideal Homework Station for Kids

Children's Desks
Children's Desks

School will be starting soon, and while our thoughts are still churning over days spent by the pool and fun family vacations, it's time to shift gears and get focused on the new school year ahead. We all know that with each new grade, the homework load increases. If you are done with study time and the mess of papers and books strewn across counters and tables while you are trying to make dinner, or if you are just looking for an update, a new desk should be at the top of your school supply list.

Children's desks come in all shapes and sizes, styles, themes and organizational options, making it tough to pin down the right one for the space you have allotted. Allow us to help. Shedding some light on a few options, we've combined a few clever, studious, and even downright whimsical options for your consideration:

The perfect addition to your child's room is this Kidkraft Pinboard Desk with hutch and matching chair. Kid-sized and composed of high quality wood in a sturdy construction, this durable desk is certainly ready to keep up with your child. Keep organized with a bulletin board for hanging homework, pictures, or notes, store books and papers in the center drawer, and show off your collections on the wide top shelf. Easy step-by-step instructions are included with the desk to make assembly a breeze.

Complementing any decor scheme is this charmingly elegant KidKraft Avalon Desk with Hutch. This desk boasts a wide tabletop, perfect to fit a laptop or for doing homework or tackling art projects, a hutch with plenty of nooks and cubbies for storage, and center drawer for stationary or files. The matching chair easily slides into place beneath the desk. Sturdily built with a solid wood construction, this desk will fit in perfectly in play areas or bedrooms. Your child will be well equipped for back to school season with this specifically proportioned children's desk.

There's no doubt that desktops can often become cluttered mid-project. How ideal then that this wooden heirloom-quality desk and chair set from Guidecraft comes with a roll top design that allows you to contain the mess so no papers spill out and become lost. Of course, with plenty of storage available, keeping organized is easy. Featuring a pull-out writing board, two file drawers, spacious work area, and interior with multiple compartments, pigeon holes and pencil holder, keeping everything in its place has never been so straightforward, or so stylish! Also comes in Espresso or Light Oak.

All aboard! Hand painted details bring this train-themed desk to life, charming little engineers with its fun and whimsical design. This activity desk cleverly hides extra storage for supplies or toys and that can easily be accessed by little ones with its lightweight composition. The arching lid on front of the train lifts for toy box sized storage while the seat features a lid that lifts to reveal room for papers, books, or supplies. This kids desk is handmade of durable wood composite that ensures long-standing quality and stability for years of enjoyment to come.

A Kid Place is your go-to online retailer of everything children related. With a range of fun, educational, and themed toys, furniture, and decor for boys and girls alike, you are sure to fall in love with and find exactly what you need as you check off your list and make all their dreams come true. 

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Back to School With Wildkin Backpacks

Wildkin Backpacks
Wildkin Backpacks

It's that time again! With fall just around the corner, summer is fading fast, so as we enjoy the last of our days spent lounging poolside, we turn our thoughts to the upcoming school year. Yes, it's that magical time of year when school supplies are everywhere and your kids are ready to start the new school year with some cool accessories to show off their own unique style and taste. Why not give 'em what they want with backpacks by Wildkin! These colorful and stylish backpacks are wonderfully and durably designed to carry all your child's schoolbooks and supplies and allow them to look great while doing it.

Wildkin backpacks boast an amazing selection of designs, so let's take a look at a few of them to see which ones might work best for your child:

Available in a variety of styles, colors and themes for both boys and girls ages 2-5, Wildkin Pack ‘n Snack Backpacks are well equipped to handle both lunch and school supplies. The easy to clean, food-safe insulated front pocket is ready to handle snack and lunch transportation, but also doubles as extra supply storage if you don't need it for lunches. Mesh side pockets can handle water bottles or juices. A large interior offers plenty of room for homework and books. Two zipper closures, reflective safety strip for nighttime safety and PVC, BPA and Phthalate free!

Equipped for the needs of kids ages 3-8 is the Wildkin Sidekick Backpack. Perfect for toting books and supplies while also keeping organized with a roomy interior that boasts a water-resistant nylon lining. The double liner and extra durable polyester fabric means this backpack is ready for the long haul. The padded back adds extra comfort while wearing, and the adjustable padded shoulder straps are ready to grow with your child for all year use and beyond. Enjoy two pockets, zippered closure, interior utility pockets and convenient carry handle.

Fun and festive colors and patterns give these backpacks a cool edge that children ages 8 and up will absolutely love. Adjustable padded shoulder straps and padded back make carrying this backpack much easier and more comfortable. Three spacious zippered compartments provide plenty of places to store supplies and keep organized. Multiple inner compartments and pencil holder ensure all is in order. Side pockets accommodate bottles of water. You can't go wrong with this sizable backpack that features everything a student could need for a year of school. 

It's back to school shopping time, and at A Kid Place, we have you covered for all your back to school needs and beyond. Even if you are a daycare or school getting ready for the rush of students, we have everything kid-related you could possibly need to start the year off right!