Friday, April 27, 2012

Barbie Wooden Dollhouses Provide Beautiful Homes for Your Child’s Best Friends


Little girls love playing with dolls, especially if she has a place for her doll to live. Barbie wooden dollhouses make perfect homes for your children’s dolls. They’re sturdy and carefully constructed to fit most fashion dolls (including Barbies and Bratz), allowing your kids to spend hours engaged in imaginative play. Here we will discuss some of the options you and your kids have for Barbie dollhouses.

  • Kidkraft Designer Dollhouse: This house is perfect for any girl with a modern sense of style. This brightly-colored, trendy dollhouse includes three levels that can be accessed by two fashionably curved staircases. Eleven pieces of furniture are included, all of which match the house’s funky and colorful theme.
  • Kidkraft My Dreamy Dollhouse: If your daughter leans more towards the romantic than the trendy, she’ll fall in love with this picturesque dollhouse. This three story house comes complete with fourteen pieces of furniture and an elevator to take Barbie to each floor. The piano even plays music and the lamp lights up for added realism and fun.
  • Teamson Kids Dollhouses: Any child who dreams of being a world traveler will get a taste of big-city life with Teamson’s dollhouses. These gorgeous wooden houses are based on three of the world’s most popular cities: New York, London, and Paris. All three dollhouses are three stories tall and include furniture that matches the color and theme of the house. These dollhouses come with lockable wheels, allowing you to easily move them.
  • Kidkraft So Chic Dollhouse: The So Chic Dollhouse gives a new spin to the traditional dollhouse. This house is open on all four sides, providing even more room to play. Its simple construction allows for tons of room for furniture. The house has three floors, ten rooms, a pink roof and matching pink staircases. With 45 pieces of furniture included, your child can decorate and play to her heart’s content.
  • Kidkraft Majestic Mansion Dollhouse: If you really want to go all out, the Majestic Mansion Dollhouse is just as impressive as its name suggests. This enormous house includes four levels, eight rooms, 33 pieces of furniture, a gliding elevator, and even a garage with doors that open and shut.
  • Kidkraft Savannah Dollhouse: Elegance is the name of the game with this finely crafted, award-winning dollhouse. It’s designed to look like a southern mansion and includes three stories, six rooms, a staircase that takes Barbie to the kitchen and dining room, thirteen pieces of furniture, and outdoor balcony.
Each of these dollhouses is unique, but they have some important similarities. They all include large doors and windows that give kids easy access to all parts of the house. They’re also big enough that multiple children can play at the same time. All of these houses are made of wood and are sturdy enough to stand up to regular play. Finally, each of these houses gives your child a place to play with the dolls she loves. These heirloom-quality dollhouses will look beautiful in any home and are sure to be treasured by any little girl who has one. 


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