Thursday, September 6, 2012

Smart Gear Walkers Make Walking More Fun


One of the biggest thrills as a parent is watching your children take their first steps. When your kids learn to walk their world opens up. They can do new things and explore new places. Sometimes, though, learning to walk can lead to additional bumps and bruises. Smart Gear Walkers are a great way to give your toddler some extra stability as she learns how to walk. They’re bright, colorful, eco-friendly and a ton of fun.

What’s a Walker?

A walker is a push toy that gives young boys and girls added stability as they learn how to walk. A handle is connected to a solid, wheeled base. The handle helps keep them upright while the wide base gives them added stability. Your children will be able to practice the mechanics of walking and build up important muscles without toppling over every few steps.

What Makes Smart Gear Walkers Different?

There are tons of walkers out there, but Smart Gear Walkers are a little bit different. There are several reasons why walkers from Smart Gear are the best choice.

First of all, Smart Gear Walkers are made with the world around us in mind. They put protection of the environment over profits, which leads to high quality toys that do not have a destructive effect on the environment. All of their toys are made with rubberwood that is grown renewably, and for every tree they use two more are planted. They also use safe formaldehyde-free glue and water based paints. Even the packaging is not exempt – it’s made from 70% recycled materials.  Buying from Smart Gear is a purchase towards making sure the environment is in better shape for your kids, and some day for their kids as well.

Smart Gear isn’t known just for their green policies, though. Their walkers are fun enough to stand on their own! Here are some of the walkers they offer:

  • Giraffe Walker and Shape Sorter – Your kids get to hold onto a giraffe with crinkly ears and moving eyes. When they need a break they can play on the floor with a colorful shape sorter that rests on the walker’s front.
  • Jolly Walker – Your child doesn’t need to walk alone! This cheerful walker has a soft pouch in the front that’s perfect for holding dolls and plush animal friends.
  • Hopping Bunny Walker – Two adorable plush bunnies hop up and down on the front of this walker as your child pushes it. When he or she is tired out, the bunnies come off and are perfect for cuddling.
  • Fire Engine Walker – Save the day with this striking fire truck shaped walker. Inside you’ll find 36 wooden blocks for additional playtime.

Their attention to detail and commitment to the earth are two great reasons to choose a Smart Gear Walker for your child. Each walker will give her hours of safe and fun play, both on her feet and sitting down. Bright, colorful, and fun – playtime with these fantastic walkers is only a step away. 

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