Friday, October 28, 2011

Teamson Kids Potty Chairs – When Just the Ordinary Throne Won’t Do

With Teamson Kids Potty Chairs, one of the most important milestones of your little one’s life becomes a magical journey. As parents, we all look forward to the day when our toddlers can take care of this necessary little task on their own, but small children do not always feel the same way. Kids are often anxious about potty training, but you can make the experience a positive and exciting one by providing them with their own special potty that reflects their personality and offers a safe and happy place to “practice” for the big-kid potty later on.

Teamson Kids themed potty chairs are hand-carved and hand-painted and come in a variety of styles. From transportation themes to jungle safaris, from friendly bugs to an undersea fantasy world, Teamson has the perfect potty for your child. Each wooden chair comes equipped with a toilet paper holder, as well as a book/magazine holder, and the seat can be converted to a regular chair once potty training is over.

Here are just a few of the charming potties you will find:

School Bus Potty Chair

Even the smallest of children are thrilled when they catch sight of that big, yellow school bus. Now, you can put them right in the driver’s seat with the Teamson school bus potty chair. Tots will love the friendly tiger, the realistic headlights, and the bright red stop sign; the school bus potty also functions as a regular chair.

Under the Sea Potty Chair

This beautiful chair is hand-painted with friendly sea creatures and underwater plants that are sure to delight your child. Once potty training is complete, the chair converts to a rocker that is perfect for the nursery or playroom.

Prince and Princess Potty Chairs

Every prince or princess needs a throne, and potty training time is no exception. Fulfill their fantasies with these lovingly carved and hand-painted potty chairs in pink or blue. Complete with castle theme and the word “prince” or “princess” lettered on the back, your child will be pampered in regal style. Both seats convert to regular toddler chairs once your toddler has moved on to the big potty.

Noah’s Ark Potty Chair

No collection of children’s furnishings and accessories would be complete without a Noah’s Ark design. These playful animals are the perfect companions to your child’s imagination. Once potty training is complete, the chair converts to a rocker with the included rocker kit.

Potty Chair with Music

This hand-painted potty chair is decorated with lively flowers, leaves and smiling insects. Children are fascinated with the pull-string that makes music play while they attend to the matter at hand. On the back is a space for your child’s photo, and the seat doubles as a regular toddler chair.

Where to find Teamson Kids Potty Chairs

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Airflow Tricycles: Outdoor Fun with Retro Flair

Airflow tricycles have provided kids with hours of outdoor fun for decades – who doesn’t remember their first set of wheels? Now, your kids or grandkids can experience the same thrill you felt when you learned to pedal your very first trike with Airflow’s signature retro style.

Like the originals, modern Airflow tricycles are built to last. Constructed from heavy-gauge steel, these three-wheelers combine retro flair with durability to ensure that your little ones will be enjoying their ride for years to come. All Airflow trikes are built with your child’s safety in mind. Adjustable spring seats, sealed ball bearings on the front wheels, tires constructed of solid rubber, lead-free paint and even working headlights provide your little one with the best and safest ride-on experience possible. Choose from the models listed here in time for fall fun, or plan ahead for the holiday season.

Sky King Tricycle – Red

The original Sky King tricycle was first manufactured in 1936 and sold for over $3,000. This reproduction is a perfect replica down to the last detail, with chrome styling, reflectors and fins. Kids and collectors alike will delight in this stylish, well-made trike – at a much more affordable price than the first edition.

Sky King Tricycle – Blue

The powder-blue version of the original 26” Sky King trike is perfect in every detail, with chrome insignias and a real, working headlight. Whether you are looking for just the right gift for that special child or a collectible that will be in the family for generations, the Sky King tricycle in blue is a fantastic choice.

Sky Princess Tricycle – Pink

For the little girl who loves pink, this vintage Airflow tricycle is the perfect birthday or holiday gift. Watch her smile as she takes her first ride on this lovingly crafted and sturdy set of wheels.

Sky King and Sky Princess Tricycle Junior

Just like the original, but designed for smaller toddlers, this version is available in both pink and red. Imagine the delight on their little faces as they get their first look at this gift of a lifetime.

Sky King Road Hog

If your child is a rough and tumble road warrior, the Sky King Road Hog trike from Airflow is the perfect set of wheels. Modeled after the original Sky King tricycle, the Road Hog features a black paint job with chrome detailing, a leather spring seat with fringe, and leather handle-bar tassels.

Where to find Airflow Tricycles at Affordable Prices

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Friday, October 21, 2011

Children's Vanity Tables – Make Your Little Diva’s Dreams Come True this Holiday Season

Whether your little one is a regal princess, a movie star, or a budding diva, you know how much she loves to dress up and pretend. Now, you can make all her dreams come true with children’s vanity tables, as well as stools, mirrors, and extra storage for all of her treasured “jewels,” makeup and accessories. Vanity tables for kids are available in a wide range of styles to suit the theme of her bedroom or create a focal point for her play space. Help bring her fantasies to life this holiday season with everything she needs to engage in hours of creative role play.

The Importance of Pretend Play

Young children love creative play. Dressing up in costumes and acting out their favorite characters (whether for an audience or with a friend or sibling) provides numerous developmental benefits for toddlers and preschoolers. When kids put on a costume – a princess dress, a glamorous “celebrity” ensemble, a firefighter outfit – they feel that they have become the character they are pretending to be. This can give them a sense of control and independence that they do not have when they are being “themselves,” helping them to develop confidence and problem-solving abilities. Role play is important for developing cognitive and social skills that will influence how they learn and relate to their peers later on.

As a parent, you can facilitate role play by providing plenty of props. These can be as simple as a closet-full of your old clothes; “fancy” outfits from a vintage clothing store or specially designed dress up clothes for kids are also perfect for fueling the imagination. Add to these a handful of accessories, like costume jewelry, tiaras, hats, scarves, shoes and even makeup designed for kids, and your kids will be set for hours of creativity and fun.

Children’s vanity tables with shatter-proof mirrors are a great addition to the playroom or kids’ room. Beautifully-crafted, affordable, heirloom quality tables and chairs provide a backdrop for her fantasies, as well as giving your little diva a place to store all of her special dress-up items. You can find matching kids furnishings, including vanity tables, stools, wardrobes, and plenty of other dress-up accessories to bring her imagination to life and – as an added bonus – make clean-up time fun and easy.

Where to Buy Vanity Tables and Other Pint-Size Furnishings

You can find children’s vanity tables, stools, mirrors, and everything else your little princess needs for pretend play at A Kid Place. Visit us today for our amazing selection of kids’ nursery and playroom furnishings, educational toys and games, ride-ons and other outdoor toys, and so much more. Free shipping is available on many items, with delivery in time for the holiday season.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Rock Your Toddler's Playroom With Adorable Plush Rockabye Rockers

Rocking toys have been a favorite with toddlers for decades; and with their line of plush ride-ons, Rockabye Rockers has added a new dimension to this classic nursery toy. These beautifully-crafted wooden rockers, with their adorable, smiling faces and kid-friendly softness, are sure to be a favorite addition to your child’s nursery or playroom for years to come.

The benefits of rocking toys

From the time you put them into their first bouncy seat or wind-up swing, kids are entranced by the soothing, rocking motion. Even after they take their first steps, babies and toddlers love ride-on toys for their gentle rhythm. A sturdy plush rocker can make the perfect prop for your toddler to practice pulling up to a standing position as she climbs aboard, and rockers help to develop balance and other large-motor skills as your little one takes off on an adventure that begins in her imagination.

Why choose Rockabye Rockers?

These plush rocker toys are a top choice among parents whose number one concern is the safety of their little ones. Rockabye Rockers are made with a sturdy, solid wooden base which is designed to prevent tipping and other accidents that could cause injury. You can be sure that your children will ride safely for years to come with these heirloom-quality rocking toys. Rockabye plush rockers are appropriate for children starting at about ten months of age (baby should be able to sit unassisted and pull himself up to stand before using a rocker) up to six years.

These adorable plush rockers come in a large selection of soft, brightly-colored designs that will suit every décor and every child’s fantasy. Among some of the favorite styles, you will find animal friends, exciting “vehicles,” and even a princess horse and carriage, to name just a few. All rockers come with wooden handles for added balance, and play tunes at the touch of a button, while your child enjoys a ride.

Rockabye Rockers are the perfect addition to your favorite child’s playroom, whether you are looking for just the right birthday or holiday gift or you are furnishing a nursery for the first time. You are sure to find just the right rocker to fit any child’s personality, from the little diva to the animal lover to the sports fan.

Where to find the perfect plush rocker

A Kid Place online offers a fantastic selection of Rockabye Rockers and so much more! This popular internet retailer is in the process of gearing up for the holiday shopping season with dozens of new additions to their already huge inventory of over a thousand items for kids of all ages. From nursery furnishings to high chairs and strollers to the highest quality educational toys, you will find plenty of unique, well-made products that will make your child’s eyes shine (and none of the usual offerings that you will find at your local big box or mall toy store). All items meet or exceed government safety standards and come from award-winning manufacturers who specialize in quality products for children.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Kidkraft Dollhouses Bring Imagination to Life

Even with all of the latest high-tech gadgets, the endless licensed characters, and the educational toys that money can buy today, nothing stimulates the imagination and engages the attention of young children as much as Kidkraft dollhouses can. Kidkraft, an award-winning manufacturer of beautifully crafted wooden toys, offers a unique collection of heirloom-quality dollhouses that bring out the child in all of us (admit it, you know it is almost impossible to walk by a dollhouse without at least peeking inside or rearranging some of the furniture!).

These dollhouses are built to last, made from quality materials that provide hour after hour of safe and wholesome fun for your favorite little girl – or boy! Below are just a few of the gorgeously-detailed Kidkraft dollhouse models that you can order online and put together yourself with easy-to-follow instructions.

Chelsea Dollhouse

The Chelsea is the perfect starter dollhouse for kids aged three and up. Its adorable design is full of realistic details, including windows that actually open and close, and it is large enough for several children to play together. Your kids will have hours of fun arranging the realistically detailed furniture (the bunk bed with its own ladder is a special favorite with most kids) and engaging in creative role play that helps them build important social skills. As with all Kidkraft dollhouses, this all-wood model is made using only lead-free and non-toxic materials.

Designer Dollhouse

This contemporary-style dollhouse is three stories tall and features two winding staircases that are just the right size for your child’s favorite Barbie and Bratz dolls. Several children can play at once with this Kidkraft model, which comes with 11 pieces of furniture for kids to arrange to suit their own unique style. Parents love the colorful detail and sturdy construction that holds up even under the most enthusiastic play; this dollhouse is sure to be in your family for the next generation to enjoy.

“Suite Elite” Mansion

This elegant and colorfully decorated townhouse-style model is three stories high – which won’t be a problem with its real, “working” elevator and sweeping staircase that leads up to a bedroom complete with canopied beds. Downstairs, your child’s favorite fashion dolls (up to 11.5 inches tall) can dine in quiet elegance under a tasteful chandelier.

Savannah Dollhouse

Southern hospitality comes to life with this beautifully appointed mansion-style dollhouse. With four levels, six generous-size rooms, furniture, plus an outdoor patio, your Southern belle can play together with several of her friends at once; fashion dolls such as Bratz or Barbie are the perfect fit for the spacious rooms and the realistic furnishings.

Kidkraft Dollhouse Bookcase

Any little girl would be delighted with this addition to her bedroom furnishings. The flip-top Kidkraft dollhouse bookcase has three levels of shelves to accommodate plenty of favorite books, as well as extra “secret” storage space for her treasured items under the lift-up roof. As fun as it is practical, this child-size bookcase also functions as a real dollhouse for hours of imaginative play.

The holidays are almost here again, and with them comes the pressure to find the perfect gifts for all of the little ones on your shopping list. Before you hit the mall or big-box stores, be sure to visit us online. At A Kid Place, you will find over a thousand quality children’s items, including a great selection of Kidkraft dollhouses, as well as plenty of other exciting and affordable toys and games for kids of all ages. We may just become the one-stop shopping experience that takes the stress out of gift-buying and allows you to enjoy all the fun and excitement of the holiday season.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Stress-Free Holiday Shopping – How Buying Early Puts the Joy Back in the Holidays

Watching the happy excitement on your children’s faces as they open their holiday gifts is one of the most joyful parts of the season. Yet in the weeks leading up to the big day, it can seem like you are never going to get everything done on time. Heading to the mall with your shopping list, heavy with your children’s holiday expectations, you meet the crowds of irritated shoppers who all have the same thing in mind. As you fight your way through the throng, you wonder why what is supposed to be such a happy time of year has become so stressful.

The good news is that, by planning ahead and developing a strategy for your holiday shopping, you can turn buying your children’s holiday gifts into the exciting and rewarding experience it is meant to be. Follow these tips and you will find yourself once again looking forward to this magical season.

Start your shopping early. After facing the holiday shopping crowds and the inevitable rush to buy those last-minute gifts, many of us vow to start our shopping early for the next season, only to get caught up in more immediate activities as the year goes by. This year, make a resolution to get your holiday shopping done before the seasonal rush, and you will find yourself facing the holidays in a much more relaxed frame of mind.

Keep a “wish list” for each child (kids are great at letting you know what they want most) and look for these items throughout the year. By picking your gifts up early, you eliminate the risk of finding out that all of the stores are out of the most coveted toys and gadgets on your list.

Shop online. Buying your holiday gifts online is the ultimate solution to de-stressing the shopping experience. While you might miss out on the carolers, the holiday decorations, and the air of excitement, you also avoid the crowds of frustrated and angry shoppers, and the rushing from one store to the next to find that perfect gift. Purchasing gifts for your children from can put the joy back in the holidays. Over a thousand unique, well-made toys, craft items, and other treasures for children of all ages are available with just a few clicks of your mouse, at below retail prices all year round - all of your holiday gifts will be shipped right to your door, leaving you free to enjoy the season with your loved ones.

By shopping online before the big rush, you can truly take the stress out of buying your children’s holiday presents. Ordering online can save you hours of driving, fighting the crowds, and frustration at not being able to find the right gift. Get your shopping done early, and then breathe a big sigh of relief as you relax and enjoy this year’s holiday season with your friends and family.and enjoy this year’s holiday season with your friends and family.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Children’s Dress-Up Play - The Real Meanings behind This Childhood Phenomenon

Whether you have young children of your own or you work in an early childhood center, you know that kids love to play dress-up. From putting on Mom or Dad’s shoes to saving the world in a superhero costume, small children spend hours in imaginative play, dressing up as their role models or favorite characters. But there is more to this type of role play than simply pretending to be a favorite cartoon character; here, we explain some of the deeper meanings behind your child’s pretend play.

Mom and Dad’s clothing

One of a child’s favorite places to find dress-up clothes is in mom or dad’s closet. Nearly every baby album has at least one photograph of little ones teetering in high heels, draping themselves with ties or scarves, and donning oversized hats. Kids love to play with the buttons, buckles and laces, and wearing their caregiver’s clothing allows them to feel grown up in a way that they don’t in their own everyday play clothes.

“Fancy” dress

What little girl doesn’t love to put on a costume and pretend to be her favorite Disney princess or deck herself out with all the plastic “bling” she can find? Toddlers use dress-up to sort out gender roles; at this age, it is all about the visual, so girls tend to go for the ultimate in feminine attire. Little boys often dress up in more feminine costumes, as well, and vice versa; small children are able to tell the difference between males and females, but they also believe that changing clothing (or putting on a wig or a fake mustache) changes their identity. Again, this is a perfectly normal way for children to figure out who they are and is not an indication of any lasting behavior.

Superheroes (or just plain regular heroes)

Dressing up and “flying” around the house in a cape or putting on a plastic fire hat and putting out imaginary fires allows little ones to feel powerful and in control, as well as engage in healthy physical activity. This type of imaginative play is important in developing problem-solving skills and learning to cooperate with peers.

Animals or fantasy creatures

Kids love animals, and dressing up as their favorite furry – or slithery- creature is a great way for kids to learn about the animal world. Pretending to be a dinosaur or a lion can also foster a sense of being powerful, at least until they are ready to become themselves again.

The Guidecraft See and Store Dress-Up Center is the perfect place to store all of your child’s favorite dress-up clothes. With its roomy shelves for shoes and other accessories and the wooden dowel for hanging costumes and dresses, you can organize all of your child’s pretend play items for easy access and easy cleanup. The all-natural wood is perfect for any play space and decor. You will find the dress-up center, as well as a wide range of other furnishings and storage items, online at A Kid Place.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Retro Toys and Treasures Bring Back the Pleasures of the Past

Whether you are nostalgic for simpler times or you simply want your kids to experience active play that does not involve a remote control or video screen, retro toys are the perfect way to bring back the pleasures of the past. Below are just a few of the beautifully-crafted, sturdy vintage-style toys and other treasures that can provide hour after hour of safe and wholesome fun.

Radio Flyer Inchworm

A few decades ago, nearly every American child had their own Radio Flyer inchworm; all it takes to make this adorable ride-on “go” is bouncing up and down. Safe for kids aged 2 to 5, this friendly toy helps children develop balance and large motor skills.

American Retro and Airflow Collectibles Pedal Cars and Planes

Let your child’s imagination soar with American Retro and Airflow Collectibles retro ride-on toys, including pedal cars, planes, and trains. These stainless-steel ride-ons meet or exceed all current safety standards; the durable construction ensures that your child, and even your grandchildren, will enjoy these fanciful toys for years to come.

Radio Flyer Retro Rocket

The Radio Flyer Retro Rocket pedal toy sports vintage styling, along with realistic “outer space” sounds (activated by rolling the wheels) and under-the-seat storage to take along everything your child needs for the next important “mission.”

Airflow Collectibles Tricycles

Airflow retro tricycles are stunning reproductions of the original Sky King Trikes of 1936. These steel trikes boast fabulous powder coats, chrome insignias, solid rubber tires, sealed ball bearing, rubber handles, and light that really does work. Why spend over $3,000 for an original trike that is in bad, as well as, unsafe condition, when you can buy a perfect replica in pristine condition? For even younger children, Airflow makes junior-sized tricycles that are exactly the same in every way, just scaled-down.

American Retro Coke Machine

While you may not be old enough to remember the first Coca Cola machines, back when a cold one cost only a few cents, you are sure to appreciate the retro feel of this authentic reproduction of the Westinghouse original from the 30’s and 40’s. This vintage-style treasure really works and is perfect for the family room or patio.

Coca Cola Bubble Clock

The classic “double bubble” Coca Cola advertising clocks, made from the 1940s to the 1960s, are among the most attractive vintage clocks available. Add one of these fully-functional electric clocks (no batteries required) to your den or family room to give your décor a genuine retro look and feel.

Where to find

You can find all of these amazing vintage-style items, as well as a wide range of retro ride-on toys (from planes to trains to automobiles) and much more – even a “real” Thomas the Tank Engine – from A Kid Place. Visit us today to find over a thousand high-quality, safe and environmentally conscious toys, nursery and bedroom furnishings, children’s musical instruments, and classroom items, all at affordable prices.