Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Dexton Kids Pedal Car: Cruise Around Town in Style!


Are your kids ready to hit the park this summer? Why not make a real entrance with a pedal car that’s sure to turn heads? A Dexton Kids Pedal Car is just the ticket. These realistic looking pedal cars are safe, stylish, and whole lot of fun.

Pedal cars are a great way for kids age three and up to develop gross motor skills. They’re a great first step towards more complicated forms of transportation like bicycles. Instead of having to worry about balancing (and the scrapes and bruises that come with learning to ride), your toddler can sit comfortably in a stable car and focus on pedaling.

Each Dexton Kids Pedal Car is designed to give your children a safe and comfortable play experience. Their sturdy metal bodies will stand up to all the bumps that come from outdoor play. Padded seats will keep your kids comfy and happy for long afternoons “drives.” Steel wheels and rubber tires help keep each ride feeling smooth and safe. Some models have fun accessories like working headlights and working bells that both add to the car’s realism and increase its safety.

While each Dexton Kids Pedal Car is top notch when it comes to quality, where they really shine is in appearance.  Each of the ten different styles is unique and attractive, bringing to mind the styles of cars from years gone by. No matter what your child’s tastes or interests are, there’s a car that will suit them.

  • Pretty in Pink: If you have a little princess in your life who loves all things pink, Dexton has several pedal cars that will be sure to delight her. Girls can choose from a classic 30’s design, a deluxe roadster, and even a 50’s style Dexton Kids Pink Comet Sedan.
  • Cool Blues: If pink’s not your thing, you’ll also find some classic styles available in blue. Both the Voiture Classic Pedal Car and the deluxe roadster are available in a rich shade of blue.
  • Imaginative Play: Many kids love pretending about the jobs they may have when they grow up. Pedal cars are a great way to encourage this imaginative play. Future mechanics will love coming to their friend’s aid with the Deluxe Tow Truck Pedal Car (it even has a working towing mechanism!). The Woody Wagon is a pint-sized delivery truck with a tailgate that opens up for additional storage.
  • Saving the Day: Fire fighters and police officers are particularly attractive careers for young children. A Police Pick-up Pedal Car is available to help crime-fighters catch the bad guys. Any future fire man or woman is spoiled for choice with both a sleek comet firefighter car and the Dexton Kids Deluxe Fire Truck Pedal Car available to them.
The jaw-dropping designs and high quality construction of all Dexton Kids Pedal Cars are sure to please both you and your kids. Get ready for hours of play this summer with these fun, attractive, and safe outdoor toys. 

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