Thursday, October 25, 2012

Guidecraft Princess Collection: Furnishings Fit for a Princess


What little girl doesn’t dream of being a princess? The balls, the gowns, the crowns, the extravagance… the life of a royal appeals to most girls. If your daughter dreams of one day being a princess why not try to make her dreams a reality? The Guidecraft Princess Collection is full of beautiful wooden furnishings that will transform your daughter’s room into a palace that any princess would be thrilled to call home.

The Guidecraft Princess Collection features a collection of beautiful hand painted furniture that reflects the colors and sights that are associated with princesses. Every piece is painted with child-safe and non-toxic paints and finishes. Each piece is made of sturdy wood that is sure to stand up to both age and rough use. While each piece is different, they all have a similar fanciful aura and light pink color that is sure to enchant.

This collection features several different pieces. Here are a few favorites:

  • Guidecraft Princess Toy Box: Every princess needs a place to store her favorite things! The Princess Toy Box is the perfect storage solution for toys, dress-up clothes, stuffed animals, and even magic wands! The pretty pink color is accented by gold trim and hand painted scenes of castles and carriages. Its spacious interior is made more accessible by safety lid supports which prevent pinched pinkies and finger hole cutouts. Best of all, when playtime is over the box can double as a bench.
  • Guidecraft Princess Table Lamp: A soft, relaxing light on her bedside table may be just what your princess needs to keep nighttime fears away. This beautiful lamp features a hand painted resin castle at its base. The lampshade continues the princess theme with a moon and stars over a soft pink background. Whether used for story time or as a source of comforting light during the wee hours, this lamp is sure to soothe and delight.
  • Guidecraft Princess Book Display Case: What princess doesn’t love fairytales? With the Princess Book Display Case your daughter will now have a special place to keep her favorite stories. A castle and a carriage decorate this pink and gold bookshelf while deep canvas pockets provide a safe, easy to clean place for books to rest.
  • Guidecraft Princess Table & Chairs Set: When tea time comes around, a princess needs a place to gather with her friends. The Princess Table & Chairs set provides just that. A sturdy table with beautiful hand-painted elements and two matching chairs make for a perfect place to share a snack with a friend or sibling. If more princesses are expected, additional chairs are available.
There’s no reason your daughter’s bedroom or playroom can’t be turned into a fairyland that matches her fantasies. With the Guidecraft Princess Collection your daughter will be surrounded with the colors and sights that match her love for princesses. Even if you can’t give your daughter a kingdom, you can give her a room fit for a princess. 

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Wildkin Sleeping Bags Give Your Kids A Fun and Cozy Place to Sleep


Taking a trip with your family is always fun. Whether it’s inside a tent at your favorite campground or a night in the living room next to a fire, changing up your daily routine is a great way to make fond memories. In order for your kids to have the best experience possible, though, they’ll need a safe and comfy place to sleep. Wildkin Sleeping Bags are the perfect solution.

Wildkin Sleeping Bags are designed to be a soft, comfortable and safe place for your children to get some shut-eye. The cotton/polyester exterior is naturally flame resistant, so there is no need for them to be treated with flame-retardant chemicals. Each sleeping bag comes with a storage bag and elastic storage straps to make packing up and traveling much easier. They even come with a travel pillow to make sure your children have a good night’s sleep wherever they go.

These sleeping bags are designed for kids up to five feet tall. Because they can open up and lie flat on a bed, you might find that your child likes his so much he wants to sleep with it every night! You’ll also find that they come in a variety of colors and patterns that will suit any child’s taste. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Princess Sleeping Bag: Your little princess is sure to have sweet dreams when cuddled up in this fanciful sleeping bag. This beautiful sleeping bag is decorated with all the classic symbols of palace finery. Its rich purple color is sure to tickle your daughter’s fancy.
  • Dinosaur Sleeping Bag: What better way to stay safe from the boogeyman than to have an army of dinosaurs surrounding you? Any boy or girl with a penchant for the Paleolithic will love this bag. Some of kids’ favorite dinosaurs are pictured on top of a two-toned ochre background.
  • Horses in Pink Sleeping Bag: Any horse lovers in your family? If so, the horses sleeping bag is the perfect place for them to cuddle up for a nap. They’ll love the designs of horses that rear up and gallop all around them. A soft pink color makes the horses stand out and makes for a calming place to settle in.
  • Green Camo Sleeping Bag: Maybe your child is a little more interested in blending in than standing out. The green camo bag is just the ticket. It recreates the classic camo pattern through a mixture of green, black, gray and white. The bright green interior adds a fun contrast that any camo-loving kid will enjoy.
Most Wildkin Sleeping Bags have matching nap mats available to create a cohesive naptime environment.

No matter what your kids fancy, they'll love bedding down in these comfortable and fun sleepig bags. Whether you're traveling the world or putting up a tent in the backyard, these bags will keep your children safe, warm, and happy.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Teamson Kids Bouquet Collection Is A Little Girl’s Dream Come True


If there’s one thing that little girls like to be surrounded with, it’s beauty. Flowers, horses, princesses… the list of pretty things girls love goes on and on. Why not make sure your daughter’s bedroom is just as beautiful as she is? The Teamson Kids Bouquet Collection is just what you need to create a room that is sure to delight your little girl.

The hand carved wooden furnishings in the Teamson Kids Bouquet Collection are designed to both look beautiful and to stand the test of time. Each piece in this collection displays a lovely flower motif that is complemented by delicate pastel colors young ladies will love. The collection includes every piece of furniture your girls will need to make their room complete, including the following:

Teamson Kids Bouquet Standing Mirror: Mirror, mirror on the wall… your daughter will feel like the fairest one of all each time she looks into this beautiful standing mirror. Hand crafted and painted, this mirror is designed to be sturdy enough to last as long as your daughter needs it as well as future generations. The soft pink color and sweet flower design will make your little one smile every time she looks into it. The mirror tilts up and down to give different angles of reflection, making it easy for your daughter to use it as she grows.

Teamson Kids Bouquet Toy Chest: Every girl needs a place to put her favorite things. The Teamson Kids Bouquet Toy Chest is the perfect hiding place for all your children’s toys. This chest is sturdy and safe. Safety hinges make sure little fingers don’t get pinched when opening and closing the lid.  Side cut outs provide air circulation to prevent the risk of suffocation should a child climb in and close the lid. The hand painted exterior has pink stripes and a precious bouquet on the front.

Teamson Kids Bouquet Table Lamp: A table lamp like this one provides light and elegance to any child’s room. The Teamson Bouquet Lamp adds a special touch with a resin bouquet of flowers resting on a base with a distressed design. The forty watt bulb this light calls for gives out a soft, pleasant light that is sure to soothe any nighttime fears.

Teamson Kids Bouquet Vanity Table & Stool: This table serves two purposes. When your girl wants to primp to get ready for a big day, a fold up mirror gives her the opportunity to get ready in style. If her mind is on her homework, though, the mirror folds down to create a flat space to work. Drawers on either side of the table are perfect for storing pencils or nail polish. The hand painted pink design matches perfectly with the rest of the bouquet collection.

Any little girl would be thrilled to have with these lovely furnishings in her room. These sturdy wooden pieces will last for years to come. Each piece is beautiful and unique – just like your little girl.