Monday, May 21, 2012

A Kidkraft Sandbox Brings the Beach to Your Backyard

Summer is a fun time of year – the weather is warm, there’s lots going on around the neighborhood, and the kids are out of school. It’s a great time to take a trip, but if money is a little tight there’s nothing wrong with having a “staycation” at home. If you and the kids are going to be hanging out in the backyard this summer, why not enrich your playtime routine with a Kidkraft Sandbox?

Bring the Beach to Your Home

Playing in the sand is tons of fun, no matter what your age is. Trips to the beach can get pricey, but with a Kidkraft  Sandbox in your yard your children can have all the fun of the beach without all the fuss. There’s no need for buckets and shovels to lie dormant all summer. Instead, kids can dig for treasure, make sand-castles, or do whatever else they want all summer long.

Staying Safe While Having Fun

Having fun in the sun is a great way to spend the day, but sometimes too much sun isn’t a good thing. If your little girl or boy tends to burn easily or if you’re just concerned about too much sun, then the Kidkraft  Outdoor Sandbox with Canopy is perfect for your family. This sandbox offers a large play area that’s covered by a canopy. Children can play for hours in comfort and safety underneath the sturdy canopy without worrying about painful burns.

“Arrrrr” Your Kids Pirate Fans?

What child doesn’t love the adventurous life of pirates? If you’ve got a little pirate of your own, the Kidkraft  Pirate Sandboat is the perfect place for him to live out his dreams. This boat-shaped sandbox has two compartments for storing toys and treasures, a canopy to keep the sun off, colorful artwork, and even a steering wheel! Add to this a large play area filled with sand that’s perfect for burying and digging for treasure. It’s big enough so several small swashbucklers can play at once.

Designed for Active Play

Whether it’s the Pirate Sandboat, the Sandbox with Canopy, or Kidkraft ’s more basic Backyard Sandbox, these structures are built to last. Because they’re intended to be used outside, the wood they’re made from is chosen to stand up to the elements. Reinforced wooden panels make sure that your sandbox won’t get bent out of shape or succumb to bad weather. They’re designed to stand up to rough play and are all large enough that a group of children can have fun at the same time. While some assembly is required, each sandbox comes with detailed instructions that make set-up quick and easy.

Summer and sand go together like peanut butter and jelly. If your kids are longing for a sandy shore, you can satisfy that desire without having to leave home. A Kidkraft  Sandbox is a fun, safe, and sturdy way to add some sandy playtime to your child’s long summer days.

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