Friday, February 18, 2011

What is Rubberwood? Learn More about this Eco-Friendly Children's Furniture Option

Rubberwood, also known as parawood, is harvested from the rubber tree, which is also used for producing commercial latex. Rich in appearance, durable, and easy to maintain, rubberwood is becoming a highly popular choice for the manufacture of home furnishings.

The history of rubberwood

Rubberwood has been used for centuries for its sap, from which latex rubber is made. Although there are now a number of synthetic rubber materials, natural latex is still a popular option, and the trees are farmed in huge quantities in hot, tropical climates.

While wood from rubber trees has always been used on a small scale for making furniture and other home goods, it was little known outside of the countries where the wood grows naturally until the early 1900s. Because rubber trees only produce marketable latex until they are about thirty years old, farmers typically burned the trees in order to make room for new plantings.

However, plantation owners eventually recognized the commercial value of the wood and began to harvest the trees for lumber once they no longer produced useable latex. Rubberwood furniture, flooring, wooden toys, cutting boards, and a variety of other products make up a significant percentage of exports from Southeast Asian countries such as Malaysia, where much of the wood is grown.

Benefits of rubberwood

There are numerous advantages to using rubberwood, and it is highly favored due to its sustainability (rubberwood is essentially a waste product, as it has already served a useful purpose, and it is therefore considered environmentally friendly). Some of the benefits of wood from the rubber tree include:

  • Versatility;
  • Affordability;
  • Resistance to mold, fungus, and insects;
  • Easy maintenance;
  • Sturdiness;
  • Dense, rich grain which can be stained or painted easily.

Why rubberwood is best for children's furniture

Because rubber trees are plentiful and easily harvested, rubberwood furniture is typically more affordable than other tropical hardwoods, such as teak. It is also lightweight and sturdy, making it a safe choice for children's furniture and wooden toys. As it can be easily cleaned, it is ideal for use in high chairs and other children’s products. There are hundreds of rubberwood products available for baby nurseries, playrooms, and kids’ bedrooms, in styles and colors to complement any décor.

Some of the top rubberwood kids products

Rubberwood furniture manufacturers such as Kidkraft, which can be purchased below list price from, include bookshelves, children’s tables and chairs, bedroom furniture, toy boxes, desks, and much more.


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