Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Charm Company Rockers Give New Life to An Old Favorite

Any parent that grew up with a rocking horse knows the joy and imagination these classic toys can unleash. If you’d like to give your child the same experience with a bit of flair, Charm Company Rockers are exactly what you’re looking for. These toys give a new spin to an old favorite, resulting in a friend your kids will adore.

Rocking toys encourage movement and imagination. Instead of sitting still in front of a TV, your child will move back and forth and imagine themselves in all sorts of adventures. Charm Company Rockers take this one step further by building their rockers around different animals and modes of transportation. Instead of rocking on a horse, your child could explore the world on an elephant, a sailboat, or even a zebra.

Charm Company builds their toys to last, which means they’ll last as long as your toddler wishes to use them. In fact, they will likely still be around when your grandchildren are ready for adventures of their own. Each Charm Company Rocker is made with soft, plush materials that will cradle your baby and keep them safe while playing. If any messes occur, the rockers are easy to clean with mild soap and water.

All Charm Company Rockers are designed to be low to the ground, making it easy for little ones to climb up and play. Many rockers also have cushioned backs and sturdy handles, making sure your children are safe and secure.

Each rocking toy has something unique to offer. Here are a few of the many friends your child could make from the Charm Company Specialty Rockers series:

Clifford the Big Red Dog: This special ride-on toy depicts the bright red dog your child loves from TV and books. Clifford stands on a sturdy wooden frame and has natural stain wood handles so your child has a place to hold on while rocking. The attention to detail in this rocker allows Clifford to look great in any nursery.

Rocking Train: Who says a rocking toy has to be an animal? Charm Company’s Rocking Train gives any future engineer a fun and sturdy ride. Brightly colored in primary colors, this rocking train includes a backrest so there’s no risk of little ones falling off and bumping their heads.

The next two rockers from the Charm Company Rocking Animals collection are a huge hit with parents and children alike:

Tipsy Tiger: If your child wants something a little on the wild side, Tipsy Tiger is sure to delight. This feline rocker is sturdy with a hardwood base and a comfortable, plush body.

Baby Poodle: If your little girl loves anything pink, this beautiful baby poodle will put a smile on her face. Her manicured coat and soft pink body make her an attractive addition to any nursery or playroom.

Ride-on toys inspire kids to move, helping them grow both physically and mentally. Adding a rocking friend to their playrooms gives them a chance to imagine the world in a new way. There’s a reason rocking toys are remembered so fondly – they’re classic toys that have so much to offer to a child.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Levels of Discovery All Star Sports Collection Hits it Out of the Park


Batter up! Most kids love the excitement that comes from a great sports game. Whether it’s baseball, football, hockey or soccer, sports are loved by kids everywhere. The Levels of Discovery All Star Sports Collection brings the excitement of a day at the stadium into your child’s room through a number of vibrant wooden furnishings.

Every time Levels of Discovery creates a piece of furniture, they keep both functionality and fun in mind. Their All Star Sports Collection is no exception. Each piece is made of sturdy wood and is constructed with young boys and girls in mind. As such, each piece can stand up to the rough play that children’s furniture sometimes is faced with. But just as important is the way each piece looks. Bold colors come together with a little ‘something extra,’ so whether it’s a clothes tree or a toy box your kids will be surrounded with stimulating color and fun.

A few of the pieces from this collection are:

  • Levels of Discovery All Star Sports Table & 4 Stool Set: Four of the most popular sports around these days are represented in this kid-sized table. Stools painted to look like soccer, football, and baseballs, and even a hockey puck are the perfect complement to a red and blue table. Both the table and the stools are supported by baseball bat shaped legs. The table is a game in itself: a miniature soccer game with two goals and four balls is built right into the tabletop.
  • Levels of Discovery All Star Sports Revolving Bookcase: Just because your children like sports doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy books just as much! The revolving bookcase is the perfect place for them to store their favorite reading materials. Painted red and blue, this case also includes a chalkboard and two photo frame book ends.
  • Levels of Discovery All Star Sports Toy Box Bench: This toy box bench is the perfect place for young athletes to store balls, cleats, and any other sports gear. This sturdy box is painted red and blue and features a motif of pennants, balls, and stars.  A slow-closing lid helps prevent pinched fingers. Once all your kids’ toys are packed away, the box doubles as a cute and sturdy bench seat.
  • Levels of Discovery All Star Sports Rocker: After a long game there’s nothing nicer than relaxing on this handsome rocking chair. This chair shares the same motif as the other pieces in this collection – red and blue and decorated with stars, balls, and pennants. The back includes a photo frame surrounded by a star with the words “All Star” underneath; it’s the perfect way to make your future athlete feel honored.
No matter what sport your children are into, the Levels of Discovery All Star Sports Collection will make them feel right at home. The bright colors, charming motifs and fun extras all work together to create an atmosphere any child would love. It’s the perfect way to help support the dreams of your future MVP.