Thursday, October 4, 2012

Teamson Kids Bouquet Collection Is A Little Girl’s Dream Come True


If there’s one thing that little girls like to be surrounded with, it’s beauty. Flowers, horses, princesses… the list of pretty things girls love goes on and on. Why not make sure your daughter’s bedroom is just as beautiful as she is? The Teamson Kids Bouquet Collection is just what you need to create a room that is sure to delight your little girl.

The hand carved wooden furnishings in the Teamson Kids Bouquet Collection are designed to both look beautiful and to stand the test of time. Each piece in this collection displays a lovely flower motif that is complemented by delicate pastel colors young ladies will love. The collection includes every piece of furniture your girls will need to make their room complete, including the following:

Teamson Kids Bouquet Standing Mirror: Mirror, mirror on the wall… your daughter will feel like the fairest one of all each time she looks into this beautiful standing mirror. Hand crafted and painted, this mirror is designed to be sturdy enough to last as long as your daughter needs it as well as future generations. The soft pink color and sweet flower design will make your little one smile every time she looks into it. The mirror tilts up and down to give different angles of reflection, making it easy for your daughter to use it as she grows.

Teamson Kids Bouquet Toy Chest: Every girl needs a place to put her favorite things. The Teamson Kids Bouquet Toy Chest is the perfect hiding place for all your children’s toys. This chest is sturdy and safe. Safety hinges make sure little fingers don’t get pinched when opening and closing the lid.  Side cut outs provide air circulation to prevent the risk of suffocation should a child climb in and close the lid. The hand painted exterior has pink stripes and a precious bouquet on the front.

Teamson Kids Bouquet Table Lamp: A table lamp like this one provides light and elegance to any child’s room. The Teamson Bouquet Lamp adds a special touch with a resin bouquet of flowers resting on a base with a distressed design. The forty watt bulb this light calls for gives out a soft, pleasant light that is sure to soothe any nighttime fears.

Teamson Kids Bouquet Vanity Table & Stool: This table serves two purposes. When your girl wants to primp to get ready for a big day, a fold up mirror gives her the opportunity to get ready in style. If her mind is on her homework, though, the mirror folds down to create a flat space to work. Drawers on either side of the table are perfect for storing pencils or nail polish. The hand painted pink design matches perfectly with the rest of the bouquet collection.

Any little girl would be thrilled to have with these lovely furnishings in her room. These sturdy wooden pieces will last for years to come. Each piece is beautiful and unique – just like your little girl. 

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