Thursday, August 30, 2012

Wildkin Nap Mats Make a Safe and Comfy Place for Kids to Sleep


Curling up for a long, cozy nap is one of the best things for a small child to do. However, if your kids don’t have a comfortable place to lie down for some shut-eye, naptime can become a nightmare. Wildkin Nap Mats are the perfect solution to naptime blues. They’re cute, portable, and best of all, extremely comfortable. Your children will always look forward to naptime with a nap mat in tow!


Trying to nap on a sticky plastic mat does not make for good sleep. That’s why Wildkin Nap Mats are designed with comfort in mind. The cotton/polyester lining is cozy and comfortable. A removable pillow can easily be rolled up with the mat to make sure your toddler always has a place to rest his head. Best of all, the attached blanket is lined with fleece, keeping children warm and cozy even on cool days.


The portability of Wildkin Nap Mats makes them a great choice both for at home and on the go. Keep it spread out at home for an easy way to work naptime into your busy daily schedule. Where this mat really shines, though, is when it’s brought to preschool or daycare. They’re easy to roll up and secure with sturdy fasteners. Carrying straps make them easy to tote along wherever you’re going. Their portability also makes them an ideal choice as a starter sleeping bag for weekend camping trips.


Another way that Nap Mats by Wildkin really shine is in the bright colors and designs they display. They’re a great way to help your child express his or her individuality as well as make sure he or she knows which mat is theirs. Here are just a few of the many fun and attractive designs available:

  • Olive Kids Heroes: Your little boy (or girl) can peacefully dream of what he might grow up to be with this mat. Fire trucks, police cars, and rescue vehicles all feature prominently on a rich blue background.
  • Owls: ‘Whooo’ wouldn’t want to take a nap surrounded by whimsical, friendly owls? Colorful owls dance across a pink background on this super-cute mat.
  • Olive Kids Out of This World: Who doesn’t dream of soaring up to space every now and then? Your child can dream of traveling through the stars and moons depicted on this mat. He may even bump into an alien or two!
  • Olive Kids Mermaids: If your little girl would rather spend time under the sea, she can explore the ocean with the turtles, fish, and mermaids featured on this sea-blue mat.
Whether it’s a quick nap at home or a longer snooze at daycare, a Wildkin Nap Mat is a great way to make sure your little one is getting the shut-eye she needs. Naptime doesn’t have to be a struggle – with a cozy, comfortable mat your kids will be snuggling down for some quality shut-eye like a dream. 

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