Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Train Sets & Tables – the Perfect Holiday Surprise for Your Little Engineer

Have you ever walked past a wooden train table display with a small child without him begging you to stop and let him play for just a few minutes? Chances are that if you have a pre-school age child, she has been fascinated with Thomas and friends, or similar train sets, every since she first laid eyes on them. This year, you can make all your little one’s dreams come true with a holiday gift of a beautifully crafted wooden train set and table.

Why train sets and tables make the perfect holiday gift

Pretend play is so important for small children. It helps them develop in numerous areas, including empathy, social and communication skills, and problem solving. A kid-friendly train set is one of the best ways to stimulate your child’s imagination and provide him with hour after hour of creative play, as he experiments with designing his track setup, manipulates the trains, and cooperates with other children as they play side by side.

Train sets and tables make ideal holiday gifts; unlike other toys, which may promptly break or end up under the bed, wooden train sets have lasting appeal. The colorful landscapes, easy-to-assemble track, and charming trains and buildings will hold your children’s attention for years to come.

What to look for

As you shop for the perfect train set, keep these pointers in mind:

  • Stay away from plastic train sets. While they generally cost less than wooden trains , they are easily broken and can present a safety hazard. Instead, opt for high-quality wooden train tables and accessories that are manufactured using non-toxic materials. You may pay more, but these toys last for years and are worth the slightly larger investment.
  • Look for wooden tables with non-chip edges; these higher-quality train tables are safer and last longer. The best train tables come equipped with storage bins that slide underneath the table for easy clean-up; get the clutter up off the floor and make playtime more pleasant for both you and your child.

Where to find affordable train sets and tables

You can find a great selection of affordable train sets and tables at A Kid Place. Most of our adorable, well-crafted tables and train sets are compatible with Thomas and Brio trains. To avoid disappointment, make sure you order early to ensure delivery before the holidays.


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Train Tablesis your child's imagination taking off to new heights. When enjoying with the trains they are producing their own little train universe that they entirely management. This signifies they make up the names of the passengers, the conductors, and the train engineers. For instance, the little one could make the trains talk with each and every other just like the well-liked television show 'Thomas and Buddies.'Train tables for young children is the comprehension of basic devices. Toy trains and their equipment help young people understand how to use basic devices, some of which requires elementary physics.

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