Saturday, November 6, 2010

Choosing the Right Baby Safety Gate

Once your baby begins to creep, crawl, and walk, you will need to install baby safety gates in your home to prevent falls and other accidents that could result in serious injury to your little one. There are numerous different types of baby gates, from pressure-mounted to hardware-mounted to free-standing. We have compiled a list of some of the important things you should consider when purchasing baby gates for your home.

1. Avoid older, accordion-style baby gates. Older baby gates were frequently designed with larger openings that could trap your baby if she tried to crawl through or climb over the gate. While it is best to purchase a new baby gate if possible, used gates that were manufactured in the last five years should be suitable as well.

2. Look for gates with vertical slats only. Babies can be extremely creative about getting over or around a safety gate; gates that have horizontal bars with spaces large enough to provide a toe-hold for little feet will quickly be used as an escape ladder. The safest baby gates have vertical slats only, except at the very top and bottom.

3. Pressure-mounted gates. Pressure mounted gates are the most common and least expensive type of baby safety gate. They are designed to open out to fit a doorway, with the rubber “feet” on the sides providing stability. While these gates are easily portable, their drawbacks are that adults must step over them, and larger babies may be able to push them over. For this reason, they should not be installed at the top or bottom of a stairwell.

4. Hardware-mounted gates. As you might expect, hardware mounted baby gates are fastened to the wall with screws and typically have a latching mechanism for adults to pass through. These are nearly impossible for babies to push over and provide a high level of safety; on the other hand, they require drilling into walls and door frames, so these areas will need repair once you no longer need the gate.

5. Gates for non-standard spaces. With today’s housing construction, many homes have non-standard doorways that will not accommodate a basic safety gate. In this case, you have a couple of different options. You can purchase a free-standing gate that you can assemble in any area of your home, or you may opt for a custom gate, such as the Summer Infant Super Wide Custom Fit Gate, which is designed to fit extra-wide door frames.

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