Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Your Keekaroo Height Right Wooden High Chair – How to Get the Most Out of It

Parents, there is finally a wooden high chair that is affordable, safe, and grows with your child. The Keekaroo Height Right wooden high chair is fully adjustable, accommodating children from six months of age into their teenage years. This attractive, eco-friendly wooden high chair is certified to the latest JPMA standards for safety and comes in an attractive natural finish, made from 100% non-toxic materials. The accessories listed below can help you get the most out of your Keekaroo Height Right wooden high chair.

Infant Insert -

The infant insert is a must-have accessory for infants just learning to sit on their own. The soft-to-the-touch insert adds comfort and security, with higher sides for stability and a pommel to prevent your baby from slipping. The Keekaroo high chair infant insert is waterproof and wipes clean easily; the latex-free material is peel- and tear-resistant, as well. The infant insert comes with a three-point safety harness, as well as the straps needed to attach it securely to the Height Right wooden high chair, and it is available in Aqua, Cherry, Chocolate, Key Lime and Lavender.

Tray -

For feeding time or creative play, the wooden high chair tray can be easily installed on the Keekaroo Height Right wooden high chair. Keep your toddler safe while he learns to self-feed or plays while you work in the kitchen. The locking safety latch keeps the tray in place and provides extra support for infants who can sit well on their own, helping them to maintain correct posture. The raised lip around the rim of the tray prevents messy spills, and the non-toxic finish can be easily cleaned with warm water.

Comfort Cushion Set -

Now, you can add comfort to safety with the comfort cushion set, designed for children who can sit up unassisted. Manufactured from non-latex, anti-microbial material that is easy to clean up after meals, the comfort cushions are filled with soft foam that lets each child find the most comfortable position. The back rest and seat pad can be purchased together or separately and comes in five attractive colors, including Chocolate, Cherry, Aqua, Lavender and Key Lime.

Baby Grab Rail -

When younger infants are seated away from the table, the baby grab rail provides extra support and safety for your little ones. The safety latching system is adjustable in and out and offers trunk support for smaller children who can sit on their own, but need some assistance. The baby grab rail is designed to stay where you put it, yet can be easily disengaged when you are ready to take baby out of her Keekaroo Height Right wooden high chair.

The Keekaroo Height Right adjustable chair is the perfect option for parents who want a safe and attractive seating option that will last for years to come. Crafted from attractive hardwood, this sturdy chair is fully adjustable to fit children of any age. These accessories add functionality and comfort that will grow along with your child.

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