Monday, November 22, 2010

Kidkraft - The Top Name in Kids' Wooden Furniture and Toys

Founded in 1968 by a team of engineers, Kidkraft is synonymous with quality, durability, and eye appeal. Kidkraft produces a unique line of heirloom-quality wooden children's furniture and toys that is proven child-safe and designed to last. At affordable prices, parents can outfit their children's bedrooms and playrooms on any budget with classic or whimsical furniture and accessories, with engaging toys that help little ones to develop important skills. Here are just some of the quality products Kidkraft has to offer.

Kids' Furniture

  • Tables & Chair Sets - Choose from a variety of classic designs, with natural wood finish or bright, primary colors; your children will love these table and chair sets that are just their size.
  • Toddler Beds - Adorable toddler beds in classic styles or whimsical designs, like Kidkraft's Princess and Fire Engine beds, are perfect for helping your toddler transition from crib to "big kid" bed.

Storage and Accessibility

  • Step stools - Help your child get hard-to reach toys or books, and make hand-washing and tooth-brushing easier with Kidkraft's sturdy step-stools. Most stools are equipped with a handy storage bin under the top step - store bath items, toys and more.
  • Toy Boxes - Get rid of the clutter in the family room or play room and teach your child to clean up with kid-safe toy boxes and bins. Designed to prevent pinched fingers and other injuries, Kidkraft toy boxes meet or exceed the safety recommendations of the Consumer Product Safety Commission.
  • Bookcases - Build your child's library and keep books neat and organized with wooden bookcases made to complement any décor.
  • Clothes poles - Coats, hats, sweaters, and more have a place on Kidkraft's attractive clothes poles - help your child develop independence and responsibility for keeping his or her room neat and clean.

Toys and Pretend Play

  • Toy Kitchens - Kids love pretending to whip up a feast or a batch of cupcakes for friends and siblings with these beautifully designed, colorful and realistic toy kitchens.
  • Train Tables and Train Sets - Girls and boys alike will spend hour after hour creating, playing, and rebuilding with wooden train tables and train sets. All tables are compatible with Thomas the Tank Engine and Brio trains.
  • Art Easels - Your little Picasso will feel like a real artist with a free-standing art easel, with accessories, from Kidkraft.
  • Educational Toys - Age-appropriate wooden educational toys can help your child develop important motor and cognitive skills. All toys are non-toxic and lead-free.
  • Vanity Tables - Adorable Kidkraft vanity tables are perfect for your little princess or superstar.
You can find all of these fantastic Kidkraft products, along with hundreds of other quality kids' items, right here at A Kid Place.


My Urban Child said...

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