Saturday, November 13, 2010

Choosing the Right Dollhouse for Your Child

For most little girls (and many grown-up ones), there is something magical about a dollhouse. A miniature house stimulates the imagination like nothing else, allowing your child to create her perfect dream world. You can help make her fantasies a reality this holiday season with quality crafted dollhouses for children of all ages. Before you make your purchasing decision, here are some of the things you should consider about choosing the right dollhouse for your child.

Age-appropriate construction

Before you choose a dollhouse for your child, the first consideration is whether or not the toy is appropriate for her age and ability level. Safety should always come first, so choose a simple design with just a few rooms for your toddler. Furniture and “people” that are easy to grasp and do not pose a choking hazard are the best bet for your smaller child.

On the other hand, for older children, the sky is the limit. A beautiful Victorian, a modern Barbie townhouse, or a miniature dollhouse is equally appropriate for bigger girls. Dollhouses can be relatively simple or superbly detailed; remember to take the age and preferences of your child into consideration.

Fully assembled vs. dollhouse kits

For younger children or those who tend to “want it now,” a fully assembled dollhouse is your best option. As soon as she receives her toy, she will be able to begin playing for hours of creative enjoyment. However, for girls who are “crafty,” building a dollhouse from a kit can be an enormously satisfying experience. Assembling a dollhouse from a kit lets her take charge of the construction from beginning to end, personalizing her house with the colors and decorations she prefers. Putting a dollhouse together is an excellent family project, as well, allowing you to spend hours of quality time with your daughter.


Some dollhouses can be purchased fully furnished; with others, the details are up to you. For younger children, it is usually best to look for a complete dollhouse set with a few, simple furnishings and accessories; for the dollhouse hobbiest, adding a few carefully chosen pieces at a time can make a dollhouse a project that will last for years to come.

Whatever size and type of dollhouse you choose, it is sure to be a gift that will be remembered for a lifetime. Make this holiday the best yet with a beautifully crafted dollhouse from A Kid Place.

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