Friday, March 30, 2012

Radio Flyer Wagons: Cool Transportation for Kids


Sleek, shiny, and bright red, Radio Flyer Wagons have been a classic children’s toy for generations. It’s not just their looks or durability that has made them so popular (although these aspects certainly don’t hurt!). Instead, it’s the amount of freedom they give to kids and parents. There’s no end to the places you can go as a family when you have a radio flyer wagon with you.

To the Park

Going to the park as a family is a fun way to spend a sunny weekend afternoon. If the park is just down the street, then it can be fun to walk down together and get some exercise at the same time. Of course, it’s likely that you will want to bring snacks, games, and other items along with you. Radio Flyer Wagons give you a handy way to store and transport all those Frisbees, juice boxes, and soccer balls that you need to make a trip to the park complete. And when you’re done at the end of the day and the kids are tired, you can load them up too and head back home.

To the Beach

Sometimes a little off-roading can be really fun. Going to the beach with Radio Flyer Wagons makes moving your child easy and fun for both of you. The sturdy tires that these wagons are known for are more than a match for a sandy beach. Your little ones will love being able to play with these outdoor toys once you reach the shoreline. Many Radio Flyer models come with cup holders so you can be sure that your children stay hydrated. And some even come with UV protection canopies to shield kids from the sun once they’ve had enough sunshine.

To a Friend’s House

If you’re going with your child for a play date, a bright red wagon is a fun and flashy way to show up. Kids of many ages are able to ride in these wagons. They are big enough to hold your child and a friend or two, and the Comfort Embrace wagon is specifically designed for babies with a removable, cradling infant seat with five-point safety harness, and has room for an additional child.

To the Backyard

Who says you have to leave home to have fun? Radio Flyer Wagons are great to play with in the backyard. Boys and girls love playing with wagons, and having one at home will allow them to imagine grand adventures for themselves without leaving the safety of the backyard. If mom and dad enjoy working in the garden, kids will love to help out with a Radio Flyer Wheelbarrow. They can also help with small chores by transporting items with their wagon. Whether they’re playing with their friends or helping out in the yard, your kids will have tons of fun.

No matter where you want to go with your children, Radio Flyer Wagons are a great way to get there. They’re safe and comfortable for your children, and their classic builds make them instantly recognizable to anyone you pass. For a flexible and fun new toy, these wagons are tough to beat. When kids would like a bit more independence, there’s also a wonderful assortment of trikes and bikes by Radio Flyer.

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