Thursday, March 22, 2012

Kidkraft Playhouses: Outdoor Living at its Finest for Kids


Do your children love imaginative play? Most kids do. Boys and girls love playing games that let them dream about what their lives might become. Playing house, pretending to do adult jobs, and acting out scenes from their favorite books or movies help kids grow their minds and their imaginations. Imagine if you could give your child a place all her own to live out her fantasies. With Kidkraft Playhouses you can do just that.

What are Kidkraft Playhouses?

If you give your child a Kidkraft Playhouse you’re giving her a space of her own where she can safely spend time by herself or with friends. These outdoor houses are perfectly sized for your child and include many of the things that you’d find in a life-sized cottage. Each house has a sturdy roof, strong walls, windows, and doors that open and close. These houses are built to last, with weather-resistant wood and sturdy construction.

What is Included?

Your child can go a long way with her imagination, but sometimes a little help is nice too. That’s why Kidkraft Playhouses include a number of child-size fixtures to explore. The two different playhouses each have something different to offer.

  • Outdoor Cottage: This is a sweet little cottage that would fit perfectly in even small backyards. It’s big enough for your child and a few of her friends to play in. Inside she’ll find a sink and storage space to keep her treasures in. Outside you’ll find a little mailbox perfect for passing notes and letters (there’s even a flag to let her know when there’s a message waiting for her).
  • Activity Playhouse: For an even bigger house, the activity playhouse is the way to go. It has plenty of space for your child and his friends and a number of fun additions for him to explore. There are plastic bins for playing with sand and water, a basketball hoop for impromptu games, a “grilling area” for barbecues, a puppet-show window complete with curtains, and even a patio area for relaxing. All of this fits in a cabin that would fit in all but the smallest of backyards.

Will It Last?

Rough play can take a toll on outdoor toys, but Kidkraft playhouses are built to withstand abuse from both your children and the elements. They’re securely built with weather-resistant wood and can stand up to whatever your children throw at them. All of the finishes used in their construction are non-toxic and lead-free, so you can be sure that your kids are safe while they play.

There’s really no substitute for a special place for your kids to spend time with their friends. A Kidkraft playhouse will let them have space of their own without having to leave the backyard. There’s no end to the places they can go with their imaginations with one of these high quality playhouses.

Where to find

You can find these awesome playhouses at A Kid Place, along with an impressive selection of outdoor toys including sandboxes, tricycles, pedal cars, wagons, scooters and more, all sourced from award-winning manufacturers.

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