Monday, March 12, 2012

Rockabye Rockers Give a New Face to an Old Favorite


Did you ever have a rocking horse growing up? Chances are you spent many hours as a child rocking back and forth on a rocking toy. Kids love the feeling of movement and the imaginative adventures they can have on the back of these classic toys. Rockabye Rockers are giving rocking horses a face-lift, combining fun movement with whimsical colors and characters. They’re a great way to introduce your children to a toy that generations have loved.

What Makes Rockabye Rockers Special?

The thing that gets toddlers so excited about Rockabye Rockers is their fun and friendly characters. Each character is thoughtfully made with a wooden base and handlebars, and soft plush coverings, making for a sturdy and comfortable ride-on toy. Bright colors and friendly faces make these rockers inviting and engaging for your children.

Horses are just the beginning when it comes to the characters your child can meet with these ride-on toys. There are over a dozen different plush rockers you can choose from to introduce to your baby. Does your son or daughter love bugs? Then Gregory Grasshopper or Lulu Ladybug would love to make their acquaintance. Does your little one love trucks, planes, and other types of transportation? Then he would have hours of fun riding a rocking bi-plane airplane or a fire truck rocker. Kids that love to imagine great adventures for themselves will have a blast aboard a pirate ship or princess carriage rocker. There’s even a colt horse for those who love the classics.

Alongside the unique and engaging characters, Rockabye Rockers provide a safe, high quality experience for your children. These wooden baby rockers are made in the USA and are designed to withstand years and years of lively, active play. Their sturdy construction makes them a great choice for daycare centers and waiting rooms. They’ll also be able to hold up to generations of children at home.

Not Just for Rocking

Kids love to ride on rocking toys, but they also love to learn. Rockabye Rockers can meet both of these desires by providing an educational aspect as well. While your child is rocking she’ll be able to choose from four different songs to listen to. These songs help her learn about the ABCs, colors, shapes, and numbers. Your child will be able to turn these songs on while sitting and rocking, making it easy for her to play and learn at the same time.

Rockabye Rockers provide you and your child with a delightful twist on a classic toy. Their cute, colorful characters will make excellent friends for babies, toddlers, and small children. Because they have plush coverings they’re comfortable for almost any age. The built-in educational songs help stimulate minds, combining learning and play in an undeniably fun way. One look at these adorable rockers and your child will fall in love.

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