Monday, February 13, 2012

Anatex Activity Tables – Exploring New Worlds From the Comfort of Home


Keeping kids entertained can be a tough task, especially if the weather is not cooperating with you. Having Anatex Activity Tables on hand can make an afternoon indoors whiz by. These bright and engaging wooden tables will keep little ones active, stimulating their minds without noisy gimmicks.

Go On An Adventure

At the core of each of Anatex’s Activity Tables is an adventure. While they’re playing, your children will experience new places and ideas that they won’t get to try out any other way. They’ll explore underwater landscapes, blast off into space, or control their own cities. Instead of passively watching the world go by on a screen, they’ll actively immerse themselves in places they’ve only imagined before.

Learn New Skills

If you find your toddlers drawn to learning new things, they’ll love the new skills they can acquire through activity tables (and so will you). Thought-provoking activities abound, promoting thought and constructive play. Who knows - a budding Mozart may play his first notes on the Musical Slices of Fun Table, or a Neil Armstrong in the making may go on his or her first trip into outer space on the Anatex Space Shuttle Rollercoaster Table.

At Home or Away

Anatex Activity Tables are great for the home, but that’s not the only place they come in handy. If you run a doctor’s office, dentist’s office, or any other place with a waiting room, having one of these tables available for your youngest clients is a smart move. A child who is happily playing while they’re waiting will be happier and calmer when it’s time to see you. You’ll also be confident in knowing that moms and dads are appreciative of the entertainment for their child.

Make New Friends

Activity tables are perfect for group play. They’ll be the center of attention in any play area, so there will never be a lack of potential new friends around them. Through playing together on the same table, your children will learn how to work well with others. Collaborative play can lead to adventures of the imagination that are hard to come by when playing alone. Don’t be surprised if your child begs to go back to playing after a day spent exploring and dreaming with her friends.

Play That Lasts

What good is a toy that breaks after being played with for five minutes? There are no worries of that here. Anatex Activity Tables are built to last. These well made wooden tables are built to stand up to the abuse that toys tend to take, making for a product that lasts. This makes them perfect to use in schools and daycare centers where children will be able to enjoy them year after year.

It can be hard to find high quality toys that stimulate your children instead of merely keeping them occupied. An activity table is the perfect antidote to this struggle. The high quality, constructive fun that they give kids will stick with them. Whether you’re at home, at school, or facing a waiting room, having an activity table nearby will keep them entertained and engaged.

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