Friday, January 20, 2012

Kids Wooden Step Stools - The Safe Way for Little Ones to Be Self-Sufficient


As your little ones grow, their sense of independence is always increasing. Whether they are taking their first steps, learning to feed themselves, or making a first attempt at tying their shoes, they are developing important skills that will help them become self-sufficient and able to take care of themselves.

The problem for many parents is giving smaller children the space they need to explore and learn while still keeping them safe. Kids want to do it themselves, yet they can be seriously injured if they try to climb a countertop to get a glass of water or brush their teeth, or use the shelves of a bookcase as “stairs” as they reach for their favorite story.

Fortunately, there is an easy solution – kids wooden step stools are a safe and simple way to give children a taste of independence while preventing unfortunate accidents.

Choosing the Right Stool

As with anything else you buy for your little ones, there are several things to consider when buying kids wooden step stools. Safety always comes first, so it is important to look for stools that are sturdily built – stools that slip, rock when children stand on them, or do not have large enough steps can cause toddlers to lose their balance and fall. To prevent accidents, look for well-made step stools with a broad base, as well as handles for easy moving. In addition, step stools with storage under the top step should have safety hinges to prevent pinched fingers.

Step stools that are made from child-friendly, non-toxic materials are also a must. You can find dozens of adorable stools that are created just for kids from safe and environmentally friendly materials. Many manufacturers feature step stools that double as seating for the bathroom or playroom; you will also find stools with storage for toys and other items underneath the steps. Look for classic wood finish designs, or stimulate their imagination with colorful themed stools in their favorite motifs or licensed characters.

Where to find the perfect kids wooden step stool

You can find a great variety of wooden step stools from trusted manufacturers such as KidKraft, Guidecraft, Levels of Discovery, Teamson Kids and more at A Kid Place online. Visit us today for our fantastic assortment of stools – dozens of styles are available – and so much more! Choose from our terrific selection of children’s furniture and toys, and create the bedroom or playroom of your little ones' dreams.

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