Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Schoenhut Daycare Piano Can Turn a Quiet Day into Musical Fun


Drab, quiet days can get boring, especially if you have little ones that need entertaining. Instead of flipping on the TV or computer, why not give your children the opportunity to fill their lives with music? A Schoenhut daycare piano is a great way to introduce your child or toddler to the world of performance.

Perfect for Little Hands

A full size piano can be intimidating for a learner. A Schoenhut daycare piano, on the other hand, features only 37 keys. This makes it about half the size of a standard piano. For little hands, a smaller keyboard is much more approachable. 37 keys span three octaves, so although it’s small, there are still plenty of notes to hit. A songbook is included that contains many popular children’s songs, so your child can begin to play music he knows right away.

Transferable Skills

A wooden daycare piano is a great place for your child to start learning to make music. These pianos are designed with the idea that your child will be able to take the skills she learns in play and transfer them to a full size piano. To accomplish this, the keys on a Schoenhut daycare piano are spaced the same way they would be on a standard piano. This gets your child used to stretching her fingers. You’ll also receive a color coded chord chart to set up behind the keys, allowing your child to learn the notes in a simple, intuitive way. When she’s ready to move up to a full size piano, you can transfer the chord chart as well.

Sturdy Enough for Long Term Play

These daycare durable pianos are designed to be used in an environment where lots of children can enjoy the constructive play they offer. As such, they are built to a standard that allows them to stand up to the punishment that communal toys can take. Each piano is handmade and designed to last, no matter how active your future Beethovens may be.

Compact For Your Home

While Schoenhut daycare pianos are very useful in daycare centers, that doesn’t mean they can’t be used at home as well. In fact, they’re ideal for playrooms that don’t have the space for a full-size piano. At a little more than two feet wide and a little less than a foot deep, these miniature pianos can fit just about anywhere. Their size makes them easy to move, allowing your child the opportunity to give concerts in the living room at a moment’s notice. Available in Black, White, Oak and Mahogany, you will find a daycare durable piano by Schoenhut to match any décor. Best of all, their durable construction means they’ll still be standing for little brothers and sisters to test out their own musical skills.

Giving your child the gift of music is a worthwhile investment in their future. The skills learned on a Schoenhut daycare piano will stay with them throughout their lives. Whether they go on to a full size piano or not, the fun they have learning how to play an instrument will certainly stick with them for years.

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