Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Wooden Toy Boxes – The Perfect Storage Solution for all the Holiday Clutter

Feeling overwhelmed by all the new toys, games, puzzles, action figures, and other mysterious objects that seem to be scattered throughout every part of your home? Now that Christmas and Chanukah are over for another year, you are probably wondering what to do with all of the accumulated holiday clutter; wooden toy boxes offer the perfect solution when it comes to clean-up time.

Unlike those unsightly plastic bins and air-tight containers, a wooden toy chest can be appealing and attractive, as well as practical – not to mention safer for little ones. If you are considering buying a toy box (or two) to contain all of your kids’ treasures, here are some important points to consider.

Safety Issues

Every year, it seems that we hear about at least one unfortunate accident where a small child becomes trapped inside a toy box or storage bin. To prevent unnecessary and tragic mishaps, high-quality toy boxes are equipped with side cut-outs to prevent suffocation in the event that your child does climb inside during play.

In addition, toy chests with lids should be fitted with safety hinges to prevent the top from slamming closed on little fingers; rounded edges prevent bumps and bruises for the most rough-and-tumble kids.

Non-Toxic Materials

When you choose a toy chest for your child’s room, look for a product that is made using only non-toxic, kid-safe materials, including lead-free paint. You can find adorable wooden toy chests to fit any decorating theme that are child-safe and eco-friendly, as well.


When it comes to kids’ furnishings, durability is the key. Wooden toy boxes are perfect for busy kids, as they can stand up to years of tough use; buying a wooden toy chest ensures that your kids, and even grandkids, will be using it to store their favorite games and treasures for years to come.

Ease of Use

There are plenty of convenient options for toy storage, from traditional wooden chests with lids, to open bins with dividers for easy organization, to bins with clear sides that allow your little ones to locate the toy they want without digging to the bottom of the pile.

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Sumdachk said...

I enjoy wooden toy chests too. The one in the pic looks really cute. The wheels on it is a good idea to make it easy to move around.