Tuesday, December 7, 2010

American Retro Toys and Décor: Bring the 40's and 50's Back to Life With Pedal Cars, Planes and More

If you have a taste for the nostalgic, you can bring the past back to life with beautifully detailed pedal cars, planes, and other sturdily designed toys meant to be handed down from one generation to the next. Aside from their style and retro appeal, here are some of the many advantages of American Retro toys:
  • Sturdy, stainless steel construction. American Retro pedal cars and pedal planes are a notch above the molded plastic vehicles often sold today. While battery-operated plastic toys are fairly popular and inexpensive, they do not typically withstand heavy use. Retro cars and planes are safe, durable, and designed to hold up through years of enthusiastic play - chances are, if you buy a retro pedal car for your child today, you will be watching your grandchildren play with the same vehicle years from now.
  • Safe for young kids. Although you may be tempted to pass on the toy car you pedaled down the sidewalks of your childhood, older models were often made with lead paint and other substances that are unsafe for kids. American Retro cars, trucks and planes are constructed entirely of non-toxic materials and are safe for kids of all ages.
  • Provide important physical activity. While most parents understand the importance of exercise, children spend hours every day watching television or playing electronic games. A realistic retro pedal car or pedal plane gets kids out of the house and engages them in safe, fun physical activity that is good for growing bodies.
  • Stimulates the imagination with creative play. As your little son or daughter pilots a retro plane through imaginary clouds, they are developing their creative skills - an important part of learning and growing up.

At A Kid Place, we have a terrific collection of American Retro pedal cars, trucks and planes. Check out our brightly-colored and beautifully detailed pedal vehicles, from classic Ferraris to taxis to tow trucks. We even have reproductions of the original Coca Cola machines – great for a themed play room or rec room.

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