Friday, October 21, 2011

Children's Vanity Tables – Make Your Little Diva’s Dreams Come True this Holiday Season

Whether your little one is a regal princess, a movie star, or a budding diva, you know how much she loves to dress up and pretend. Now, you can make all her dreams come true with children’s vanity tables, as well as stools, mirrors, and extra storage for all of her treasured “jewels,” makeup and accessories. Vanity tables for kids are available in a wide range of styles to suit the theme of her bedroom or create a focal point for her play space. Help bring her fantasies to life this holiday season with everything she needs to engage in hours of creative role play.

The Importance of Pretend Play

Young children love creative play. Dressing up in costumes and acting out their favorite characters (whether for an audience or with a friend or sibling) provides numerous developmental benefits for toddlers and preschoolers. When kids put on a costume – a princess dress, a glamorous “celebrity” ensemble, a firefighter outfit – they feel that they have become the character they are pretending to be. This can give them a sense of control and independence that they do not have when they are being “themselves,” helping them to develop confidence and problem-solving abilities. Role play is important for developing cognitive and social skills that will influence how they learn and relate to their peers later on.

As a parent, you can facilitate role play by providing plenty of props. These can be as simple as a closet-full of your old clothes; “fancy” outfits from a vintage clothing store or specially designed dress up clothes for kids are also perfect for fueling the imagination. Add to these a handful of accessories, like costume jewelry, tiaras, hats, scarves, shoes and even makeup designed for kids, and your kids will be set for hours of creativity and fun.

Children’s vanity tables with shatter-proof mirrors are a great addition to the playroom or kids’ room. Beautifully-crafted, affordable, heirloom quality tables and chairs provide a backdrop for her fantasies, as well as giving your little diva a place to store all of her special dress-up items. You can find matching kids furnishings, including vanity tables, stools, wardrobes, and plenty of other dress-up accessories to bring her imagination to life and – as an added bonus – make clean-up time fun and easy.

Where to Buy Vanity Tables and Other Pint-Size Furnishings

You can find children’s vanity tables, stools, mirrors, and everything else your little princess needs for pretend play at A Kid Place. Visit us today for our amazing selection of kids’ nursery and playroom furnishings, educational toys and games, ride-ons and other outdoor toys, and so much more. Free shipping is available on many items, with delivery in time for the holiday season.

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