Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Rock Your Toddler's Playroom With Adorable Plush Rockabye Rockers

Rocking toys have been a favorite with toddlers for decades; and with their line of plush ride-ons, Rockabye Rockers has added a new dimension to this classic nursery toy. These beautifully-crafted wooden rockers, with their adorable, smiling faces and kid-friendly softness, are sure to be a favorite addition to your child’s nursery or playroom for years to come.

The benefits of rocking toys

From the time you put them into their first bouncy seat or wind-up swing, kids are entranced by the soothing, rocking motion. Even after they take their first steps, babies and toddlers love ride-on toys for their gentle rhythm. A sturdy plush rocker can make the perfect prop for your toddler to practice pulling up to a standing position as she climbs aboard, and rockers help to develop balance and other large-motor skills as your little one takes off on an adventure that begins in her imagination.

Why choose Rockabye Rockers?

These plush rocker toys are a top choice among parents whose number one concern is the safety of their little ones. Rockabye Rockers are made with a sturdy, solid wooden base which is designed to prevent tipping and other accidents that could cause injury. You can be sure that your children will ride safely for years to come with these heirloom-quality rocking toys. Rockabye plush rockers are appropriate for children starting at about ten months of age (baby should be able to sit unassisted and pull himself up to stand before using a rocker) up to six years.

These adorable plush rockers come in a large selection of soft, brightly-colored designs that will suit every décor and every child’s fantasy. Among some of the favorite styles, you will find animal friends, exciting “vehicles,” and even a princess horse and carriage, to name just a few. All rockers come with wooden handles for added balance, and play tunes at the touch of a button, while your child enjoys a ride.

Rockabye Rockers are the perfect addition to your favorite child’s playroom, whether you are looking for just the right birthday or holiday gift or you are furnishing a nursery for the first time. You are sure to find just the right rocker to fit any child’s personality, from the little diva to the animal lover to the sports fan.

Where to find the perfect plush rocker

A Kid Place online offers a fantastic selection of Rockabye Rockers and so much more! This popular internet retailer is in the process of gearing up for the holiday shopping season with dozens of new additions to their already huge inventory of over a thousand items for kids of all ages. From nursery furnishings to high chairs and strollers to the highest quality educational toys, you will find plenty of unique, well-made products that will make your child’s eyes shine (and none of the usual offerings that you will find at your local big box or mall toy store). All items meet or exceed government safety standards and come from award-winning manufacturers who specialize in quality products for children.

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