Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Waiting Room Toys for Kids Make Waiting Fun

Pediatricians, dentists, and any other individuals who deal with small children in their business practice on a regular basis know that it is important to have a way to keep kids occupied while they are waiting for an appointment. A waiting room that is equipped with plenty of engaging toys and books keeps kids busy and prevent them from running wild, annoying other clients and creating a stressful environment. In addition, waiting room toys help little ones to feel less nervous while waiting for their turn and can even give them a reason to look forward to visiting your office.

Here are some suggestions for sturdy, durable, and fun waiting room toys and furniture to make your space bright and pleasant.

1. Kid-friendly furniture: Start with child-size tables and chairs to create a welcoming environment for your smallest clients. Add toy bins and bookshelves to keep the area neat and clutter-free, and add colorful artwork to brighten the space and make it seem cheerful – this will help to keep your waiting room warm and friendly.

2. Wooden puzzles: Kids of all ages love to put puzzles together; make sure you have a variety of puzzles for different ability levels. Wooden puzzles work better than the cardboard kind, as the pieces are less likely to get lost or damaged during play.

3. Train tables: Wooden train tables, such as those made for Thomas the Tank Engine and similar train sets, are ideal for the waiting room. Tracks, scenery, “people,” and train cars provide plenty of scope for imaginative play, and the tables can accommodate several children at once. Be sure to have several engines and other train cars available to prevent squabbles!

4. Books, coloring books, and crayons: Books and magazines suitable for the age range of the children who visit your office are a must; coloring books and crayons are also a great way to keep kids busy while they wait.

5. Activity play cubes and activity tables: Manufacturers like Anatex are known for their award-winning wire-bead mazes that are found in waiting rooms and preschool classrooms all over the country. Kids love to explore and imagine with the manipulative toys and puzzles that are part of an activity play cube or table.

If you are looking for waiting room toys to equip your patient or client waiting area, A Kid Place has plenty of educational toys and kid-friendly furniture at the best possible prices. Visit us today and find out how we can help you make your waiting area a place where kids will look forward to playing.


OfficeAnything said...

Finding waiting room furniture for kids can be difficult for kids. I've had to to it before! However, you have really found some impressive solutions. Thanks for the suggestions!

My Urban Child said...

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Eliaz Beth said...

Toys that attach to the crib for them to play with is ideal. You want something that makes noise and is soothing to baby. It should also display colors to get there attention for them to want to touch it. These types of toys are great for hand eye coordination. Toy cars