Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Airflow Pedal Planes: Flying In Style Is Not Just A Thing Of The Past

Flying In Style Is Not Just A Thing Of The Past

Well, ok, maybe flying in style on an actual airplane is a thing of the past. However, kids can still take off in style, comfort and fun in Airflow’s unique line of pedal planes designed to spark the imagination of even the most sophisticated flier. Airflow pedal planes are perfect for preschoolers who like to pretend they are taking flight, and they are great for parents who want to encourage their children to get outdoors and use their imagination.

A Piece of Americana

Pedal planes have been a part of children’s toys almost since the moment the Wright brothers first took off from Kitty Hawk, NC. Patterned after traditional metal pedal cars, pedal planes are powered by a child’s energy and imagination. Pedal cars were one of the very first ‘must have’ toys for children; these great cars and planes have long been loved by American children. Most parents and grandparents can remember the hours of fun they had playing with friends in the neighborhood in their pedal cars. Now, with the advent of longer lasting paints, non-toxic materials and more comfortable features, a new generation of kids can enjoy years of fun pretending to be flying Aces.

On the Move

Exercise should be a part of every child’s normal day. Studies show that toddlers and preschoolers spend a great majority of their day watching television. They spend only a small part of their active day engaged in play outdoors where they can burn off energy and use their imaginations. Airflow’s great pedal plane designs are an ideal way to incorporate exercise into a child’s day. What small child would pass up the opportunity to go outside and engage in pretend play when they have something as fantastic as a pedal plane to play with?

Family Fun

Family time is always more enjoyable when parents aren’t the only ones doing the heavy lifting or pulling. Why take your young children out in a wagon in the evening to walk around the block when they can fly down the sidewalk, under their own power, in a pedal plane. Kids who are still too young to ride a bike during the family walk will be able to enjoy an evening stroll and get exercise at the same time. Airflow pedal planes are easy to power, easy to steer and comfortable to ride.

Airflow’s retro pedal planes are made for kids age three to six years old. However, entire families will enjoy the fun and play that these ride-on toys bring to the outdoors.

Where to Find Airflow Pedal Planes

You can find the entire line of Airflow pedal planes, along with their pedal cars, pedal trains and trikes at www.akidplace.com. All Airflow vehicles at A Kid Place are shipped free to all areas of the Continental U.S. and are priced at the lowest possible price authorized by Airflow.

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