Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Best Early Reading Strategies for Children and Parents

Has your child been displaying a growing curiosity in reading? Would you like to learn what the best early reading strategies are in order to give him or her a head start on their education? Here is an outline of the most effective and simplest early reading approaches that you can apply to help your little one begin building the basic foundation he needs to have to get started reading, providing them with a jump-start on their education and development.

Follow Along With Your Finger

Among the very best early reading techniques that you can apply with your child is to read together with them and as you repeat the words and phrases, follow along with your finger. When children initially start having an interest in learning how to read, they don't realize that those crazy looking squiggles that are on the pages in reality indicate anything. Also, this teaches kids the concept that we read from left to right.

When you follow along with the words on the pages as you read, perhaps even pausing a moment to sound out a word or two as you go along, this will aid in your child better grasping the notion of the realization that the markings that appear on the pages of the book actually in fact represent what is being read aloud.

Letter Recognition

If your child does not know the alphabet yet, he will need to learn it before he learns how to read. A great way of teaching the alphabet is by singing it. When singing, be sure to sing nice and slow, really enunciating each letter. Once your child has become acquainted with the letters of the alphabet, then you can make this approach even more beneficial by asking him if he can identify any of the letters that are on the page. As he points out the letters that he recognizes, be certain that you sound them out, and repeat them together with their companions in whichever word is in question.

Connecting Words With Pictures

An additional excellent early reading tactic is helping your child connect words with their picture counterparts. Children usually have a hard time comprehending that words indeed represent things, so, when you reinforce the two together in their minds, you will help them to recognize that the word and the picture are actually one and the same.


There are a number of flashcards on the market that you can easily buy that will help your little one when it comes to identifying words and pictures. Think about everything that you might have come across in regard to "C stands for Cat." Besides the memorizing skills that a child must undergo when it comes to remembering all of the many shapes and sounds of letters, it's essential to keep in mind that reading comprehension is a vital aspect of the reading process also.

Asking Questions

One of the best early reading strategies is to help establish your children's reading appreciation. You can accomplish this by reading a portion of their most favorite story, and then asking them questions which will get them involved in the story.

As your child begins to develops his or her ability to answer more questions about the portion of text in question, read longer sections of the story before stopping. Start increasing the amount that you read little by little before you ask your child a lot of questions about the book, until you're able to read the entire story and your child can still easily remember the parts of the story that correlate to the questions that you ask.

Be Consistent

The most important early reading tactic that parents can remember is to frequently read to their children on a regular basis. The more that you read to your child, the more words that she will begin to understand, and the more of an interest she will take in the reading process. It is strongly encouraged that you spend at least 15 minutes per day reading to your kids - and more is always better when it comes to instilling a love of books in your child's heart.

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