Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Ride-on Toys for Kids Age 8 Years Old and Up

Ride-on Toys for Kids Age 8 Years Old and Up
Ride-on Toys for Kids Age 8 Years Old and Up

Ride-on toys for older kids 8 years and up are popular for both boys and girls alike. Open up a world of outdoor fun with kid-powered toys that offer numerous benefits to children as they grow. Whether manual or battery-powered, ride-on toys are a fun and educational way for kids to continue developing their sense of balance and coordination while also indulging their creativity in pretend play. Exercise is a huge benefit of these toys as it allows children to experience the world around them at their own (often mile-a-minute) speed. For older kids at this age, more complex toys are the ticket to engaging their imagination. As their knowledge and understanding grows, the need for their toys to keep up is essential. They need toys that will challenge them and inspire their unique creative genius.

Time spent with these types of toys can improve health and assist in building necessary life skills. Compiled here are three different ride-on toys, each offering their own individual play benefits. Each toy is designed for safety and geared toward kids ages eight years old and up.

Made in Holland, this innovative ride-on is the genius outdoor toy that breaks the mold when it comes to fun outdoor toys. This interactive toy invites children to configure their own design. The BERG Toys MOOV 7 in 1 Advanced kit includes instructions for endless options to build. If you are up for a challenge, set the instructions aside and let your creativity guide you to build anything from a catapult to a robot and anything you can imagine. This kit is equipped with the pieces to build a scooter, dino bird, helicopter, bike, crane, chopper, or snow scooter. It's the fun and active way to get the wheels turning in your children's heads and also encourage teamwork.

With huge 10″ big wheel inflatable pneumatic tires and No-Tip Steering, the Berlin Sport Wagon is a popular choice for outside fun that allows kids to ride in, push or pull this wagon wherever their imagination takes them. Let them imagine they are pioneers and this is their "covered" wagon taking them across the prairie, or this wooden wagon could be powered by their imagination to become a railroad cart and they are transporting the diamonds they've mined. This classic toy makes the perfect multi-purpose toy or tool. Whatever you are hauling, this wagon can handle your precious cargo with ease with a weight capacity of up to 300 lbs. This all-terrain wagon in made in the U.S.A. and is durably constructed so as to ride smoothly over beach sand and other rough terrain.

For those with a penchant for adventure, the Mobo Shift Reversible Three Wheeled Cruiser is the ride-on for you! The sturdy frame features a sleek design that is ready to roll. An easy-to-use gear shift allows for reverse pedal function. The dual-joystick function provides smooth maneuverability. The adjustable steel frame is appropriate for users 4 feet to just over 6 feet tall. Its low to the ground design and low center gravity is perfectly safe for children and even their grandparents! Meeting the highest standards of safety, innovation and fitness, this invigorating ride comes with a safety flag to alert other travelers of your presence. A handlebar provides control for smooth stops. There is no doubt about it, this cruiser is built for good times.

Whether manual or battery-powered, A Kid Place has a variety of ride-on toys for kids of any age. Check out our wide selection and enjoy a vast assortment of other decorative, fun and educational items for children. You'll be amazed at our unique and inclusive inventory. At A Kid place, we're all about kids!

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