Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Ride-on Toys for Kids Age 3-5 Years Old

Ride-on Toys for Kids Age 3-5 Years Old
Are you searching for ride-on toys for kids age 3-5 years old? Then look no further! At this age, you can't stifle a child's abundance of energyand why would you want to? Embrace that energy and indulge their imaginations with a range of fun outdoor ride-on toys.

Through play, children learn about themselves, their environments, and those around them. This natural curiosity and sense of adventure and wonder are keys to a child's development. Coordination, balance, and independence are all achieved with the correct toys and opportunities. How wonderful it is that this can all be attained in the guise of play. Embrace this world of learning and fun by equipping your child with the proper toys to do so.

Ride-on toys are the popular choice for outdoor play. They provide endless hours of fun all while helping boys and girls build muscle control and dexterity. With tons of styles and designs to choose from, there is a ride-on toy just waiting to bring a smile to their faces.

The three following ride-on toys offer the best in quality design and style, as well as feature benefits for body control and ways to express creativity. Each one of these toys are designed to provide a safe way of supporting kids in a wide and diverse range as they develop and explore the world around them. 

The Mobo Mini Cruiser is bike riding at its finest! This luxury bike is fully loaded for safety and fun. The low maintenance design is both durable and features a chainless chassis, which means no snagging of clothes or little fingers. To aid in visibility, a safety flag is included. The ergonomic steering system is ideal for hand-eye coordination and muscle strength, while the low-to-the-ground body is balanced for a stable ride. The sturdy material and comfortable seat are made to last and with the Mobo Mini's adjustable frame, this bike will bring joy to your child for years to come.

This stylish pedal-powered go kart is perfect for the little adventurer in your life. The sturdy tubular steel frame allows for durability without unnecessary weight, and the comfort seat adjusts to fit children for years. Sealed bearings allow the wheels to roll effortlessly without need of lubes for a smooth ride. The swing axel improves the maneuverability of the kart and can move forward, backward, and is also designed to coast. Easy to learn and handle, this cool ride-on is great for both girls and boys. The BERG Buddy Go Kart is mobility made fun!

This fantastic real-to-life junior golf cart is the awesome play experience for your little golfer. He or she will have a blast driving this battery powered cart around, then putting on the brakes to hit the ball with the supplied golfing accessories. The forward and reverse motions also include a horn and back-up warning buzzer for safety. The foot pedaled accelerator allows children to drive from the comfortable seat with back rest and side bars. A canopy provides shade and the storage basket includes a golf bag, clubs, balls, tees, water bottle and holdereverything your child needs to play the game. 

A Kid Place is your one-stop shop for everything child-related. Our goal is to provide safe and fun toys designed to inspire creative play, but also those that teach and guide. From ride-ons for a range of ages to furniture, toys, and all other essentials, we hope you'll stop by and check out all we have to offer. 


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A great list for 3-5 years old! Thank you! This article https://www.best-pack-n-play.com/ride-on-toys-for-1-year-old/ helped me a lot with choosing our first ride on toy. I think that through these simple rides kids can get their first sense of freedom, and can experiment with movement and balance.