Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Kidkraft Outdoor Furniture, Playhouses and Sandboxes Are All You Need for Summertime Fun

Children will take pleasure in the great outdoors more than ever with Kidkraft outdoor furniture and toys.

Kidkraft's picnic table and chair sets make the ideal spot for summer-time arts and crafts and barbeques, while their Adirondack chairs provide the perfect spot for children to sit back and unwind.

Kidkraft's Outdoor Playhouses make the perfect "home away from home" for children where they can learn about the world in their very own environment.

With Kidkraft sandboxes, there's no need to pack the car and lug all your beach gear and the kids to the beach. You can bring the fun of digging in the sand and building sand castles right into your own backyard.

Outdoor Table and Chair Sets with Umbrellas

The following table and chairs sets are built to last with weather-resistant wood. The included umbrellas not only look great, they enable children to reap all the benefits of being outside, without the dangers of the sun's harmful rays (children should still always wear sunscreen when outdoors).

These terrific sets can be used all-year-round; just bring them inside when the seasons change. Unless of course, you're fortunate enough to live where it's gorgeous outside throughout the year.

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Kidkraft Table & Stacking Chairs with Striped Umbrella

Kidkraft Octagon Table with 4 Stools and Multi Striped Umbrella

Kidkraft Table & Benches with Blue Umbrella

Kidkraft Adirondack Chairs

Kids love having their own furniture and having an outdoor chair of their very own will make them feel extra special. The curved seat, high back and wide armrests make the Kidkraft Adirondack chair the best chair for children to kick back and relax in. Made of Sanmu Wood, with lead-free and non-toxic paints and finishes, they come in White, Honey, Hunter Green and Bubblegum Pink.

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Kidkraft Outdoor Playhouses

It's a secret clubhouse, a cabin in the woods, a firehouse, a schoolhouse, a movie theater, a puppet theatre, a store, a house like Mom and Dad's, a restaurant, Kidkraft playhouses are anything kids want them to be. The possibilities are as endless as children's imaginations are.

As durable as they are fun, Kidkraft playhouses can weather any storm. Not even the big bad wolf can blow them down!

Kidkraft Outdoor Cottage Playhouse

Made of weather-resistant wood, the Kidkraft Outdoor Cottage Playhouse resembles a log cabin in the woods. The chalkboard above the door makes the playhouse easy and fun to personalize. The windows open and close, allowing kids to let the fresh air pour in on nice days. Other fun features include a mailbox with flag on the outside of the house, and the inside of the house has a corner sink and red curtains in the back window - perfect for puppet shows!

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Kidkraft Activity Playhouse

Created with lasting value in mind, the Kidkraft Activity Playhouse is built from wooden panels that prevent warping and weathering, with water-resistant roof panels that are designed to resist water.

This awesome playhouse has plenty for kids to do - a basketball hoop, plastic bins for sand and water play, curtains in the side window for puppet shows, grill for some great summer barbecues and patio area with bench to sit back and relax on.

Kidkraft Sandboxes

Playing in the sand helps develop fine and large motor skills in children, stimulates imagination, encourages cooperative play and has a calming effect on little ones. Kids, of course, aren't concerned with all the developmental benefits of sand play, all's they need to know is how much fun they are having and how good the sand feels when they are building sand castles, digging for treasure and "writing" in the sand.

The following sandboxes by Kidkraft provide the perfect place for kids to live out their adventures in sand play:

Kidkraft 4 x 4 Outdoor Sandbox

The Kidkraft 4 x 4 outdoor sandbox is made of weather-resistant sanmu wood with reinforced wooden panels to prevent warping and weathering. The blue and white striped canopy that comes with the sandbox is not only adorable, it also serves to shield kids from the sun's harmful rays. Stormy weather? No problem, the included mesh cover will keep the sand protected.

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Kidkraft Backyard Sandbox

The Kidkraft Backyard Sandbox is constructed of Sanmu wood with reinforced wooden panels to prevent warping and weathering. With four built-in corner seats and plenty of room for multiple children to play, this sandbox will be the main source of entertainment on play-dates. When not in use, simply cover the sandbox with the included mesh cover to release moisture and keep animals out.

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Kidkraft Pirate Sandboat

The Kidkraft Pirate Sandboat is durably constructed of wood with fun pirate-related graphics. This totally cool sand box is sized to accommodate multiple children, has a bright blue canopy that will help protect them from the sun, a pirate flag, a steering wheel, as well as a place for the captain and assistant to sit as he or she steers the ship over rough waters, and comes with a mesh cover.

When their voyage is complete, little buccaneers can stow away their buckets and treasures in the boat's two storage compartments.

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Where to find Kidkraft Outdoor Furniture, Playhouses and Sandboxes

You can find these great items at the best prices around at A Kid Place. Visit www.akidplace.com and view the full line of Kidkraft furniture and toys, including toddler beds, step stools, toy boxes and more, along with everything else you need for your growing child.


My Urban Child said...

There is nothing more exciting to a Toddler than playing in a Sandbox. I know when my kids were young this was one of their favorite things to do. Whether it was my son playing with his Constructions Trucks or my Daughter building a Sand Castle - they would both sit and play for hours. I cannot say that I did not get into the action either - for I really enjoyed it as well. There is something very relaxing about playing in the sand and I recommend a Backyard Sandbox to all parents.

erwicker said...

Oh, such a great idea, My kids may love it:)

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