Monday, October 4, 2010

Keekaroo Height Right Wooden High Chair – The Right Chair for Your Growing Baby or Toddler

When you are planning for a new baby, there are so many things you will need – nursery furniture, car seats, strollers, clothes, bottles, and infant seats are just some of the purchases you will have to make. When it comes time to think about a feeding chair for your little one, the decision is simple; the Keekaroo Height Right high chair provides comfort and support for children as young as six months, all the way to their teenage years.

How it works

The Keekaroo Height Right adjustable high chair is created to comfortably seat children of all ages, from the time they can sit up on their own (generally around six months) to their teenage years – all the way up to 150 pounds.

This sturdy, stylish wooden high chair is fully adjustable; the seat and footrest can be moved up or down to accommodate children of all sizes or to conform to any table height.

The backrest is slightly curved to fit the natural shape of your child’s body, promoting correct posture and providing support. Studies have shown that proper trunk and pelvic support improves focus and the ability to complete a task; the Keekaroo adjustable kids’ chair is perfect for homework or projects, as well as meal times.

Optional accessories

The Height Right wooden high chair comes with an adjustable footrest and seat, as well as a three-point security strap. Optional accessories include a tray for feeding time or play; an infant grab rail for additional trunk support; and comfort cushions that conform to your little one’s body.


The Keekaroo adjustable high chair is made of attractive, polished hardwood that fits any décor. The chair is designed for years of use by a growing child, and cleaning is easy – just wipe up messes with a soft cloth and warm water.

Where to get the Keekaroo adjustable wooden high chair

The Height Right wooden high chair is available for sale at You will also find the optional accessories, including the detachable tray, baby grab rail, and seat cushions. This item may qualify for free shipping; visit the website today and check out the selection of Keekaroo kids’ products.

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Article Source: Height Right Wooden High Chair – The Right Chair for Your Growing Baby or Toddler

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