Monday, October 4, 2010

5 Simple Ways to Bring Your Family Together

Is your family disconnected? Are you finding it more and more difficult to spend quality time together as a family? You’re not alone. Job duties, after-school programs, friends and even technology play a key role in keeping families from interacting with one another on a daily basis. Whether you’re a parent trying to reconnect with your teenage kids or you’re a child determined to get your busy family to spend more quality time with each other, there are many simple ways to bring your family together.

1. Play board games. Playing board games with your family, like Monopoly, is a surefire way to bring your family together. Get together with your family and designate one night of the week for game night. Find a game all family members like and simply kick back, relax and enjoy the quality time spent with your family. Board games are inexpensive and give out hours and hours of pure entertainment and fun.

2. Watch movies. Nothing brings a family together quicker than a good movie. Instead of opting in on ordering movies online, take your entire crew to your local video store to select the movies together. Let everyone pick their own movie and then vote on which movie to watch first. To keep the atmosphere stress free and inviting, be sure to order in a tasty pizza the whole family will enjoy.

3. Partake in outdoor recreational activities. Whether you’re into hiking, running, cycling or walking, get your family active and involved in outdoor activities. Not only will you help bring your family closer together while partaking in outdoor recreational activities, but you’ll also help keep yourself and your family as fit and healthy as possible. If you’re looking for a free, inexpensive way to spend time with your family outdoors, visit your local park. Remember, the family that plays together stays together, so get outdoors with your family today and enjoy all that nature offers.

4. Cook together. Food is comforting and tasty and serves as a great tool when it comes to bringing your family together. Be sure to include your family in the entire process of cooking a meal by taking them out to purchase the foods together, beforehand. Taking time out of your precious day to cook a healthy, appetizing meal with your family members is something you’ll not regret. Cooking with your family is a simple, memorable way to bring your family together.

5. Eat one meal per day together. Due to the vast amount of distractions prevalent in our current society, the majority of families rarely sit down and eat a meal together. Instead of sitting in front of the television with your food, opt in on sitting at a table with your family. Turn off all distractions and politely ask your family members to sit down and eat a meal with you. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner, taking the time to eat a meal with your family is a great way to bring your family together.

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