Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Educational Toys Under $50.00

Educational Toys Under $50.00

New worlds of imagination and discovery are opened to children when unique ways of learning are offered in the form of fun games and activities. Invite children to learn and explore their world with fun educational toys that can be used at home for independent, cooperative or parent-led play. However you introduce the fun of learning, you'll never regret sharing with them the gift of knowledge.

Encourage your child to learn with these fun and friendly toys that provide kids with endless possibilities to grow their minds and learn more about the world around them. The featured products are educational toys under $50.00 and they make great holiday gifts for the child in your life:

Discover all 50 U.S. states from the convenience of your home with this innovative, self-contained Magnetic Travel USA Map. This fun and unique learning toy includes 2 magnetic wands tethered to the board that are used to maneuver the colored balls around each state border to get from one destination to another. No loose pieces mean no lost parts and it is also a cinch to store! Made in America, this educational toy allows for home teaching as your child learns each state's name and location during play.

Employing cognitive development, this 3D Feel & Find learning set features 20 wooden shapes with matching, textured tiles, all in a durable canvas bag. The object of this educational game is for children to match shapes to their given tiles by touch alone. Deal out the tiles, then each child (if more than one is playing at a time) will take turns reaching into the bag to explore the shapes within and discover the one that matches their tile by its shape and texture. Pieces includes geometric and object shapes. Great for solo or cooperative play.

Winner of Creative Child Magazine's Preferred Choice Award, the Anatex Magnetic Gumball Counting Game is designed to encourage math skills as well as hand-eye coordination and manipulative skills. Made of wood and entirely enclosed, this educational toy invites kids to make use of the attached magnetic wands and guide balls through the maze to place the correct number in each space in accordance with their assigned number. Brightly colored in a fun and familiar theme, kids will discover the fun of learning with this unique lap toy. Made in the U.S.A.

Boys and girls will glean endless hours of fun and fascination as they explore every angle of this exciting wooden triangle activity toy from Kidkraft. Crafted to develop shape and color recognition and hand-eye coordination, this activity toy offers kids a unique platform on which to practice learning their ABCs, colors and shapes. Turn gears or spin blocks that feature different pictures with letters printed on them, or race nine colorful beads along the winding wire track. Each brightly colored panel offers a new way to learn and the bead maze panel is removable to access the interior of the activity triangle.

With the holiday season just around the corner, A Kid Place is stocked and ready with all the latest popular and unique toys that your children will be thrilled to receive. Whether you are looking for the perfect dollhouse, themed bedroom furniture or train table, we have it all and infinitely more.  We carry toys for homes, waiting rooms and classrooms for endless ways to play and learn!


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