Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Kidkraft Wooden Dollhouses Barbie Dolls Will Love

Kidkraft Dollhouses
Kidkraft Dollhouses

Dollhouses are the classic toy that has endured through the ages, from generation to generation. What little girl doesn't love to role play with dolls in a miniature house designed just for her vivid imagination? Hours spent engrossed in play gives kids opportunities to work on problem solving, making the right choices and engaging in creative play. Give the special girl in your life the picture perfect make-believe world in which to clock tons of great play hours. Dollhouses also make fantastic and memorable gifts for those major holidays or events in life.

Basically a childhood rite of passage, these play homes are bursting with endless opportunities. With Kidkraft as a leading manufacturer of high quality wooden toys, you know that the dollhouse you give your little one will last through the years and could even end up being passed down to her daughter, creating a wonderful family heirloom that never goes out of style. In addition, Kidkraft dollhouses are specially sized to accommodate your child's beloved Barbie dolls!

Helping to make the right choice, we've rounded up some amazing options for your consideration. From contemporary abodes to fairy-tale classics, the following selection is a wonderland of imagination. To top it all off, the following houses all include furniture- because what dollhouse is complete without the proper furnishings?

For the dolls that deserve only the best, this fun and funky, contemporary style dollhouse is set to impress. With an easy glide elevator that takes dolls up and down floors, to the skylight in the fashionable bedroom and the posh dollhouse furnishings, Barbie and her gal pals are ready for sleepovers, movie nights and dinner parties in their cool new home. Includes fourteen pieces of furniture that includes a real working lamp, piano that plays music and toilet that makes real flushing sounds, each with only the push of a button. This large and spacious home invites multiple children to play and offers differing vantages from the many wide windows featured throughout.

Dreams really do come true in this fairytale inspired wooden castle mansion dollhouse that includes fourteen pieces of furniture. Your little princess' dolls can brew up some tea on the stovetop, soak in the bath tub, relax on the patio, dine under the elegant chandelier, sleep in the plush canopy bed, or gaze into her mirror. Specially designed outdoor artwork that includes a charming tree house design enlivens the piece and gives it that special custom feel. Three melded plastic staircases allow dolls to go up or down between floors. Fit for a queen (or king), this delightfully royal mansion is an exquisite piece any doll will love to call home.

Any doll lucky enough to call this glamorous upscale dollhouse home is truly living in the lap of luxury. This spacious wood crafted dollhouse boasts five large rooms with rooftop patio, modern climbing staircase, "in ground" swimming pool, and real gliding elevator. Top that off with real working accessories such as the lighted lamp, musical enhanced keyboard, and toilet with real flushing sounds. Comes with thirty-five pieces including, kitchen table and chair set, refrigerator, birthday cake, desk, laptop computer, ceiling fan, couch, plant, outdoor patio set with umbrella, grill, and more. There’s even a feeding bowl for the cat! Enjoy endless hours of imaginative play in this well built home that offers everything kids could want to spoil their favorite dolls.

Imagine a place of pure delight, with a bounty of fun discoveries that await you. This grand mansion dollhouse is over four feet tall and four-and-a-half feet wide and even comes equipped with its very own swimming pool! Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your long hair... from your elaborate, stunningly and artfully decorated tower! Seven total rooms of beautifully furnished open space means plenty of room for siblings or friends to gather and play without cramping each other's style. Cool enough to feature a lamp that lights, toilet that makes real flushing noises, and piano that plays music, all at the touch of a button. It's quite the dolly dream mansion!

At A Kid Place, discover all the best princess themed toys and decor, plenty more fabulous dollhouses and furniture, as well as pretty much everything else your little girl could dream of. Indulge her creativity and imagination with durable and sturdily constructed toys and furniture that will withstand the test of time to become a memorable part of her cherished childhood memories. Visit us today!

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