Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Let's Play! Children's Scooters for the Win!

Children's Scooters
Children's Scooters

Designed to improve children's sense of balance and fine motor skills in a fun and playful way, scooters are a must-have for summer fun and learning. These awesome ride-ons come in a range of two-wheels to three-wheels and offer boys and girls from preschool on up a way to get moving in style. Watch them propel, glide and stop as they explore the world around them on their very own scooter. You know you can't go wrong with these classic toys!

Tailor to their imagination and offer the best in outdoor fun with a scooter just for them. There's tons of options, and we have a few suggestions to help you decide which is best for your family with some of the best and coolest children's scooters on the market. Let's take a look:

Get physical and promote balance and developmental skills with this classy little red scooter with a sturdy steel construction and high performance molded wheels. The wooden platform features a no-slip grip tread for safer riding. The adjustable handlebars grow with your child for years of play. Explore the neighborhood and let your child show off the handlebar tassels and ringing bell that add a fun and festive touch to the scooter.

For your on-the-go princess comes this adorable 1930's inspired pretty pink scooter. Your child will love the fashionable look of this vintage beauty with retro-styled chrome wheel wells and lightweight and easy to maneuver design. You'll love the durable high quality pressed steel construction, solid rubber tires, sturdy three wheel design, adjustable handlebars, and a finish that prevents rust and wear. Wherever she goes, she'll get there in style. Personalize this scooter with your child's initials, name or nickname for added cool factor!

This scooter is built strong for your rough and tumble toddler. Children ages 2-5 years old will love this award-winning scooter designed specifically with them in mind. The durable aluminum frame construction with ABS plastic deck and handle bars were built with safety in mind, and the rubber wheels with strong tread are perfect for cruising grass to pavement. The scooter has a low center of gravity for easy balance and handling, while the cool, modern red paint with black accenting is set to impress!

Specializing in wooden and educational toys, A Kid Place offers endless ways to play. Make your child's dream bedroom come true, stock up your daycare, create an awesome play corner in your waiting room, and pick the perfect gift, all in one place. We're always on the lookout for the best children’s toys and furnishings, so visit us often for new treasures. At A Kid Place, we're all about kids!

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