Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Anatex Play Cubes - Awesome Toys to Keep Kids Busy in Your Waiting Room

Anatex Play Cubes
Anatex Play Cubes

We all know what Anatex play cubes are, even if we have never heard the name before. These wooden busy cubes are the toys you find in nearly every doctor’s office that serves children, the toys that somehow always make going to see the doctor worth it. Kids love them because they are colorful, interesting and different from the usual toys they play with. With activities on all sides, children get to play with others and make new friends. Parents love them because they can keep fussy children quiet, even when the doctor is running behind schedule. And doctors love them because they keep everyone happy.

While Anatex play cubes are great for keeping kids busy in waiting rooms and patient rooms, they are also excellent additions to your playroom at home. Depending on the model, these toys can help children work on basic knowledge, learning things such as letter recognition and counting, as well as fine motor skills, imaginative play, and more. Boys and girls can stay entertained for hours with these educational and fun cubes.
The Anatex Deluxe Busy Cube is great for waiting rooms as well as homes with playrooms; it isn’t the largest busy cube they offer, but it is still pretty sizable. This wooden cube is designed to be a complete sensory adventure. It comes with the bead and wire rollercoaster that is a signature feature of these busy cubes, but each side of the cube is designed to offer interesting and engaging play, including tic-tac-toe and a traffic memory game. This cube has enough activities that there is something for every child, no matter the age.

Is your waiting room busy enough that you need an activity toy that can keep multiple kids busy at once? Then the Anatex Six Sided Play Cube is the ideal choice for you. Between the varied games on the sides of the cube and the roller coaster up top, there are seven different play stations children can choose from. These games focus on many different skills, including counting, color recognition, letter recognition, problem solving, and more. As always, they focus on fine motor skills and cognitive development. 

If you are looking for an option that is unique, a wonderful choice is the Anatex Sea Life Play Cube. This nautical themed busy cube is certain to be a hit with little ones. Each of the five games takes you under the sea, including the crab paddlewheel and the sea life pathfinder. It is the perfect way to bring a little magic to your waiting room.

If you are low on space, consider the Anatex Deluxe Mini Play Cube. This busy cube is one of their smallest offerings and is well-suited for smaller homes and patient rooms and includes five different toys. The mini rollercoaster is certain to fascinate even the smallest of children. Each side of the cube contains a different experience which focuses on both learning and sensory input, including alphabet blocks for working on letter recognition and gears that can help kids learn cause and effect. If you are looking to get the Anatex play cube experience at home, this is a great choice.

Anatex play cubes are captivating play centers that are certain to keep any child entertained. Made in the USA, you know that you are getting true quality. To order these styles or to browse the rest of our waiting room toys, visit AKidPlace.com.

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