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Guidecraft Dress-up Storage Solutions

Guidecraft Dress-up Storage Solutions
Guidecraft Dress-up Storage Solutions

As a child, I enjoyed dressing up for pretend play. I inherited the costumes, and I treasured them as some of my most beloved possessions. I can remember being excited to come home from school where I would find my dolls waiting to have a tea party with me. For me, this type of play was pure magic.

When my daughter was born, I was incredibly excited to share this type of play with her. Whenever I found an interesting dress or costume, I picked it up and added it to her collection of dress-up clothes. Sometimes, I even picked up something for myself so I could join in on the fun. All of these items—her dresses, my dresses, jewelry, fairy wings, feather boas, and more—were stored in a storage container under her bed. The storage container did its job, but there was nothing special or whimsical about it. Plus, the clothes always came out wrinkled and the jewelry tangled.

When I first came across some of Guidecraft’s dress-up storage solutions for children, I was instantly taken back to my childhood, and wished I owned something like their dress-up centers when my daughter was little. Their storage solutions feel like something a movie star would own and easily make dress-up time for kids all the more magical.

The Guidecraft Dress-up Storage Center is just one of their products that helps you keep all of your children’s  pretend play costumes organized. It provides a bar to hang all of your child’s special clothes on and helps avoid wrinkling. The upper storage area is the perfect place for larger accessories while the fabric bins provide a space to organize the smaller items, including jewelry cases and shoes. It even comes with a child-safe mirror for your little one to admire him or herself in. The chocolate version is well suited to a more neutral décor and for those who want to continue to use the item even after their child outgrows the dress-up stage. The white dress-up storage center is perfect if you are trying to complement a princess theme.

The Guidecraft Dress-up Carousel is whimsical enough that it can get any little one excited about dramatic play. In fact, I kind of want one for myself right now. Perfect for smaller spaces, this wooden storage solution spins to allow maximum storage in minimal space. Despite its small footprint, it has everything your little one needs—from jewelry storage, to hanging storage to mirrors. The natural finish easily blends into any bedroom or playroom and is gender neutral, making it perfect for boys or girls. If your little one is a true princess, the pastel version will work well for her.

If you are looking for something that keeps everything clearly visible, yet still organized, the Gudecraft See and Store Dress-up Center is for you. Made from solid wood, this storage center offers open shelving as well as hanging storage to keep all pretend play items organized and accessible. The version in a natural finish is gender neutral and suitable for most décor. The pastel version works well for little girls who simply cannot resist the color pink.

To browse Guidecraft’s large selection of wooden furniture and dress-up storage solutions, visit us at All Guidecraft products sold here are offered at the lowest prices authorized by Guidecraft, and most qualifies for free shipping.

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