Monday, November 7, 2011

Schoenhut My First Piano - Give the Gift of Music This Holiday Season

The importance of music in child development

Music is an important part of our lives, impacting us on a deeper level than most people realize. More than just a form of entertainment or artistic expression, music plays a big role in cognitive function and neurological development. A wide body of research has shown that music can promote the development of brain cells in infants while they are still in the womb. Newborns who are exposed to music from an early age tend to develop stronger cognitive abilities than other infants, and any parent knows that even the fussiest baby can be soothed by singing to them or playing their favorite tunes.

In older children, music helps to build creativity, encourages curiosity, and develops cognition, memory and spatial reasoning skills, not to mention improving hand-eye coordination. Children who are exposed to music tend to perform better in school, and kids who take music lessons typically have better comprehension skills overall, as well as achieving higher grades in math-related subjects. Some simple ways that parents can help foster a love of music in their children is to play classical music in the home, offer music lessons for older children, and provide a variety of musical toys such as pianos, guitars or percussion instruments for younger kids.

The best toy piano for small children

The Schoenhut My First Piano is the perfect way to introduce your older baby or toddler to the world of music. Available with 18 or 25 keys, these beautiful tabletop instruments can help your child develop hand-eye coordination, as well as important reasoning and problem-solving skills, all while enjoying the fun of banging out a noisy “tune.”

Unlike the cheap toy pianos available on discount toy store shelves, these instruments are designed using German steel music rods, which create a lovely chime-like tone when your little one strikes the keys. The wide keys are ideal for toddlers who are still developing manual coordination and allow for an easy transition to full-sized instruments later on. Both toy piano sizes come in pink, red and white and are available now for holiday shipping.

Where to find affordable kids’ pianos and other musical toys online

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