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Anatex Rollercoaster Toys Are Educational, Stimulating and Fun, All in One

Kids just love rollercoaster toys. Any time they enter a waiting room, whether that be in a doctor's office, pediatrician's office or dentist's office, children instantly gravitate to the rollercoaster toy.

What is a rollercoaster? A rollercoaster is a really cool toy that has lots of bent and twisted rods with beads and various other objects that slide along the rods when kids push them through.

Stimulating visual tracking and eye-hand coordination as they teach shape and color recognition, these fascinating toys aren't just fun, they're educational too!

One of the most popular brands of rollercoaster toys is Anatex. Parents' Choice Classic recognizes Anatex as the Original. Receiver of multiple awards, the Anatex Rollercoaster is widely known as "The Best Doctor's Office Toy."

Today, Anatex rollercoasters aren't just found in doctor's offices - you can find them in daycare settings, and homes all over the world. From the simple rollercoaster toys that kids can hold in their hands or play with on the floor or seated at a table, to the more elaborate tables and cubes, there is an Anatex rollercoaster available to suit any office or home as well as budget.

Besides children being captivated by them, and developing important skills, some additional advantages of the rollercoaster toys designed by Anatex are:

  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Durable wood construction
  • Designed to last
  • No loose pieces
  • No mess to cleanup

Following, are some of the exciting rollercoaster toys by Anatex:

The Original Rollercoaster RC2591

Anatex's Original Rollercoaster will captivate and stimulate children's imaginations as they explore the different shapes of the beads with their hands and their eyes as they guide them along the multi-colored wires of the maze.

CPS Mini Rollercoaster CPSMN3003

With the CPS Mini Rollercoaster, Anatex has taken a classic toy and given it a modern look. Kids will have a blast spinning the beads and twisting and turning them through the maze.

Mini Rollercoaster MN2594

The Mini Rollercoaster by Anatex provides a delightful experience for very young children as they start out experimenting with moving the beads along the wires. With it's small size and no worries of lost pieces, the mini rollercoaster makes a good toy to take on-the-go with you.

Mini Curves 'n Waves Table MCT7010

The miniature size of the Anatex Mini Curves 'n Waves Table makes it the ideal activity table where space is limited, without limiting the fun and learning benefits for children.

Deluxe Mini Play Cube DMP9014

The award-winning Anatex Deluxe Mini Play Cube is really popular and it's easy to see why - five great sides of engaging, fun play, all in one - Mini Rollercoaster Express, Pathfinder, Counting Abacus, Learn the Alphabet, and Fun Gears. Can be played with on the floor or placed on a tabletop.

Traffic Jam Rollercoaster Table TJ2005

Beep, Beep! With the Anatex Traffic Jam Rollercoaster Table, children will undergo the daily grind of city life. They will develop problem-solving skills as they try to get their cars and fire engines, police cars and various other vehicles to their destinations safely amongst all the chaos, as well as learn important traffic signs.

Submarine Rollercoaster Table SUR7710

Kids will be taken on an aquatic adventure with the Anatex Submarine Rollercoaster Table. Moving the beads along the wires, they will go through the submarine, and down into the depths of the ocean, where they will discover the wonders of the sea.

Space Shuttle Rollercoaster Table SSR7709

10 - 9 - 8 - 7 - 6 - 5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1 - BLAST OFF!!!

Children's imaginations will soar as they blast off into outer space aboard the Anatex Space Shuttle Rollercoaster table. Guiding the beads through the rocket ship, kids will explore the universe as they ride the twists and turns of outer space.

Fleur Rollercoaster Table FL1000

The Anatex Fleur Rollercoaster table is a flower-shaped activity center where kids will learn their colors, how to count, and develop social skills as they slide the beads up, down and all-around with other children.

The Ultimate Fleur Rollercoaster Table FTM9007

Anatex took their original Fleur Rollercoaster Table and added a twist to it, creating the Ultimate Fleur Rollercoaster Table. With all the same learning benefits of the original Fleur table, the spiral bead and wire, metal legs on the Ultimate Fleur Rollercoaster Table, greatly encourage group play.

Fleur Rollercoaster Table - White FLW2000

Anatex added a new table to their Fleur Rollercoaster Table line. This table has a beautiful white base, making it a great alternative to the traditional Anatex Fleur Rollercoaster table. The bold-colored beads and wires against the crisp white of the table make this an instant child-magnet. Kids learn their colors, how to count and develop social skills as they guide the beads all-around the wires with other children.

Deluxe Busy Cube DBC7707

This awesome play cube has five sides of fun play - Traffic Memory Game, Fun Paddle Wheel, Flipper game, and the classic game of Tic Tac Toe, all topped with a colorful Rollercoaster Bead Maze.

Six Sided Play Cube SSP9047

This terrific play cube has six sides of great fun and is wonderful for stimulating children's minds. With the Mini Rollercoaster Express, Pathfinder, Counting Abacus, Learn the Alphabet, and Fun Gears, kids will have tons of fun while learning to count, their ABC's, and lots more.

Circle of Fun COF9012

A definite crowd-pleaser, the Anatex Circle of Fun has Four Puzzle Benches of award-winning activities, including Abacus, Pathfinder, Fun Fruits to Match, Gear Panel, Rollercoaster, and Magnetic Circle Express. The benches can be set up all together or individually.

Jungle Rollercoaster Table JRC9001

Up to eight kids can play at the same time at this super-sized rollercoaster table! This thrilling rollercoaster table truly is a jungle with it's masses of beads and wires everywhere, even spiraling up and down the table legs!

Busy Cube BZC1040

The colorful Anatex Busy Cube has five sides of exciting learning through play, including, Tic Tac Toe, Flipper game, Traffic memory game, Rollercoaster bead maze and Fun paddle wheel. Great fun for one child or multiple children.

Play Cube PC103

The Anatex Play Cube boasts 5 sides of stimulating play including Rollercoaster Bead Maze, Pathfinder, Magnet Express, Ziggidy Zag and Sculpture Maze Panels. Perfect for both group play and individual play.

Sea Life Play Cube SPC6004

This exciting ocean-themed play cube has a fun rollercoaster atop the cube and 4 sides of fascinating activities - Crab Paddlewheel, Octopus Flipper, Blowfish Magnetic Circle Spinner and Sea Life Pathfinder.

Anatex Smiley Tooth Table & Stools SMT2813

Anatex's Smiley Tooth Table & Stools set is the perfect activity table for dentist offices and will make children's visits to them a lot less scary. The fun tabletop cartoons teach kids about brushing, flossing, baby teeth, crowned teeth, and tooth aches in a friendly way. When used in homes, little ones will learn about the importance of brushing as they guide the beads up, down and all around the big, lovable, smiling tooth.

You can find these great items at excellent prices at A Kid Place. Visit and view the full line of Anatex waiting room toys, including activity tables, activity centers, and wall panels, along with everything else you need for your growing child. Many items qualify for free shipping – just look for the green and blue truck logo.

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